I thought I was the only one to encounter shadow people.

by md on June 26th, 2010

For all this time, I thought I was losing my mind. I have several mental health doctors, who are all treating me for an unknown condition as my encounters have became more and more frequent and distressing.

I started seeing, "it" when I was 8. At first, it was just the shadow of something that was not quite the shape of a man, but humanoid in form. The proportions were all wrong, but didn't appear to be because it was a shadow. It had abnormally long arms and fingers and really large shoulders and just made me feel like everything in my world was all wrong, from the moment I first saw it and every time thereafter.

I started to see it more and more until I could hear it speak to me inside my head. It spoke to me much in the way that I imagine a lab tech might speak to a rat that was about to shot up with something to test what effects it might have.

In the beginning, I would wake up in the middle of the night to it on the wall to the right of my bed. I was totally awake and couldn't move anything except my eyes and this became the norm over the next 2 years, with the tone of the shadowman's voice becomming increasingly more threatening towards me, the more I tried to move or scream, It's voice was very much like one of those harmonised robot voices that you used to hear a lot on old electro songs, but with a lot of emotion in it. It never spoke to me in English, but somehow I always knew what it was meaning. I told my grandmother about it, but she told me that as I was abused when I was younger, that it was just a reoccuring nightmare and that this was probably normal, but that dreams couldn't hurt me and I would grow out of it in time.

The last occasion I saw it as a child, I managed to move one arm and with every ounce of strength mustered a whisper and I pointed at it. I told it to go away and that I didn't want to see it ever again because I didn't like the way it made me feel. It suddenly shuddered as if I had physically hit it with a punch and screamed at me, so loud inside my mind that it felt like my head would explode. It then darted from the wall that it always stood on across to the wall above my bed and grabbed my arm. I can't even begin to to explain what the pain felt like and I couldn't even scream, only yell out a whimper. I passed out and awoke in the morning to find a blister on my arm. I showed my grandmother the blister, but she was a very rational, logical kind of person and told me that I had probably hurt myself the night before and had incorporated it into my nightmare.

I took this as truth as I trusted my grandmother's judgement on just about everything at that age.

It took a few sleepless nights with the lights on before I was able to fall asleep normally and for 23 years, I didn't see it again and eventually, I believed that I had dreamed it all up to cope with the abuse I suffered as an infant.

Last October, I was in a friend's house watching the sci-fi movie, "The Fourth Kind". I was enjoying the movie, laying on my friend's couch while everyone else was in bed. The movie then got to the part where Milla Jovovich's character listens to the tape of the alien's voice, recorded when her character's being abducted. In an instant I was 10 again, all alone, helpless and powerless. The next thing I know, one of my friends bursts into the room to see what all the noise is about to find me curled up on the floor in a cold sweat, screaming as loud as I could.

I know that it was complete coincidence, but the voice on that movie is the closest representation of the shadowman's voice that I can convey and the way that it shrieks, the second time it's voice is potrayed to come from Milla's character under hypnosis is so accurate that I simply can't watch that movie ever again.

Since then, I have begun to encounter the shadowman again.

Last week I went into my girlfriend's bathroom and almost walked right into it. I ran back to my girlfriend and had to get her to look before I would go back in there. She told me that she couldn't see anything, but that she felt cold and sad all at the same time when she went into the bathroom.

I never have, and will never say that I believe the shadowmen are, "aliens".

Until I plucked up the courage to see if there was any other presidence of anyone else seeing these beings, I fully believed that I was going insane.

2 nights ago, I heard it speaking again, but sounding as if it was in another room.

I am now a 34 year old man, who is afraid of the dark. I fear that my encounters are going to become a daily thing again and that in remembering it, I have let it back into my life and this world again.

Either I am very ill, or these creatures are real. Either way, I am so very glad to find that i'm not the only one who has seen them and i'm not alone anymore.

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Loving-Self-Truth: Must Know

You said it gave you a blister, but was it more of a bruise than a blister?

Adding to your event with my own. I've had these visits from them when i was 8 or 9. they were always when i was crying about my dad, he wasn't there much for me or my sisters. Those vibrations/emotions i felt got me screaming for help with my mother, but she never took it seriously, other than the noise i would make. It didn't go for long in my younger years. At the age of 35(which i am, now);There had been one situation more i had, recently, a few months ago. I felt confident enough and caring for it being lost of love, that i said with emotional unconditional love, and said, ' I see you visiting me, i no longer need or want anymore visits with you, you can go now.'. So, it did slowly. After and near the ending of my comment toward it. i began to feel a lift or a unveiling the troubles it brought to me, gone. Phew and wow! I am so grateful that it hasn't returned.

chanzi: Wow! I hope you are ok as

Wow! I hope you are ok as this was posted back in 2010.
Well I dont have any personal experience with this except when I started to watch truthers documentaries. I had a fear that I would die and spent many nights with the lights on, scared.
I would suggest you look into protective crystals like (can never spell this right) Lapis Lazuli, But there are many others to protect with. Also resolve any issues that you have with your past. As i get the sense that it is feeding off you and maybe wants to enter your body. Pleas get in touch I would like to know how you are doing <3

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