Disinformation Agents - Take The Good and Leave The Bad

It seems like the topic of disinformation agents has been coming up more and more in the alternative media and I would like to share my take on it.

by Quinton on October 28th, 2008
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Why does everyone label anybody who disagrees with them as a disinformation agent? I have heard people like Alex Jones, David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Leo Zagami, Peter Joseph and others all called disinformation agents of the Illuminati.

Even if they were disinformation agents why would it even matter? Why does everyone think that in order to "trust" or "believe" somebody they have to be 100% genuine or 100% "truthful". Hint: Nobody is 100% right on anything. So get that conception out of your head and turn on your detective goggles. Everyone should research things from all angles and do their best to put the pieces together correctly.

Lies still have truth

If Satan himself said something that was truthful I would take it to heart. It doesn't matter who or what says it, all that matters is what it is that is being said. Sure, some crafty people will try to deceive you and manipulate their words in a way that may lead you astray. Who cares? That's life. If you are searching for the truth with your whole heart you can only be led astray for so long. Eventually the truth will outweigh the lies and you will be back on your path.

And just because something is a lie doesn't make it a bad thing. In order for a lie to to be believable it has to be dressed up somewhat in the truth's clothing. So it should be your objective to decipher the truth from the lies and hold on to that which is real while leaving the deception behind.

Everyone has different degrees of truth and non-truth

If it turned out that Leo Zagami really was still involved with the Illuminati and was purposefully trying to suck people into a trap it wouldn't matter - he still has a bunch of very valuable stuff that he says which is in alignment with many things other researchers say. A lot of what he says fits, so I hold onto the stuff that fits. If it doesn't quite fit or I'm not sure it goes onto the not so sure shelf, but I don't get mad at him or call him an agent of disinformation.

Pop Quiz

If you were able to talk to a high up Rothschild or Rockefeller about reality and our world for a few hours would you take it? I know I sure would. Since these families are so deceptive and elite you know if you were able to talk to them for a few hours you would really get some great truth with the great lies. They can't tell you a big lie without it having some solid ground to stand on. And this solid ground (truth) that the lie is standing on would most likely be something very few people have even heard or thought about. It would just be up to you to spend some time afterwords sifting through what you agree with and disagree with.

Reliable sources

Everyone whether a disinfo agent or not has a percentage of accurate information and a percentage of inaccurate information. It's up to you to extract it and make use of it the way you best see fit.

Obviously there are certain people who are very steady in always giving verifiable, accurate information and these are people that generally carry more weight. If you enjoy listening to certain people because you have more trust in them that is totally understandable, but just because you have less trust in another person doesn't mean everything they say is wrong or a lie.


I just find that when you approach this philosophy it doesn't matter who said what. You take what works for you and leave what does not. There is always going to be misinformation, exaggeration, lies and everything else that comes with life. It's just another day, so deal with it and grow.

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M: Take The Good and Leave The Bad

Quinton I think an argument can be made with what you have stated. You said "I just find that when you approach this philosophy it doesn't matter who said what. You take what works for you and leave what does not."

The trouble I see in this thinking is this how the majority of humans think. This is why getting dumbed down is so easy because they do it on a feeling instead of critical thinking. Truth is Truth plain and simple!

I find it so hard to get people to understand what is going on because they are used to thinking like that," umm it's not for me so go away I don't want to hear it."

I can certainly see what your getting at in finding truth on the level any one person is on, but that does not excuse passing by truth because of anyone's ignorance at any given time. This is why we are in the predicament we're in now because everyone believed everything that was feed to them and went along with the program.

I agree with Alex Jones, disinformation agents are everywhere their purpose is to make the truth to those on the edge seem like rubbish, there really are such people who's jobs are daily to debunk truth in order to get people to see things in another light in hope to persuade them on their side which is the side of lies and disinformation.

I have always been a black or white person so it's either truth or lies no in-between. No fence sitter, you're either hot or cold luke warm will be spued out.

However having said that, there are (like you said) people who are just not fully versed in everything, they do not have the cornerstone on complete knowledge and truth, it's their ego that get in the way because they have stumbled on A truth they now think they know it all.
And others who just don't want to see the whole truth because it is uncomfortable and takes them out of their comfort zone. All of us are subject to that..

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