Interview with Leo Zagami

by Truth Control on October 20th, 2008 speaks to Leo Zagami

Part 1

Hi Leo
My name is Ronnie
Once again my warmest thanks to you for agreeing to do an interview for, I�m touched by your courage and willingness to let truth be heard, I believe that one day we must all stand up and be counted so my prayer is that everyone who reads this interview will be blessed and have their eyes open and prepare themselves for the time to come.
My aim would be to do a 3 part interview with you if that would be possible this being the first..

Q:Your bloodline means that you are a Sicilian Don and a Prince of the Sacred Roman Empire. What does this mean to you.


Q:Did the world look like a strange place, knowing that your family and things around you are so powerful?

A: Well the world looks basicly like a global puppet show in the hands of the usual families of idiots , who usualy never change their ways century after century , during this time some try to rebel and end up as Saints or Martirs of the usual Roman Church Mafia . The Catholic Church is always ready to steal anything good if it comes up like they did with Saint Francis , but they are never ready to give up the
immense power and wealth they have accumulated in 2000
years of lies and what I can only define as organized crime. By being one of them you understand all this at quite a young age, if you are not completely brainwashed by their Church Propaganda, but what can any of the families involved do to change things in front of such evil ?
Its a big risk to challenge the real system of power that rules the elite for anybody who belongs to it so usualy for your own safety and the safety of the rest of your family , you stay silent even when you know is wrong very wrong whats going on.

Q: When and why did you join the illuminati and Freemasonry?

A: 13th of April 1993 I joined the illuminati of the Sacred Roman Empire Sicilian Freemasonry as a way of preserving and continuing a millenary tradition of the Di Gregorio family. A tradition that started in Koln Germany in 1018 , you can still find the heraldic symbol of the Di Gregorio on the floor in Cathedral of Koln.

Q: When did you sense that things were wrong and that you had to get away from these organizations?

A: A long long time ago but I never left because there is
usualy no way back from those kind of death oaths given between Square and Death as we say in irregular
illuminati freemasonry , but I also knew that by staying for a longer time in these organizations I could also have more chances surviving once you saw so much. The fact you and only you had access to certain documents concerning the Order , becomes after a while a very precious and powerfull weapon against your future enemies , a weapon Im using to save my own life now.

Q: At what moment did you feel that you had to go public with these revelations and why?

A: After the last meeting in Monte Carlo on the 1st of June and especialy at the Universal Unity illuminati gathering on the 3rd of June at the Convent of San Cerbone near Lucca , I started to realize they wanted to kill me . I got to know tihs thanks to some of my most close followers in the illuminati. The order had been given by ex italian President and Jesuit friend Francesco Cossiga to Comandante Balestrieri of the
GLADIO/P2 for my execution if I didnt follow the orders that Balestrieri was giving me at the Military Accademy of Livorno on the 4th of June . But they wanted me to do something against my new faith of Islam , something I couldnt do , so I went to Rome and Subiaco for some advice from my family and prayers and then when I came back to my wife in Norway on the 6th of June I started to send them by e-mail my true opinion on all their corruption and empty words in front of God , I said they were just slaves of the Zionist and the Vatican so I was out for good
this time . Soon after I started to receive phone calls from Ezio Giunchiglia , Balestrieri and even Rui Gabirro to shut up or be facing the terrible consequences of becoming a traitor of the Monte Carlo Commitee / Lodge and that means you are basically the next Roberto Calvi...if you know what that means. I got very stressed by all this as you can immagine ,
and at the same time I had a 8 months pregnant wife that was risking to loose the baby , a realy depressing and dangerous situation for me and my family but with the help of God and also some of the honest people of Norway, I am still here and my wife gave birth to a wonderfull 4kg baby on the 7th of July.

Q: You mention you openly want to challenge the decadent and corrupt aristocrats of Europe , including the corrupt English Royal family can you expand on this.

A: They know who they are and what they are realy doing
to people by stillsupporting the current situation of decadence and corruption in society in the year 2006 .
A evil situation deliberately created by the New World
Order establishment lead by the Vatican with Zionist support . They all know very well that all depends from Rome , Israel and the USA all in the hands of Satan, so why bother creating more Knighthoods dedicated to God and the various Saints every year ?
Why dont you just go public with your pagan satanic worship and your black magic you bunch of cowards , thats what I say to them. The European aristocracy has always been ruled by sourcery and black magic and people should know that , so lets change things once and for all for the benefit of mankind.

Q: Tim Cohen in his book (The anti �christ and a cup of tea) claims that Prince Charles is the Anti-Christ, What do you think.

