by kwamerica on January 22nd, 2011

Having evil thoughts alone does not make one miss the mark, that is sin. However accepting to perfect it into action or deeds makes one liable. All our actions and inactions are scripts presented to us to perform. Evil scripts are infused into the system by the evil one. Nevertheless to be able to prepare a script (temptation) for man to enact, he will need this raw material – The Power fruit.

In earlier chapters we learnt how to deplete the armory of the evil one. It is this complete depletion of his armory that is going to send him packing bag and baggage from the surface of earth. In Rev 20:2-3, we see how Satan is arrested and bounded. It is this knowledge getting into the domain of humankind that renders him (evil) invalid and gets him apprehended – CHECKMATE. If he has no more power, he can cause no more mischief.

This is how come evil rule by the evil one comes to a complete halt. The descendant of David or better still the root of Jesse (Isaiah 11) hereby crushes the evil one physically to fulfill prophecy in Psalm 72:4b – He will crush the oppressor. Knowledge of how to crush the evil one is going to bring an unprecedented boom in knowledge of God to fulfill prophecy in Isaiah 11:9b, for the knowledge of God will be abundant as water covers the sea.

No man is Evil, not even one. It should be remembered that man is the fulcrum of a great cosmic battle. Opposing forces of darkness and light, hate and love are in constant struggle to win victory over man’s soul because such a victory will decide the fate of the created universe in that time point.

The light gains upper hand when reason and mind are cultivated among humans allowing them to turn their attention away from purely material concerns and cultivate the spirit. The darkness responds by interfering in the world to destroy mind and reason and thus frustrate humanity spiritual promise and ultimate role in a wider redemption.

No man brought himself into being. No man is self. However our ego (from the Evil One) and sense knowledge been so enormous makes us feel we are masters of ourselves. We only get remorseful and feel otherwise when we meet tragedy or a calamity befalls us, and then we begin to ask, who are we?

Ever since Adam broke the greatest natural command, the will of the Evil one has inherently been the will of man. All our will, emotions and feelings have completely been taken over by the Evil one. The Evil one right after the Garden of Eden has taken absolute control over the 4 living creatures (Space) and the 24 Elders (Time). As a result as soon as one is conceived, the person directly comes under the direct jurisdiction of the Evil one. All our thought process has inadvertently been controlled by the Evil one.

It is in this regard that all the Prophets came talking about repentance (eschewing evil deeds and embracing good deeds). In the kingdom of God because the Evil one is rigidly kept at bay, evil deeds become non-existing worldwide. As a result the Father’s will now become the will of man. The real kingdom of God now comes about in the open effortlessly on the part of man after close to 6000 years since when the Evil One had battled it out never to let it surface on Planet Earth. In this era absolute fairness, equity and perfect justice (as a result of induced righteous judgment means no one errs). This is what is referred to as the Second Death - the deaths of injustices, inequalities, pride, arrogance, ignorance, sexual immorality and extreme evil of all sorts.

Just like our faces and bodies have already been made, every decision any man ever make has already been made. We choose from already made options. The human being has no control over certain aspects of himself like the skin colour, your gender, and your day of birth among many other options. The only facet we have absolute control over is our will to choose good or evil. There is no thought of ours which can come to light without having been made.
That is not to say that man is not liable to what he does. Far from right, every one is directly responsible for his or her own actions. We make decisions and it seems that we ourselves have originated and patented that idea. The truth is that there is an overall knowledge database we all opt from. It is our knowledge library where we all dive into to scrounge and present. In the knowledge library is knowledge of good and knowledge of evil. Knowledge of good is inherent in the human system. Knowledge of evil on the other hand is infused into the knowledge library by the evil one.

Man’s ability to conceive and act evil started as soon as Adam ate from the forbidden fruit. Losing his Power fruit to the evil one, the evil one had always capitalized on any man like Adam (orphan) to draw his power fruit to fuel his activities. Knowledge of the armory of the evil one is all man needs to freeze his accounts.

What we have to do is to unearth every orphan in any part of the world every month and no one will err or die within the next month. No longer is the Holy One of Israel sending a tall list of commandments as He gave the Prophet Moses but this time a simple basic instruction as He gave Adam.

Prior to the release of this Book, READING THE MIND OF THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL, no man on Earth had known how (s)he thinks. All you realize is that you are on Planet Earth and you are believing specifics and taking decisions in playing the game of life. It is however not an ignominy that we had not known our Thought process all this while, though we are able to understand how all our machines as well as our computers work. This is because we made them and therefore have made them to think and act as how we have programmed them. Very Simple.

The Human Mind understands virtually how every part of the body functions with the exception of itself. The moment or day the Human mind understands of how he functions, the Human mind will attain true and self actualization. But how can this happen? Ever since man began to delve into the study of his own Mind (Psychology) man had come out with very little on how the mind functions. The Human face would need a mirror to be able to see himself. Accordingly the only persona that can tell the Human mind how he functions can never be the Mind himself but an outside as well as an insider called Truth. In the nutshell for the face to see how he looks like, he would need a mirror whereas the Human Mind would need Truth as a mirror. Real Truth is so serene and blissful to the prepared and Humble Mind (Good Controlled Soul) but scandalous and repulsive to the Proud Mind (Evil Controlled Soul).

