The Illuminati Big Brother & Mobile Cell Phones

by Truth Control on October 20th, 2008

The illuminati Big Brother is listening the illuminati Big Brother wants you, and the illuminati Big Brother actually already has you under his full surveillance. But we still accept this farse and this total violation of our privacy. And now they start with the censorship so how long do we realy have before officialy becoming SLAVES OF THE BEAST? Not along time Im afraid and you are not making it easy. Big Brother is listening: Government can eavesdrop on your life by secretly listening through your cell phone (NewsTarget) NewsTarget has learned that the FBI has developed a technique that can remotely activate a nearby cell phone's microphone, thereby turning it into a listening device. The "roving bug" technique was approved by U.S. Department of Justice officials for use on members of an organized crime family in New York that was getting increasingly suspicious of tails, wiretaps or other traditional surveillance techniques. The cell phones of alleged mobster John Ardiot -- considered by the FBI to be one of the most powerful men in the national Mafia's Genovese family -- and his attorney Peter Peluso, also an alleged mobster, were activated by this technique in order for authorities to monitor nearby conversations. U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled that the technique was legal in an opinion this week, stating that federal wiretapping law was broad enough to cover the monitoring of conversations occurring near a suspect's cell phone. Nextel spokesperson Travis Sowders said the company was not aware of the investigation and was not asked to participate. The new method works whether the phone is on or off, because many phone models cannot be truly powered down without removing the battery. Some models, for example, will turn on from a powered-down state when an alarm is set. A 2005 Financial Times article noted that cell phone providers can install a piece of software on any phone from a remote location, allowing microphone activation, without the owner's knowledge. In addition to activating a mic, the software can also stop a display from indicating a call in progress, taking away another method by which a cell phone user could tell his phone had been compromised. According to counter-surveillance consultant James Atkinson, models from Nextel, Samsung and the popular Motorola Razr are particularly vulnerable to these remote software downloads. "If a phone has in fact been modified to act as a bug, the only way to counteract that is to either have a bugsweeper follow you around 24-7, which is not practical, or to peel the battery off the phone," Atkinson said, adding that some security-conscious corporate executives make a habit of removing their cell phone's battery when the unit is not in use. This is not the first time the FBI has commandeered built-in microphones as listening devices. In a 2003 lawsuit, it was discovered that the FBI was able to activate the microphones of automotive systems such as OnStar and listen to passenger conversations without the speakers knowing. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the practice was not legal, but only because the technique prevents the system from being used in an emergency.

The fact is that we all know whats going on by now in our circles, but to rebel openly against such evil show seems to be the problem. Why is it that the majority of our viewers out there act as true freedom fighters only in theory , but they are far from it in practice. Dont you want to genuinely give your life for this war in the western world? This will be the most important war in history that will decide the future of mankind not a joke , are you scared of it ?...or Im I wrong about the mass of sheep out there...

Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan

PS:1984 is now!

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praxisnode: iphone

and now you cant even take the battery out as the case with the iphone.

infected truth: iphone

o.m.g dude u are right.
thats so obviously new world order plans.
u indeed cant put your mobile completely out!!




highplainssister: Open Sesame

Have you been through the time warp machine yet? That is the only way you can get through.

Annunaki77: You want Death?

Afolabi Olayemi you need Serious Help.

highplainssister: Bite the dust

show him where the time machine is, He needs help.please

bluesbaby5050: time warped

To afolabi olayemi, You seem warped in your way of thinking! YOUR NOT CONNECTED!! HELLOOO !!

Tarheel: OLAYEMI

Free yourself. You entangled yourself. It can be done. Set yourself free.

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