A: Sorry if I say BULLOCKS to this one but Prince Charles with all my respect is just an idiot , do you honestly
think the AntiChrist will marry Camilla and divorce must be joking , eventualy the only guy who as been created for such evil purpose by the CIA ILLUMINATI OF THE SKULL AND BONES is GEORGE W.BUSH and you all should know that by now , so leave poor Charles alone he is pathetic, but at least he is
following the sufi teachings of Sheikh Nazim al Haqqani that will eventualy bring him to paradise.

Q: Have the aristocrat families of Europe always been involved in satanic rituals and corrupt activities or have they been infiltrated by demonic forces.

A: Yes rulers of the European Aristocracy have always
used black magic and evil forces since the ancient times as a military tool for domination and control over their own citizens , they learned these satanic ways from their Masters in Rome who got them in turn from the Greeks , the Egyptians , the Summerian...its a never ending tale of constant manipulation the history of mankind we have never been realy free untill the arrival of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) but Rome and Europe obviously didnt accept him because of this insane secret pagan worship always going on in high places. Remember what Mohammed (PBUH) did to the pagan idols in Mecca , immagine what he should have
done in a city like Rome to purify it by all this black magic.

Q: Do you believe that the Vatican and the massonic lodges know who the Anti Christ is. Many have said like �Malachi Martin in his book Wind swept house� that he the Anti Christ lives in the Vatican.

A: Yes we could say that George W.Bush spirit lives in the Vatican with his true Masters, the Jesuits and the Satanic Pope himself Ratzinger ,they have real control of the illuminati and their Comander in chief George W.Bush. Remember Skull and Bones is under Vatican control and George father his a slave of the Vatican and his evil Mentor. I believe the CIA wants people to think otherwise , but as an insider I can assure you that all true satanist love George W.Bush, and in the Masonic Lodges the power of his father is felt everywere . And any mention of his son George W. doing the wrong thing will automaticly bring you to expulsion from Freemasonry , the Rotary and even the Boyscouts.

Q: You are risking your very life by being so open and truthful, We here at 11-59 are at risk also by putting certain articles up on the site, however our drive and purpose is to inform the people of the evil that is seen and unseen ,what is your drive.

A: To Free Rome and the world from the Vatican and their
older Brothers in Jerusalem the Zionist . The world has
been controlled by them for 2000 years and the real Jesus suffered because of them , so its about time you all wake up and fight for your right to stay free under one God before they take complete control and start persecuting the true believers in the one God.
These are the end of times no joke...REVELATION AND
TRASFORMATION COMING UP get your swords and get ready to fight to defend your faith or perish with the

Q: Our sources tell us that between 2010-2012 there will be
1. Money crash
2. Mark of the beast (Microchip implants for buying and selling)
3. The Anti Christ will appear on the scene and bring a false peace to the middle east
4. I believe you call it �the great surprise in the end of times.�
Can you confirm these things or do you think we are being lead down the wrong road.


Q: In your opinion when did the Jesuit Order begin working towards a NWO and what is the end goal for them.


Q: Do you believe that soon we must die for our faith? In your article Shall feed the sheep amidst many tribulations... you ask the question �ARE YOU READY TO DIE FOR GOD AND YOUR BELIEVE IN A POSITIVE CHANGE FOR THE WORLD OR ARE YOU ALL A BUNCH OF COWARDS IN THE HANDS OF THE DEVIL , JUST TALKING AND TALKING WITH NO SENSE OF REALITY�
Is this fight phyiscal or spiritual.


Q: It has been said that the Vatican know and communicate with Aliens and that The Nephilims still roam the earth is this true?

A: They are called JInns and they exist since the begining of time, and yes they have their HQ's in the Vatican but forget this alien bullshit , the Master of all Jinns is Satan as all Sufi know, and he has his own interest in the Alien mith. This was created by the US and SOVIET intelligence inspired by the Jesuits working for the Jinns. Its also true that the Jinns
have there own worlds and dimensions but personaly I
advice you to stay away fron them as much as you can for your own safety.

Q: Also we have heard stories from people like David Icke, who mention Shape shifting in the Royal circles and deep within the vatican changing from human to reptilian then back to human. is there any truth to these things.

A: David as a very funny way of interpreting these practices with the evil Jinns made by the Vatican and the aristocrats of all religions and faiths since the ancient times , but you should al know once and far all that a Jinn can become a reptilian or anything he wants. There are certain magical formulas given to the illuminati to control them ,and other formulas are given instead to get rid of them and so on , the
problem is usualy that Jinns can take over after a while and make you their slave ,thats when you are totaly in the hands of Satan and the evil illuminati.
Thank you for the interview and may God bless you all
wherever you are, its time to come togheter for the next step in the Science of God, that step is the final destruction of the United Nations working for the Vatican satan, and the creation of a true United Nations of God thats the only way we will have peace on this planet. From 2010 you will start feeling the big changes in the air more and more but in 2012 you will have the clear evidence of the end of this
civilization in front of your eyes , prepare , be good and pray.

