by kwamerica on March 16th, 2011

This is the time or period the Creator of the Universe is going to throw the smallest challenge to all mankind. Keep doing everything that you are doing in such a way that if you are Robbing Banks, Paying Your Tithe regularly, Preaching the Good News, Killing People in Cold blood, Robbing the Poor, Partying with your Friends, Teaching for Free, Helping people by Paying their School Fees, Reading The Bible Regularly, Visiting Prisoners every weekends, Having Office Romance, Gambling after close of work, Dropping your Children to School Every Morning, Watching Pornographic films in the confines of your Bedroom, Praying all the Time, Fasting all the Time, Proposing Marriage to a Girl, Travelling on Excursion, Preparing a sermon to be preached on Sunday, Having sex with your maid whiles your partner is away, Paying a Visit to a Friend, Going to Church to Worship, Throwing a Party, Visiting an Orphanage, Visiting a Friend on admission at The Hospital, Writing an Exam, Playing Hide and Seek with your Creditors, Having a Business interview, Smoking weed, Saying I love you whiles you know it is false, Buying a Dress for your Wife, Sending a Love message to a Loved One, Posting your Picture on Facebook, Drinking Champagne with your Business Partners, Saying I love you which you deeply mean it, Sleeping and waking up Having a Dream, Writing down your Lyrics for a Gospel Song, Assisting your Ward with The Homework, Thinking of what to do this Christmas, Securing a Loan for your Business, Arriving for a Party, Kissing Someone in the Basement whiles the Party is going on, Contemplating on the Lyrics for a profane song to make a Hit song, Planning what to buy for your friend’s children when you visit them, Ironing a Dress are but a few actions and motives that could be written.

All these The Holy One has not asked you to stop or start but then He is going to use His Law to decide which is good and thereby accept into His kingdom.
The Law is going to decide on all issues. Very seemingly obvious evils like theft and cheating are going to be no much for the Law to smash. However there are more complicated cases in the eyes of man on sexuality issues like Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Masturbation, Fellatio, Polygamy, Bigamy and many other habits man has accepted and in some cases entrenched in our constitutions are going to be decided by the Law.

The writer’s childhood fantasy and hobby, Tom Peeping will also go into the grind and he is very sure it will never come back alive. If those habits are good they will stay but if not the Law will decide as well. The Law is going to let all men get to know what the Holy One of Israel abhors.

It should be noted that He is bringing this Law to the Jew as well as the Gentile. In this case He should have a much flexible Law which both parties could easily identify themselves with. The Jew knows of a Law which was in the pipeline but not the Gentile.

A Gentile might have known that the Jew is expecting a Law upon reading from the scripture. What both parties do not realize is that the Law is for them all. It is apparently the constitution of the Human Being. As every machine or appliance has got a manual, so has the Human Body also got one. The Holy One of Israel is bringing both The Jew and the Gentile under His domain. But then to bring this Law, a Jew will have to hold the mantle. As already stated in earlier chapters, the Jew is no superhuman. It is just that the Jewish tribe (Judah) is going to hold the mantle to bring both his lost brothers and gentiles together to worship and know the Holy One of Israel.

The interpretation of the Law cannot be found in any man made statutory book. Even the Scriptures which have got it stated in it, it is only the ‘appointed One’ who could decipher and read to his tribesmen. It seems like a reality show we watch whiles the originators sit behind the scene and watch the contestants. Occasionally the contestants are dropped with a message or a messenger as to how to go about things. This put to rest the case, we are not alone. We are been watched every second. And that is the Truth

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