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The Holy One of Israel has taken control of the Middle and for that matter the country having the Middle. The Middle has always been His seat of government. This was where He established and ruled in His first Kingdom at the Garden of Eden.

At that time it was purely Theocracy. Adam never had a say in governance. Adam broke the Law and began ruling himself in his own eyes; however the Evil one was rather ruling him. After such a long period of upheavals, discomfort and disillusions to Adam’s descendants, The Holy One will once again intervene in man’s affairs to bring an end to an Evil rule by the Evil one.

Democracy is the highest form of Human Blindness and Ignorance of God. “Government by the People, for the People and from the People”. The People governing themselves without an iota of reference to the Mind that made them? This is ridicules and it is just like our Computers knowing very well how accurately they can make astronomical calculations to the delight of all men, decide to govern themselves. This will be sheer idiocy. This is what all men have been saying - “We can rule ourselves”. The Human Mind (Man) needs the Mind that made him (Human Mind) to rule him. Jeremiah 10:23 “… it is not for man to direct his steps.”

As liberal as He is, He is not entirely abolishing man’s ruling concepts all at once, however He is putting His Law above all constitutions of the earth. This is to give all Constitutions on Earth an eye as they are all blind. As soon as He does this all the Kingdoms of Earth becomes His as in Revelation 11:15.

Once again coming back and taking the Middle (Jerusalem) in Zion which now practices Western Democracy, He is not suspending the Constitution in-toto, rather He is putting His Law (Theocracy) above the constitution hence the resultant system “Demo-Theocracy”. This action of the Father has therefore Overshadowed the 1992 Fourth Republican Constitution of Ghana. Apparently when the Constitution of Ghana is Overshadowed all Constitutions of Earth submit themselves. This is as a result of Ghana containing and controlling The Middle. For he who has the Middle has it all.

The country Ghana therefore becomes The Demo-Theocratic Republic of Ghana. The country Ghana gained Independence on Wednesday 6th day of March 1957. This day was the Physical Independence of the nation Ghana when she emancipated herself from British Colonial rule. The country therefore celebrated her Physical Golden Jubilee on 6th March 2007. The Spiritual Golden Jubilee was yet to come.

This happened on the actual Jubilee day. This day was on Wednesday 10th day of October 2007. This day in every year is a very special day for the Holy One of Israel. This is when and where (Time and Space) the Holy One always replenishes the supply of all first humans (orphans) with their power fruit. This refueling or replenishment lasts for 12 hours between the hours of 10am and 10pm on every 10th October. The Jewish calendar is not used in determining this date. The Holy One uses the calendar of the masses.

In effect the Spiritual 50th Independence Day of Ghana was 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0. Meaning on the 10th day of the 10th month of the year 2007 (Jubilee Year) between 10 am (GMT) and 10 pm (GMT), the country, 10 regions became 50. As soon as the country was 50, the entire Human Race was liberated from Evil rule. The next day which was 11th October the Messenger became 32. It could also be written digitally as 1 1 1 0 1 0 1 meaning on the 11th day of the 10 month of the year 2007 at 10 am the Messenger 1 in number became 32.

These two figures 32 and 50 happen to be placed at a very strategic place in the Perfect Design of the New Jerusalem which is at a latter chapter. The first and the Last rule applied here again. The year 2007 is the first Sabbath year for all Humanity as well as the Jubilee year for the Middle.

As such the day and year of Restoration is 10th October 2007. This is the official date for the commencement of the New Millennium. This was when the Law of Restoration was passed in physical time. We are therefore as at now (AD ????), ? years into the Millennium Kingdom. The year 2007 in numerology is 9 and marked the end of man’s rule (Evil controlled Mind- Rule) on Earth and the beginning of God’s Kingdom.

However one significant event was yet to come. Embodiment of all human power has to be submitted at the Middle. It came as no surprise when the 44th President of United States of America, His Excellency Barack Obama after winning Elections and traveling all the way from the West to the East to meet another world’s superpower, His Russian counterpart, all was set for a complete take over. A simple handshake was what was needed from these Heads of States to combine Human Power from the West to the East for submission at the Middle.

From the East, President Obama came straight to The Middle to submit all Human power from the time of King Nebucadnezar to present day as the Little rock is coming to hit the statue. As soon as Air Force One carrying the Newly Elected President of the United States touched the tarmac at Kotoka International Airport, all Human Power were submitted to the Middle. Coming to the middle and stepping foot at the LA- Polyclinic area, the President came straight into the confines of the grounds of the Father’s secret Garden. Immediately all Human Power and authority were neutralized. The Holy One of Israel picked it and in turn gave His authority to the writer to let the human race know and understand something they have never known or heard.

In the year AD 2007, the country Ghana struck oil. The oil has a messenger attached to it. The oil is to be used to build a comprehensive orphanage system all over the country. Remember the country Ghana is being used as a model for the Kingdom. The whole concept is like a Host and Win competition. The country Ghana Hosted the first kingdom of God and she is going to win in the end to extend Edenic conditions to the entire globe.

The messenger is seen clearly in Rev 6:5, “When the third seal was broken, I saw a rider on a black horse with a pair of scales in his hands. And I heard in the Middle of the 4 living creatures saying … and do not harm the oil and the wine”. The Oil find is a ploy by the Holy One for the world to get Ghana’s attention whiles He pronounces judgment on all Humans.

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kwamerica: President Obama Came To The Middle To Drop All Human Power


The Newly Elected President of the United States came to the Middle to drop it all.

Democracy was overshadowed.

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