by kwamerica on January 21st, 2011

The book of Revelation has always been a no–go area for most readers of the New Testament. Upon reading the book one always get so close to perplexity. The book is made up of symbols, figures and metaphoric description of events and visions. The whole book of Revelation was given to the Son by the Father to be shown to all believers in Truth what was to come. The book of Revelation is the book of hope in spite of all those fearful sceneries and mysteries described in it. This is because in the end good triumphed in the seemingly unending cosmic battle between the forces of good and evil.

One interesting description presented in Revelation is the figure 666. This figure had always taken centre stage of most discussions when it comes to the book of Revelation. This figure has been a source of worry to almost all of us ever since the book of Revelation was written close to 2000 years ago. Over the years a lot of books have been written and a few movies have been produced depicting the figure in some fanciful ways. In the end we are asked to calculate the number of the Beast, for it is a number of a man. The number is 666.

What is the number of a man? When you look at our numbering system we have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. These are 9 in all. The figure 10 and all other numbers are not numbers of man. The figure 10 is the Father’s first number to mankind. The figure 0 is the Father’s first and last number to Himself. Under creation incremental signs of Addition and Multiplication, the figure 0 and figure 9 exhibit some very fine and exclusive characteristics. Have you noticed any figure multiplied by 0 or 9 gives either 0 or 9? In the same vein any figure added to 0 or 9 gives back the same figure. For example
3 * 0 = 0 3 * 9 = 27 = 2 + 7 = 9
3 + 0 = 3 3 + 9 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3

The figure 9 is an image of 0 which is the Father’s first and last number to Himself. This goes to reiterate the Father making Man in His own image.
You ever noticed how all perfect angles of man namely 45 degrees , 90 degrees , 180 degrees and 360 degrees all have the numerology summation of the number of a man, 9 ? Additionally man is born in 9 months. Man also has got 360 days to live in a year which in numerology calculation 3+6+0= 9. The next 6 days are the divine days of creation which always allude itself to every year to make 366 days or sometimes 365 ¼ days. So it can now be resolutely established that the number of a man is 9.
Now coming back to the figure 666, numerology calculations 6+6+6= 18 which in turn is 1+8= 9. So in effect the number of the Beast is 9 based on the figure 666.

The Last 6 is in units. That means the Beast is One and Universal. The last 6 stands for Money. That is the Mark of the Beast.
The Mid 6 stands for the Type of Money, that is Currency. It could be Dollar, Pound, Cedi, Yen, Dinar, Kwacha, Rand, CFA, Euro, Real, Yuan, Peso, Kroon, Rupee, Shilling, Won, New, Rupiah, Koruna, Lats, Ringgit, Naira, Piso, Kina, Lira, Zloty, Leu, Riyal, Tolar, Ruble, Leu, Franc, Baht, Dirham, Bolivar, Balboa, Nuevo sol, Boliviano, Kroon, Forint, Krona or any other currency. This is the Name of the Beast.

The First 6 stands for the Value or Number on the Currency. It could be 5, 10, 20, 100, 1000, 2000 Dollar, Pound, Cedi, Yen, Dinar, Kwacha, Rand, CFA, Euro, Real, Yuan, Peso, Kroon, Rupee, Shilling, Won, New, Rupiah, Koruna, Lats, Ringgit, Naira, Piso, Kina, Lira, Zloty, Leu, Riyal, Tolar, Ruble, Leu, Franc, Baht, Dirham, Bolivar, Balboa, Nuevo sol, Boliviano, Kroon, Forint, Kronaor or any other number on the currency. This is the Number of its name.

So in effect the figure 666 is not fearful after all, but it has enormous power in the world (evil controlled world) that we live today. So that none could buy or sell if the fellow has not got the mark on his right hand or on his forehead. This also has gotten a hidden meaning. Any time you make a purchase the seller will look on your face (forehead) and ask you for payment which most often than not you use your right hand in handling over the Mark (Money) to the seller.

These 3 identical Sixes are inseparable as without one of the Six, the others don’t exist. They all have equal and similar strength. It is actually not Money if it does not have all these attributes, a Value or Number on it (Number), or does not have a Common name (Name of Currency).
This is what John the Revelator saw close to 2000 years ago concerning how man lived on earth prior to the arrival of the kingdom. In times past, man had used the swap or barter system to transact business. In other times it was the gold dust, cowries, salt, rare sea shells that were used to effect payment. Now the Beast is identified here as a Mark of Commerce.

