The land upon which the country Ghana is situated is endowed with every type of mineral that can be found in any part of the world. Ghana has got the most precious mineral on earth. The dust that was used to create the first human is found here. It is found in a place where from henceforth is going to be the biggest tourist attraction worldwide.

Early explorers who came onto the shores of this land were divinely asked to name this land ‘The Gold Coast’. In their spirit minds they saw the land covered with pure Gold. The dust used to form the first Man had in it 669 pounds of Gold. In effect every lifeless body of any human being is worth a street value of 1,517,000 Carat of Gold. However a living body is Priceless. For every living person is a Spiritual being living in a Physical body hence has no real value in the physical realm for the Spirit is higher and nothing in the Physical realm can be compared to it.

The Middle as is called is under lock and key with children playing heartily on it oblivious of the history of what has ever happened there before man came into existence. As a memorabilia, the Holy One directed that an orphanage be built around it. It is always going to remind all mankind where we are all coming from and where we are going.

When the Holy One of Israel looks at the Middle, He sees everyone who had ever lived, still alive or unborn. At the centre of an existing orphanage in Ghana is the Middle. That was where God Marked Time- GMT.

This imaginary line, the Longitude 0 degrees was originally passing through that spot. The longitude 0 degrees which now passes through Tema was originally passing through Osu and to be precise Osu Children’s Home. When Adam erred and the Father said cursed be the ground, the words that proceeded from His mouth on hitting the ground seceded the Americas from the mainland Africa (Zion).
This is how this imaginary line dislocated to Tema area. Now the Middle been known we can now locate the Garden of Eden.

Remember the garden was a Square with dimensions 55 miles by 55 miles East of Longitude 0 degrees. The garden was indeed located in the Middle East. The (Eastward) East of the Middle, that was where the Father planted His beautiful Square Garden. Part of the garden land including the Middle can be found in Ghana, West Africa. The other part of the garden land is found in South America. The garden is equally divided amongst the 2 Halves. Africa, Europe, Mid-Asia and Asia on one part whiles North and South America take the other part.

Sometimes the Holy One laughs when He sees man trying frantically and forcefully to locate the garden. Detailed of the garden is a preserve reserved for the Prophet like Moses –Isaiah 11. The garden is just like your face; you have it but is hidden away from you. There is nothing of His that could be found unless He Himself reveals it to you. Many are those that are searching for the garden with the names Tigris and Euphrates. These names are carbon copies. The real Tigris and Euphrates and the 2 other rivers disappeared from the surface of Earth forever when The South and North American landmasses seceded away from mainland Zion (The African landmass).

While the Hebrew Bible is a bona fide property of the Jewish families, the garden was not built with the family in mind but humanity. To add to your amusement the garden is no where near the present day Middle East or Jerusalem but was located in the East of Jerusalem at the Middle. The river passing through Eden was flowing from South America. As that part of the Land seceded away from the mainland Africa (Zion) that beautiful scenery of a river disappeared forever.

When Adam and Eve were warded off the garden, they could not move southwards because that part was no land again but an ocean. They could not move eastwards because they were not supposed to come in contact with the tree of Life. They therefore moved midway inside the 2nd quadrant of the World. They therefore moved North West of Eden. They wandered for 50 years and finally settled at a place (when Eve said she was not trekking any longer) which also has an orphanage built on it to remind humanity where we are coming from. This orphanage is also in Ghana, West Africa. This was where the Prophet in Isaiah 11 was born.

Adam had seen a very beautiful garden so where they settled he replicated what he had ever seen. He also planted a garden, this time much bigger than where he had come from. Adam was a gardener. They settled on the up hills of Kumasi Children’s Home. To this day where they settled is called the Garden City of West Africa.

Her Royal Majesty, the Queen of England on her maiden flight to the Ashanti Territories during Colonial days nicknamed Kumasi the Garden City because her vision was impaired by forest of trees swallowing up the City. Hence the divine name “The Garden City”. These two orphanages (Osu and Kumasi) hold the secret to the living of all mankind. The Holy One of Israel has really been watching over all humanity.

The country Ghana is divided into 10 regions. The 10th region is going to be a dedicated region for the Holy One of Israel. This is where the Temple is going to be built. The Temple design which doubles as the design of the New Jerusalem is out and is going to be seen by all men.

The country Ghana is God’s own country. The country is relatively peaceful not because of anything but the Middle. No man dares disturbs The Middle. The nation’s national anthem, “God bless our Homeland Ghana” is prophetic. Not that alone the national pledge rather ends beautifully … So help me God. There are many Jews in Ghana here. The writer is coming from The Akuapem dynasty. The Jew is no superhuman just that it is the tribe the Holy One of Israel has chosen for Himself to let all men get to know, understand and appreciate him.

The national flag of Ghana has the solution to all worlds’ problem. The flag has been talking for more than 50 years but the world seems not to get it. The Black Star on Gold is a complete statement that solves every problem on Planet Earth. Today we are going to have the real meaning of the Black Star.
The Black Star had always been said, is the Hope of Africa. But can we personify that Hope? The Black Star is just like air, X-rays, Ultraviolet rays, infrared among many others. No one has seen them but we know they exist. We cannot perceive their presence or verify their existence through our senses. Without the Black Star no star can shine. For no star can shine in a background that is lighter than itself. Every star needs a background darker than itself to present itself to shine.
Out of the Black Star, all the other stars come to shine. If you came out of a woman to this world, who is that woman to you? She is certainly your mother. That means all the other stars their mother is the Black Star. Now the question is, who is the mother of the Black Star? The Black Star has no mother. If he has no mother, who is he? He is an Orphan.

Now look at where the Black star is placed. He is placed at the Middle on Gold. That means we should reverence and let the Orphan be our Central Focus and we will certainly have perfect peace. The Black Star is Adam - the first Orphan from the Middle. Apparently in the New Jerusalem the Black Star is at the centre of the City. Symbolically, the Black Star (Orphan) is the Tree of Life bearing 12 different kinds of fruits (Power Fruit) and yielding its fruit each month (28days) as in Revelation 22.

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