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The concept of human death has for all ages been a very relaxed topic for all humans. Relaxed here meaning whatever you do you can never beat death. As a result you better let the issue lay relaxed and dormant. We have lived to graciously accept the bitter truth (falsity) that death is inevitable and part of life. This erroneous impression is going to be given a much brighter insight here and now.

As you read this chapter, remember you are not intelligent, beautiful, handsome, richer, faithful, older, sanctimonious, smarter, religious, younger, more educated or trustworthy than the man or woman who has just passed away and now relaxing in the cold freezers in the Town’s Morgue. Death is no respecter of person. It does not matter whether you are a Bishop, a Prostitute, an Archbishop, a Truck Driver, an Evangelist, a Young Man, an Old Lady, a Pretty Young Girl, a Rabbi, a Gentile, The President, a Police officer, a Famous Film Actor or Actress, The Son of God or any other personality, ultimate death is your portion. Death does not take into account your religious background or faith in any personality or belief system or the number of talisman or amulets you have on your waist.
When you wake up this morning, have you ever thought about the person who is reported dead in the newspaper? The truth is that the person who has been pronounced dead this morning was like you chatting and laughing heartily yesterday but just this morning is deceased. Another truth is that the next person to enter the Cold Freezers of the Town’s Morgue is you.

In reality, it was just a matter of Time and Space and every body including yourself would have tasted the bitterness and ugliness of death, but then the Creator of the Universe will personally intervene to avert the cause of all deaths to establish His Kingdom. This direct intervention brings Salvation (saving from ever tasting Death) to the fullness. This is the real meaning of Salvation and not what most so called believers go about parading to the masses. Salvation comes to the fullest when Isaiah 11 who is also Isaiah 49 comes on earth.

Death was programmed independent of Life. In spite of all these seemingly frightening attributes of Death, there is one thing that Death and his master the Evil one fear themselves. Death and his master, (the Evil One) respect and fear their own Shadow. The Shadow of Death is the principle or mechanism that makes Death active. The Evil One will therefore go at all lengths to bury this Principle (knowledge) because the day Man (his greatest rival) gets to know this principle, his sting (death) as well as he Evil himself will be out of the equation of Life for eternity, for then the eyes of all men would be wary for they now know real Truth.

Death is the last enemy of man to be beaten by man to enter the kingdom of God. Man has been able to beat close associates of Death namely diseases but not Death itself. Death came into the picture of Life when Adam transgressed the first and last Natural Law. It is the safeguarding of all men from eventual death that the Father sent His only begotten son to come and pay for the overall penalty of death for all mankind. One may ask then. Why then do we die even after Jesus death and resurrection?

The truth of the matter is that until all the family line (Jewish tribe) that Jesus came through to Earth, finally understand and believe in Yeshua as the son of the Living God, this sacred secret will never be out. However the making of all Jews to accepting Jesus can fully be done when Isaiah 11 surfaces on Earth to gather all the tribes from the 4 corners of the Earth. Isaiah 11’s presence and message truthfully brings the Personality of Yeshua out of the shade to the Jew.

The Jew (family) wants the Law, and the Law is with Isaiah 11. This prophet does not only have the Law in his hands but also Yeshua. The irony of the fact is that the Jew (family) would want the Law and the bearer of the Law too has Jesus whom the family rejected. Now when the family takes the Law, they cannot reject Jesus. They therefore accept Jesus in addition to taking his much awaited Law. When it comes to the matter of the Jew accepting Jesus or Yeshua as the son of God, he would need a sign that would bring him understanding than just believing in Jesus as the son of God.

So to prove to the Jew that Yeshua is the Son of God; the Prophet in Isaiah 11 will have to cause Death to cease worldwide. That is not to say, all Jews have rejected Jesus. As already stated in an earlier chapter, after the days of Jesus, three categories of Jews emerged. Those that went on to follow the strict Mosaic Laws even till today, those that went on to follow idols, and those that believe in Jesus as the son of God. However all Jews had a common purpose and goal. To reach the promise land and see the prophet like Moses. All said and done, there had to be a partial hardening in the hearts of Israel until the fullness of the gentiles. In that when the time finally arrives for the hard-hearted Jew to believe in Jesus, non-Jews will also follow suit.

The concept of knowing what causes all deaths brings truth, understanding, worldwide and global knowledge of the Holy One of Israel. Isaiah 11:9b “For the knowledge of God will be abundant as water covers the seas. The 21st century and subsequent centuries is therefore going to be characterized with accurate knowledge and understanding of the working principles of God going by His Law (Isaiah 51:4), rather than on faith and belief systems of the past.