It is regrettable to notice that many preachers are preaching this figure 666 and a condition they term as the Rapture falsely and thereby inviting confusion amongst many people and their own selves. These teachings of theirs had made a lot of people to carry the notion that a personality is coming to the world who will have the inscription 666 on his forehead and many other petrifying tales associated with it. Others have reached a very candid conclusion that the 666 is connected with the Papacy. This is a gross disingenuous doctrine. In the end we are asked to calculate the number of the Beast and not to lounge in wait for some human personality to identify as the Anti-Christ.

What was your answer when you calculated the number of the Beast? If you never calculated the number of the Beast but rather waiting anxiously to see the Beast with your eyes then the writer is very sorry, for as you read this you already have the beast in your pocket or resting in your Bank accounts somewhere away from you. Just be truthful to yourself, can you buy or sell if you don’t have money at hand? Those who received the Mark were those that believed so much in Money than believing the very breath they gasp in.

Those that never received the Mark were those who in spite of all pleasures that the Beast (Money) promised still had their trust and believe in The Holy One. The Father cannot be mocked for every action, thought, feeling and inclination you have towards everything is nude before Him. So which one did you love “Money or God”? Many people believed Money so much that they profess money makes the world go round. Yes that is the truth in the kingdom of the Evil One but in the real kingdom of God, Truth and not money makes the world evolve in peace.

Over the years the evil one had perverted man in such a way that he will induce man to kill his brother to have this commodity. The Beast or Money worship is the other of the day now (AD 2009). Most men think money makes the world go round. In the end which is now all shall see the true role of money in the Kingdom of God. Will the love for money survive in the kingdom of God? This basic truth of “love for money” litmus test is going to be verified worldwide.

There were many Beasts recorded in the book of Revelation than in any other book in the Bible. Most of these beasts are summed up to be systems of human governance including Monarchies, Communism, Capitalism, Socialism, Democracy and other systems. The book of Revelation took a vivid account of all human systems from the time of the vision to the time the Kingdom of God is finally established on earth. In the end Theocracy prevailed to rule the world. This is the little rock that came to hit the statue in Daniel 2:44.

Some of the encrypted messages in Revelation include The 24 elders which stand for Time. During creation the Father first made Time. It is the Elder of all creations. He first created Time before all others. So Time is always compared with all other creations, that is why it is in the comparative, Elder.
The 4 living creatures stand for the Physical Plane (Earth, Heavenly Bodies, Space and every thing in it). All these are living in the eyes of the Father. They all have their specific roles to play. They do worship as Human worship the Father. The Lion from the tribe of Judah is Isaiah 11.

The struggling Lamb at the center of the 4 living creature is Isaiah 11. The rider on the black horse with a pair of scales in his hands is Isaiah 11. The antichrist has always been a very controversial issue. Who is the antichrist? Every one will like to know. To give you an answer, Saul before he became Paul was an anti Christ. Simply put anyone against truth.

What you are reading is just what John the Revelator saw close to 2000 years ago when one of the Elders (Year 2007) asked him to stop crying for the Lion from the tribe of Judah (Isaiah 11) has prevailed to take the scroll and open its seven seals. In addition to what John enumerated as seeing from the seals are The Perfect Design of the New Jerusalem (Rev 21), The New Name for Zion (Isaiah 62:2), The Location of the Garden of Eden and vital information associated with it, The Law itself, The Day and Year of Restoration, Encrypted messages in the Prophets. These were some of the disclosures John the Revelator was debarred to write them down.

The figure 144,000 has also been of much concern to all who ever read the Book of Revelation. The figure 144,000 is the code name for the number of people who are ushered into the New World (New Jerusalem). In the nutshell these are all the people who had believed in Jesus as the son of God. This is the number of believers who are assimilated into the mainstream Family of God – The 12 tribes of Israel who eventually believed in Yeshua in the end. The absolute Truth is that in the end all people of the world came to understand Yeshua as the Son of God based on Isaiah 11’s final witness statement and testimony.

