A Brief History of Human Origins

I was recently reading a thread of postings to an active mailing list where the topic was a debate on where man actually began on Earth. Was it Africa, Sumeria, the Garden of Eden, Atlantis, or other place? How old is man, really? Athough the exact site and year of human origin on Earth would be nice to know, I feel it is far more important to examine the bigger questions. Who created us here on Earth, and why?

by Truth Control on February 6th, 2008

by Andrew Lutts

Creationism or Evolution

Most people believe in Creationism or Evolution, but not both. Most feel strongly about their beliefs, as these eternal beliefs are a foundation for living and viewing the world around us.

The way we understand the course of events, both Creationism and Evolution occurred on Earth. Creationism occurred when the Elohim introduced us in their human image here on Earth. And although the Elohim are not God, they would appear God-like to us. The Elohim come from an area of the universe which is about halfway from the Great Central Sun. They are humans, too, like us.

And Evolution is partly correct also, as mankind evolved from early man to "modern" man. However, mankind did not evolve from less than human form.

There are several periods throughout history where the Elohim and other ET groups influenced and altered man and his DNA. The most obvious evidence of this interference are the different stages of man. The jumps in man from Neanderthal, to Cro-Magnon, to Homo Sapien were done with otherworldly intervention. Other examples of intervention can be seen as manifested as the physical differences between Asian, African, and European humans.

Questions and Answers

Q. Why did the Elohim choose the human form? A. The Elohim are humans, and chose to create us in their own form. They are scientists. They have mastered many feats of creating advanced beings, through DNA engineering. It is their hope that someday, we earth humans will also create human life as they have, and start life in an altogether new place.

Q. Why start life here on Earth? A. The Elohim chose Earth because it is on the outside edge of our galaxy, and therefore less likely to be interfered with. This has proven to be true, to a degree.

Q. Who are the key Elohim people? A. Yahweh: the chief Elohim "scientist" in charge of the Earth / human project Jesus: an extraordinary person deeply concerned with the fate of man, Jesus' father was an Elohim Lucifer: an Elohim who wished to see the Earth human project stopped

Q. Are the Elohim the "Good Guys?" A. One curious thing is that, unlike other ET groups, the Elohim do not seem to be obviously and overtly lobbying for their "cause." They are not here to rescue us (although they may).

Q. Are we similar to the Elohim, or quite different? A. We are very similar to the Elohim in many ways; they are our ancestors and they are human. However, here are some differences: Elohim: highly advanced and evolved, very intelligent, long life span (700 years), completely non-spiritual, highly respected by all who know them Earth Human: comparatively less evolved, shorter life span, emotional, spiritual capability and beliefs, a larger brain capacity than the Elohim

Q. Why are the Elohim Non-Spiritual? Generally speaking, the Elohim do not believe in God. They believed that they were created by other beings, and have thus chosen to do the same.

Q. Why did Lucifer want to stop things on Earth? A. Although Earth humans are less evolved than the Elohim, our larger brain capacity can be seen as posing a threat to the Elohim, in some way. Perhaps this larger brain capacity has allowed us to acknowledge spirit. The Elohim do not understand this.

Q. What is the next step for mankind on Earth? A. Man is quickly evolving into the next leap for humankind, into a human form called Adam-Kadmon man. This will take place when our planet makes a huge shift into the next dimension, when the vibratory rate of Earth and man has risen. This critical event has been prophesized to occur in the year 2012, but many say this may occur sooner. This is why many starseeds, walk-ins, lightworkers and others have come to Earth at this time, to assist with this dimensional shift.

At this next stage, Adam-Kadmon man will have full consciousness, telepathy, full remembrance, and much more. Duality will no longer exist on our planet. Things will be seen for what they really are. Man will emerge into the full potential he has had at times in our distant past, a past long forgotten by many. Adam-Kadmon man will truly be a new age man, so to speak.

Q. Why is all this information important? A. Because it allows us to view out extraterrestrial friends with the knowledge of who they really are, and why they are here. It allows us to understand who we really are, and why we are here. It allows us to understand what may occur in our future, and why.

Q. How do you know all this about the Elohim? A. The information I have written about came to me in 3 separate ways, from 3 different sources, at 3 separate times, 15 years apart. The information was essentially identical. Of course this alone does not make the information correct. However, the first original source came from within, and thus I feel strongly about it.

Q. Can you prove this information to be true? A. Of course not! I would love to be able to share incontrovertible truth with you, but I cannot at this time. Moreover, I do not even feel the need to somehow prove what I am saying is true. I know it is. This is enough for me. As you read this, perhaps you know it is true too?

There are different ways of looking at things. There is a scientific method. There is a philosophical method. This is a spiritual approach. And there are a number of other ways to look and evaluate things for yourself.

One reason that metaphysics interests so many of us is that it provides a framework to address many difficult questions without requiring traditional forms of measurement, evaluation, testing, and other linear requirements that do not work well on concepts and ideas beyond our physical third dimension. And of course the spiritual aspect of things is another area which is difficult to measure using quantifiable methods.

So how does one discern what is real? Many times, for many people, knowing is enough. It is more than enough. This is when it is time to listen to your inner voice, and decide the truth for yourself. This is a truth that only you know, and no one can ever take away.

Final Thoughts

I do not share this information lightly. It is very important to me. I feel it is important enough to share with you, even if you may not agree with it. If this information is not true for you, just acknowledge the information and release it back into the universe. Your own truth may be somewhere else. I respect that, more than you know. - Andy

Source: http://www.salemctr.com/newage/center31.html

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Ernesto Dávila ...: The Natural Evolution Process

To understand the origin of the origin of the Human Being you have to go to the inception and know that "God" is the primitive constitutional unit in the Natural Evolution Process. God is the initial Genetic Molecular Structure (GMS) condition in the Natural Evolution Process... God has 50% of the GMS in order and 50% of the GMS in disorder...God is an androgynous or a hermaphroditic male/female in the same body. God lives but also dies...so that God has the imperative to survive and the media is going to be the sexuality.

The final point in the Natural Evolution Process is "The Human Being" who through the process divides into man and woman with a GMS 100% in order. The context of the Natural Evolution Process is "The Tribe" , "The Nation" and "The Monarchy". Four gradients of the GMS are going to appear but only three of them will be the actors;...at the end only one will prevail and that is the 100%GMS in order...what constitutes "The Human Being".

Ernesto Dávila ...: The Natural Evolution Process

Sorry, but I forgot to tell you that the indicative of the Natural Evolution Process is the aesthetic sense.

bluesbaby5050: To Andy Lutts...........

I Agree with you 100% on your above statement about the Elohim, and their involvment with the activies of the Growth of Humanity. This information really does come from within your Inner-Self-Your Spiritual Body. Compassion was given to the Human race, and not to the Elohim, and I think this is why we are getting so much attention at the present time in December 18th-2012 to see how the Human race does Evolve. As I understand it, All Eyes are on the Game of Polarities Playing out on this planet Earth. The Dark and the Light Forces have to Intergrate enough to be able to have Balance, and this takes time. When this has been accomplished they will have Union, and Become One.

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