Part 2

Q:We are so glad to welcome you back how was your time in Turkey.

A: It was very nice thanks, I realy like to go back to the roots of our spiritual tradition in the Western world and Turkey is one of the key places for all 3 monoteistic religions, Turkey is the natural land for real interreligious dialogue. I also went to Konya to visit the tomb of Sufi Master Rumi and got exorcized by my favourit exorcist from 57 Jinn/Demons sent by the usual suspects...and one was
quite big but we manage to put them all in the circle and freeze them to death.
The Jesuits and the evil illuminati are realy doing some big black magic to get rid of me so I always thank you for your prayers out there and I will continue getting rid of these evil Jinn if it happens again.

Q:In our last interview you seemed convinced that the Anti-Christ is G W Bush. To the world it looks as those he is a lame duck and losing his grip on power,do you still hold the same views if so why.

A: G W Bush is the son of the most powerfull man in the illuminati and he was built by his father and the CIA to become the ultimate Antichrist Vatican Zionist puppet and it doesnt realy matter if he is in the White House or not because the Bush will always rule in the present situation any future actor that goes in the White House now.
Remember Anton LaVey founder of the Church of Satan and Mind War controler of the CIA was a close friend of George H. Bush, and they planed togheter the satanic future of his son George W.Bush and the coming of the age of Satan after 9/11 along time ago when LaVey was still alive.

Q:Our sources tell us that Tony Blair is being lined up to head up the EU as a permanent president for 5 years instead of the current rotating policy if this is true then this would be a very powerful position for the Jesuits to have. Do you know anything on this?

A: Tony Blair is another top satanist who sold his soul to the evil Moloch in Bohemian Grove and nothing surprise me anymore with this kind of people around, they want the complete Nazification of the western world by 2010 to start defending their fragile positions and completely eliminate democracy (something we never realy had by the way ).

Q: Rev: 13:18 tells us that 666 is the number of the beast. This is a very much talked about subject in Christian circles. How do you see it?

A: 666 can be positive as well as negative because God needs good and evil at the same time, in our muslim tradition and not only in the muslim tradition as you may know dear Khalid this number is also the key to positive englightment in the Holy Quran. But for St.John the evangelist this was the secret key to warn the early Christians about the first of a series of Roman driven Antichrist...

Nero the Emperor of Rome.

Who is now the Emperor of today with the blessings of
good old Rome and their friends in Jesrusalem?
The President of the USA of course...

Q:In the book of Revelation 13.V:16-18 it says the He (The Anti-Christ) shall cause both small,great,rich and poor ,free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or their foreheads, and that no man might buy or sell except he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name.

Do you think this mark is a micro chip and if so will his name be integrated into the chip itself?

A : 666 is everywere these days , the Hebrew equivalent of our "w" is the letter "vav" or "waw". The numerical value of vav is 6. So the English "www" transliterated into Hebrew is "vav vav vav", which numerically is 666. And you cant definetely have a business these days without a web site WWW, then we have the video surveilance and last but not least the microchipping coming up . The microchipping will be the ultimate Mark of the Beast and will put us fully in the hands of Satan and his evil controlers ready for Armagedon against the Messiah.
So we need to rebel before that to help the coming back of the real Messiah.

Q:The New World Order cannot be built on a foundation of politics and economics alone. To truly establish global control over all peoples and nations,its be said that the elite must also use the religious element..
Have the Illuminati worked behind the scenes to influence and control the Christian establishment. Not the Catholics (they are already under control) but evangelic/ protestants/Born again side of Christianity.

A:All religions are corrupt by the illuminati these days including most of Islam, the Jews, the evangelic, protestant and the Born again side of Christianity, all ruled secretely by Freemasonry, the intelligence services, the Knights of Malta and last but not least the usual Jesuits so genuine interreligious dialogue is almost impossible.

Q: Here are some examples of those who are under illuminati control, can you confirm if this is true.

1. Pat Robertson�s father, Senator Absalom Willis Robertson, a Democrat, was a fabulously wealthy Illuminist insider?

A: Another puppet of the usual show of course same
father same son...

2. Evangelist Author Tim LaHaye has been given large sums of money by occultist Reverend Sun Myung Moon?

A:Well satanist Reverend Moon as alot of money to give
away but he is not the supreme manipulator of his plot as you may know (far from it as you may know) he is simply working for the usual illuminati and the intelligence/Mafia of his country.

3.Paul Crouch, TBN founder, was outed by the Los Angeles Times as a homosexual?

A:His problem with God not mine thanks God , but this
kind of situation is typical of the present degeneration of values and principles in high places of our society where all perversions are allowed. So it becomes then more easy to blackmail them for the top levels of the pyramid if they are not so normal after all and realy open about their homosexuality.

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