It should be noted that this 144,000 people who went to Heaven were virgins and spotless. It does not mean virgins (as related to sex) but virgins (as related to transformed mind set) entered the Kingdom of God. What it means epitomizes what happens when someone believes and accepts Jesus as the savior of Mankind. Whenever anyone accepts Jesus, the fellow is seen spotless and blameless before the Father. In the nutshell this is what the Father has been seeing for all these while after Jesus death.
Although believers in Christ Jesus err, the Holy One still see them as unblemished. This is because Jesus blood on the cross at Calvary has catered for all believers’ sins. Now this spotless and blameless identity of the believer is going to manifest physically in the physical plane. This manifestation brings the blissful condition called Heaven into the Open. Heaven therefore is In - Out and not Out – In as in the Evil World. This is made possible by the Divine Law (Isaiah 51:4) instituted by God to rule the Earth.

There are many people who strongly believe the 144,000 people as described went to Heaven are only them. This is a very great erroneous impression which has been left on the minds of such people. As already stated the 144,000 people is a code name for all the great numbers of people who entered the kingdom of God. Just like our Military Intelligence code names their secret operations like "Operation Desert Storm” and the like, so has the Father encrypted all messages and figures in the Book of Revelation.

Some notable spiritual codes in the book of Revelation summarized below.
666 Rev 13 Man made Money 6+6+6=18=1+8=9
1260 days Rev 11 Specified man days for an event 1+2+6+0=9
144,000 people Rev 7 Code No. of Men who entered The kingdom 1+4+4+0+0=9
144 cubits Rev 21 Measurement of man 1+4+4=9
369 Rev 21 New Jerusalem (City for Man) 3+6+9=18=1+8=9
531 Isaiah 62 Man’s Name given to Zion 5+3+1=9

Some meanings to metaphoric description of events and names in Revelation

Rev 20:13 The sea gave up its dead - : It does not mean people who died in the sea were washed ashore, but then people or minds that have been buried in untruth dogmas, doctrines and belief systems now coming out in that falsehood mindsets to have perfect understanding from real truth.

Rev 20:13 Death and Hades gave up the dead in them - : This is the time for the great Resurrection where everyone who ever died come back to Earth to taste truth and face judgment.

Rev 21 New Heaven and New Earth - : Heaven making an extension on planet Earth. Configuration in Heaven changes as Earth now becomes a Province of Heaven. Evil is overthrown on Earth and a new system of governance appears on planet earth.

Rev 21 There was no longer any sea –: It does not mean all seas on planet Earth vanishes. The sea here means lies and untruth which brings separation through misunderstanding. The city is made compact. This is seen in the new map of the world as in the perfect design of the New Jerusalem at the front cover of the book – READING THE MIND OF THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL.

Rev 21 The New Jerusalem - : Means the New World ruled by God Himself. Here there is no death for the old order of things has passed away.

Rev 21 The Holy City, The New Jerusalem coming out of Heaven from God - : It does not mean Heaven is coming in the literal sense of the word from the sky but then the legal instrument that brings Heavenly conditions on Planet Earth is coming from God Himself.

Rev 14 Then I looked and there before me was the Lamb, standing on Mount Zion and with him 144,000 who had his name and his Father’s name written on their foreheads - : This is the Jewish Prophet in Isaiah 11 (the Lamb) standing on the African continent (Mount Zion) with him were all true believers and faithfuls (144,000) who had his name (Truth and Understanding) and his Father’s name (The Holy One Of Israel) written in them (Foreheads).

The Lake of fire is an eternal place of torment for the Evil one when his armory is depleted. All pleasures he gave to all Men when he was in reign gets into the fire as well - The Second death
The Second death is the disappearance of all ill-effects emanating from Evil rule. That is the disappearance of corrupt practices, disappearance of Human death, death of ignorance of The Holy One of Israel, disappearance of injustices, disappearance of sexual immorality and all other immoral stuffs.

The Book of Life is a complete inventory or database of all names of people and all things created before Evil entered the Human system.

The 1000 years is a Day governed by God’s Divine Law. It is for eternity. This is Time after forever.
The Great Tribulation (Jacob’s Trouble) is the birth pangs of the Kingdom of God. It could be likened to a woman in labour. This is the greatest moment for the Evil One as his time was elapsing. The tribulation is what all men are going through now (AD 2009) before the servant of the Lord calls the Evil one into a single combat.

The Lamb at the centre of the throne -: Does not mean one will physically see a lamb but then the messenger of God delivering his message with all meekness at the Centre of the Earth.
The Lion from the tribe of Judah - : This is the root of Jesse in Isaiah 11 delivering his message which is going to dissipate and devour the Evil One. A Lion devouring his prey. This time the prey of this Lion is the Evil One himself, the greatest deceiver of all humanity.