It is very interesting to notice how many minds perceive themselves as wiser than their compatriots. Such people are abhorrence before the Father who is all Wisdom and yet does not even have that thought that He is wiser than all. True wisdom does not boast of itself but willing to impart to save. What do you know if you had not been taught? You are not wiser than your compatriots only that you are more well-informed in one field of endeavor than your compatriots who is also more knowledgeable in other fields of study than you are. Understanding this is Wisdom which never compares.

The wisest man ever to live on Planet Earth, King Solomon had not even known his own thought process. Although King Solomon had a full 180 degree thought elevation, he was missing in action when it came to the other 180 degrees thought elevation to make Truth (360 degrees). This was why he wrote extensively on vanity. After Adam ate from the forbidden fruit all men have had a constant less than 90 degrees thought elevation both with their linear and exponential thought procedure. A man who could have a thought a degree over 90 degrees, thus thinking 91 degrees could be as wise as King Solomon but then no man ever shared this feat with this descendant of Jesse. He will forever be the Wisest Man ever to live on Earth. In the kingdom of God however True and all Wisdom is given on a silver platter. King Solomon was given the opportunity to ask for something from The Father and he opted to be given Wisdom. He asked for Wisdom and he had it.

Ironically the least brilliant person in the Kingdom of God have a free 360 degree thought elevation making him or her think and act like God and therefore know why (s)he is on planet Earth, how (s)he thinks and knowing the energy that causes all errors and deaths. This is how come there is abundant of the knowledge of God when you read Isaiah 11:9.

Interestingly, it has not been easy for the creator of the Universe to painstakingly send man through all these stages to attain His desired result – Perfection of Dust to exterminate Evil. This is because He had to wait on Time although He knew the outcome of His own program. This could be compared to a Film Director watching with his son, his own Horror Movie he directed. Although the Director knows the outcome of his own movie, he is at any moment in time watching the film, engulfed in it just like his child who does not know how the whole story finally ends.

The Human thought process is very intriguing and interesting reading from the Father’s Mind. It could be likened to a parent who buys a Toffee for her child and in turn persuade the Child for a piece of that same toffee. The foremost and natural reaction from the little chap is to withhold the toffee to herself for sometime without having a thought that you as the Parent gave her the same toffee you have asked for a portion. Under such circumstance you begin to read your child’s mind. If the child becomes so assertive and adamant in freely giving you the said portion, the Parent who urgently wants the Toffee have an option to forcibly disentangle the Toffee from the hands of her little chap.

The Holy One having given Man a life and mind to chose freely but asking Man to conform to His Standards and play to His gallery, that is embracing Good and eschewing Evil is having a quiet time Reading the Hearts of All Men. Like the Toffee scenario above, Man adoring and adhering to Evil deeds and thoughts, the Creator of the Universe have got no option than to forcibly extricate all Evil thoughts and acts from all men from the surface of earth.

In that case He will by compulsion cause all men to think and act as Him. Isaiah 65:17, I create a New Heaven and a New Earth and the former things shall not be remembered or come to mind. Here what were the former things? The former things were our arrogance, pride, selfishness, uncaring attitudes, money loving, lovers of self, cheats, boastfulness, ignorance, snobbishness, haughtiness, judgmental eyes, discriminative tendencies, prejudicial behaviors, chauvinism, our narrow mindedness, our quick temperaments, our immoral and loose talks, our sheer wickedness among many attributes which we are all culpable. For all have sinned …
Isaiah 42:14-16 reiterates this position on the part of the Holy One having kept quiet for a very long time but now is going to act.

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InTheReelWorld: Thank You Brother

Thank You Brother

kwamerica: Welcome

You are welcome. However all thanks be to the revealer of all secrets -The Holy One of Israel.

inanna17: Are you in the ministry of some sort?

Hi Kwa -

I read your 'well' researched messages or 'sermons' and wonder what denomination you choose to receive your information? Would like to know if you have another outlet to spread 'your' truth?


kwamerica: kwamerica does no Researching

Hi Inanna17,

kwamerica does not do researching. He is taught as in Isaiah 50:4-5.

He speaks as he listens to his Father talk to him.

He speaks unto the people for his Father.

When his Father speaks directly to the people, the whole universe will be void.

Inanna17, kwamerica would be very pleased if you could help to let 'his' truth be heard through any medium you could help.

Thanks and Best regards

inanna17: I'm Going To Pass

Thanks Kwa,

But to be honest, the stuff you post really makes me uncomfortable. Now that i know It is hard to grasp you get your ideas from two chapters in Isaiah, it really makes me leery. If I didn't do any research, I would never learn or make my own conclusions. I will NEVER have all the answers, and I am totally fine with that.

And from personal experience, you may want to keep your ideas to internet forums. My psychiatrist would have a field day if I started to listen to 'one voice' for all my direction in life - and I would more than likely be writing this from a quiet room at Bellevue Psych Ward.


kwamerica: The One Voice for All

Hello Inanna17, you don't have to get apprehensive. The truth is that the "Only one Truth is simple and straightforward".

kwamerica is a prophet who speaks what has been put into him to speak.

How many mediums go and do research as what to speak?

The "one voice" situation is what the world is going to go through from henceforth. The kingdom of God where there is no dualism.

One voice for all men (sorry women) at all times.

Thanks and best regards

Annunaki77: The Kingdom of the Victor!

The Winner gets all the Spoils.
I wonder which ET Group will Win?

kwamerica: Humanity wins

In the end Humanity wins the game.

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