It is now going to be known worldwide that Time cannot and has never killed any man. We do not die due to the number of days and years we stay on earth. However, it has become a natural progression and a fact that the more years you spend on earth, the closer you get to your grave. This natural progression is finally going to change as man now begins to understand the whole concept of living, ageing, ailing and dying. The change man has been yearning for, should have been the change at the highest order and not change in human policies and ideologies.

Under the Law of restoration, this is when the supposedly unnatural order of things changes in such a way that the Wild Wolf will now dwell with the Lamb and the Lion eats straw like the ox. A lot of things will vanish from the surface of the earth. Our dictionaries are going to loose a lot of words. However newer and better phrases and expressions are going to replace our lost gone words. Zephaniah 3:9 “I will give this people of pure speech”.

The writer doubts if the F word will pass the test. Man is going to account for every single word that proceeds from the mouth. The Law of restoration can be likened to the Y2K or Millennium Bug. The Law is the real deal. Jeremiah 31:31-34 “ … I will put my Law within them and on their hearts I will write it and I shall be their God and they shall be my people. And none will teach his brother or neighbor saying know the Lord, for they shall all know me from the least to the greatest and I will forgive their iniquities and their sins I will remember no more.

The Holy One really means business, and He will not relent until He brings His heart desires to pass. From 10pm GMT on the 10th day of October 2007, when the New Millennium started till this hour that you are reading this book, the writer has been responsible for all deaths that have occurred on every part of the earth. Not that he killed these people but then those people never heard let alone implement the good news of final salvation. Deut 18:18“ I will put my words in his mouth and he will tell you all that I command him and if nobody listens to this prophet I myself will inquire it from him”
Death is one of the greatest miraculous events next to Resurrection. When the creator of the universe gave the Prophet Moses the commandments and added Thou shall not kill, Thou shall not steal, Thou shall not commit adultery and many others, He really meant them. It was not that He was weak, whiles the Israelites and even today (AD 2009) as we keep breaking these Laws. He really knew what He was going to do.

The 10 commandments was a fore shadow of the Law of restoration where under it, He rigidly holds on to all men in such a way that none can even think evil and thereby break a Law in the commandments. For someone to kill, steal or err, a lot of factors have to be in place.
In the Garden of Eden, as soon as Adam lost his authority to the Evil one, the Evil one took charge over all creation, in such a way that the 24 Elders (Time) and the 4 living creatures (Space) came under his jurisdiction. To kill or undertake anything you will need Time and Space to attest to it. Once the Evil one was controlling all these, he could eventually push all his agenda through successfully.

It was in this regard that the Holy One of Israel gave Prophet Moses the 10 commandments to the Israelites to make them conscious of their choice of options. This is because the Evil one had captured all creation in such a way that options of evil is presented to every man leaving on earth even till today. As a result to separate His people from the rest of mankind, He gave them a set of rules to follow.
Although these commandments could never stop the evil one from petting them with knowledge of evil, it gave the Father a real sense of trust as the Israelites obeyed them. The real Law was yet to come, this time not only for the Jews or Israelites but for Humanity. The real Law eventually erases evil options (knowledge of evil) from all humans as well as animals.

The Resurrection Age climaxes the Millennium Age. This is the true orgasm of the World. It should be noted that the Human system is built like the Universe and everything in it. It is here that man realizes Life is a movie. At the end of all movies in real time, all the characters who died in the Movie are back in real life time.

Every man who had ever lived on Earth comes back to Earth (Now ruled by Heavens) to taste truth and face judgment. Everything concealed from the beginning of Time is revealed. Man becomes so transparent and light. You could read your neighbors’ mind before he talks.

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inanna17: Women

Maybe u should use the term "women" in place of "man" time to time. Without each, there would be no humans.

kwamerica: Well noted

Thanks inanna17 for your submission. It has been well noted.

kwamerica: The Energy

Truthfully the energy that makes us all err is the same energy that let us all die.

inanna17: I'm as close to death right now as I will ever be

As Seth channeled thru Jane Roberts "right now is as close as you will ever be to death." This skin and bones suit I wear reminds me only that when it passes I will not. My light being will return to the "source" - the stars that truly bore me and gave me life unceasing. No errors in that truth. Thanks for acknowledging the "girls" Kwa!

kwamerica: No Errors in Truth

No errors in the truth. The Truth is perfect, straight and small.

kwamerica: Resurrection is Coming

The truth sets us all free from bondage. The truth will bring back all our loved ones who are in the graves. They are all awaiting resurrection.

kwamerica: Death can be beaten

That is the truth. Resurrection is coming alive from the dead. That is truth.

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