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Human life could be likened to any man made game. Every game has an Originator, Time, Space, Laws, Players, Black box, an Umpire, Spectators, Purpose, Casualties and Grand Reward. Life as a game, the Originator is the Holy One of Israel, Day being the Time, Man and The Evil one the main players, Earth and the other heavenly bodies constituent the space.
The umpire being the Creator of the universe and His messengers. The eventual casualty involve with life is death. Death is an event and every event has got a cause. Death seems inevitable but in this 21st century death is going to be beaten. Man is going to reach the immortality stage. This is when the truth of the world is told. The truth is also going to be known when the real purpose of life is known world wide. Audience or Spectators in the game of life being the Heavenly Hosts. The Reward of life is living forever.

Many people who had ever read the Bible had always known the origin of life as in a very beautiful Garden in Eden. The Bible has made us know that The Holy One of Israel whose name had not been known in the garden is the originator of all life. In the garden He made a man (Adam) from the dust of the earth and made him a help mate (Eve). The Holy One of Israel planted a garden in which he placed these wonderfully made creatures. He asked them to eat every thing in the garden with the exception of one tree known as the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The penalty for eating from that tree will result in death.
In effect the following can clearly be established.

The Originator > The Holy One of Israel
Duration > Time > Day > 24 hours
Place > Space > The Earth and The Heavens
Black Box > Object of commonest interest > The Power Fruit
Law > The Do not Eat command
Main Players > Man and The Evil one
Game Keeper > The Redeemer> The Tree of Life > The Son of God
Audiences > Spiritual Beings >Heavenly Hosts > Angels
Umpire > The Creator of The Universe Himself and His Messengers
Infringement > Error > Sin
Fatality > Death
Purpose > To Perfect to Partner dust of the Soil to confine the Energy Evil
Reward > Eternal Life > Living forever

The writer of this book is mandated by the creator of the universe to read His Mind to all humankind. Man is a problem solving tool in the hands of the Holy One of Israel. The setup at the Garden of Eden is the greatest setup or mystery which when unraveled let us all know the purpose of life.

Man is a program drawn by the Holy One of Israel (hereinafter called my Father) to solve His own problem. His problem is Evil. Evil is an attribute of my Father showing or depicting what He does not like. He does not like evil and it has taken Him close to 6000 man years to finally exterminate it. This should not be misunderstood; the Energy Evil is a very essential tool in the hands of the Father to shape creation. In the end which is now, He will need to discard it by confining it to a solitary confinement – The lake of Fire.

When evil is no longer on earth mankind enters an era called the Messianic age, The Peaceful Kingdom, The Kingdom of God, The Millennium Kingdom, The 3rd World, The World To Be, among many other names given to it. This is the period when the Holy One of Israel intervenes directly in man’s affairs.

The truth of the earth can only be proven or seen in the Law that Adam transgressed. Why would Adam die if he eats from the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil? Having knowledge of this is the only truth that will make other truths be validated. The world is in a messier state because the purpose of life has not been fully known. A lot of assumptions and conjectures have been made and given to what happened at the Garden of Eden. For those of us who know and believe in The Holy One of Israel, what can He not do or undo. He made the air which we gasp in and out without knowing where it is coming from.

The Holy One of Israel does not err. Every thing He made was for a peculiar and specific purpose. He is very purposeful in all His actions. He made all things and now He will give all things to this writer. He has tutored and appointed this writer as a Prophet from the womb to make sure that perfect justice and peace prevails on earth and beyond.

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bluesbaby5050: This article speaks of the creator of Human life-Lord Inki !

This article does not speak his name ,but I do. This article leads you to believe that this creator is lord Enlil from Isreal, and this is a LIE! This game of life is for the sole purpose for you to figure out who the Real players of this game REALLY IS! Enlil is the Half Brother to the The creator of All Human life ,and this is Lord INKI! He is Your Creator, BUT HE IS NOT TO BE WORSHIPED! HE IS NOT A MESSIAH! THERE NEVER WAS A MESSIAH! THE BIBLE IS A MIX OF LIES, AND SOME TRUTHS, AND HAS BEEN USED TO CONTROL MANKIND FOR ALL INTENTS,AND PURPOSES! PRAY TO THE SPIRIT OF THE SOURCE, OF ALL THAT IS,AND YOUR PRAYS WILL BE HEARD! The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

bluesbaby5050: The tree of the fruit---

People were taught that Eve was Not supposed to eat the fruit of the tree of life. They did NOT want Eve ,and Adam to eat this fruit because if they did, then they would BECOME AWARE OF THEMSELFS,AND WOULD BECOME WISE.THEY WOULD QUESTION WHY THINGS WERE THE WAY THEY WERE THEN, AND BECOME SLAVES NO MORE! The creator wanted the humans to be Free, and live out their lifes as happy human beings in this garden of Eden that lord ENKI had created for them. Lord ENKI told Eve to Eat this fruit so that they would become wise,and Free! This is why Lord Enlil told Adam,and Eve Not to eat of this fruit of Knowledge.This would cause problems for the ones in CONTROL! And who was in control then? Lord Enlil was! The humans were slaves to work the mines for gold for the Annunaki,and for their planet Niberu.This is the Real story that has been kept form all of you. The Falcon.

Annunaki77: We will not awaken everyone from their trance Falcon Goddess

But it has begun, Humanity will start to Question their Reality and that will Pave the Way to their Independance from Deities, Gods and Tyrants.
They will face Destiny and they will find Empowerment in the Words Goddess Bluesbaby has said today, for thousands of years into the Future.

For we are Travellers of Time and Space.

So get off your knees and stop belittling yourselves.

wmarkley: true

this is also true, you can not wake everyone up, just as you can not please everyone, many dont want to wake up because of the fear they keep. but i do believe that humanity has reached a critical mass to set the things in motion that need to be done to begin the total unslavement of humanity.

bluesbaby5050: Your right Wmarkley--

Your right Wmarkley,as I do believe this too. There is hope,and where there is hope, there is a chance for FREEDOM! The Falcon.

wmarkley: freedom

will happen, i hope to live long enough to see it happen, or atleast long enough to see the cabal become prison inmates, they can have their satanic rituals in prison after morning chow, then hit the showers, lol

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