Wife of the Lamb - : The New World or New Jerusalem.

The 12 gates of the New Jerusalem - : This is God’s re-affirmation of love and remembrance by having the 12 gates named after the 12 tribes of Israel. Believers in Yeshua Hamashiach are grafted into this family.

The Lamb is a lamp - : It means the lamb shows all men the truth and real light.
The City does not need the sun or the moon to shine - : Meaning no one teaches his brother know the Lord as in Jeremiah 31:31-34

Rev 22 The River of Water of Life as clear as crystal flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb down the middle of the great street of the city - : This is the chart flow of energy from God in a straight line (Truth) descending to the exact middle of the Earth where Adam was dug from.

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inanna17: Source information for biblical numerology

Hi just wondered if u could send me links to the sources for biblical numbers.
my husband is ready to have me committed but I know inherently this numbers thing is very true. it seems as if I've popped up into a 'knowing' about this I've never experienced before. I have been shown though that I need not be so LOUD about sharing. Gotta get some knowledge under my belt before I can truly share honestly and with respect


kwamerica: Source Information

Please you can google "biblical numbers" and you are there. Thanks

InTheReelWorld: Good work brother

Your deciphering was great. I see you and I still travel the same paths. I have been decoding 666 as it originated with the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. When our decisions were no longer based on Right and Wrong (as before the sin we always chose Right - God), we now invoke our Free-Will and decide to choose pleasures of the world, which today is money.

The Last 6 = The Mark - The Beast as it will always be.
The Mid 6 = The Name, Type - The Tree, The Fruit.
The First 6 = The Number, Value = The Knowledge of God.

I write what I have later.

Be Bless and Continue to Bless Brother

InTheReelWorld: @inanna17

Hi inanna17

Where most of us go wrong is that we talk too much. It's a sin of Pride we cannot help, we are all inflicted with this disease. I research and study constantly and have so much knowledge inside that I can't wait to tell the world. But alas I must stay humble not let my pride overcome me. I only speak only when spoken to, however even then if I feel that it will only start a debate I let them speak and hold my peace!

And Yes, Numbers are everything, they are the natural form of communication. While we literally have Billion ^ Billion + form of communications since the beginning of time, what we call mathematics is the only absolute. But beware not all we call math is absolute. Remember we have various numeral systems.

inanna17: Ego instead of Sin?

Learning to die to your ego and preparing yourself for the next 'round' is much better idea for me. The concept of sin is a religious spiritual 'brand' the church uses to keep the audience in the pews and the absolution flowing from their wallets.

I don't choose to spend my precious time thinking I have sinned for a human emotion that is inherently one part of all the whole that I am.

I often have to apologize for my passionate ideas, but I am never mean or disrespectful.

But I do say what is on my mind - at the time of the event - and let the folks decide what their perspective of reality is.

And I appreciate your perspective also!

"Well behaved Women Rarely Make History!"

Annunaki77: Iceberge ahead

Stock up on Canned Goods , Buy Silver and Protect your families.

Another Educational Clip on Petro Dollar

Even an American Judge knows the Game Plan


FRODO: must watch!!!!

This is brilliant infomation, I urge all to watch it.

THANK YOU Annunaki77

Annunaki77: I blame the Media for lying , the Politicians for treachery

I ultimately blame the Media for lying to the people of America, I also blame the Politicians for having no Backbone and not defending the Constitution, the Military for just taking orders without Questioning those orders and the Rich American Citizens who have lived a life of Decadence without caring about the Declaration of Independance.
Bottomline nobody cared, 400,000,000 people will now suffer for these National Treachery.
You have about 3 months before the Dollar Collapses and Marshal Law is declared , when this happens many American will be torchered in Fema Camps by Foreign Soldiers who aren't even American!, My God this Crap could have been avoided, I hope the Patriots are listening.
OUR IGNORANCE , DECADENCE ( TOO MUCH ENTERTAINMENT ), GREED, SELFISHNESS AND COWARDICE caused the demise of the Greatest Country that ever existed.
Many Families will be taken from their homes and thrown into Camps like World War 2.
Am I an Alarmist?, you bet I am and thanks to the Internet you better get off your butts and start making plans to protect your families ASAP!.

May God bless the Patriots!

Quinton: I completely agree. I

I completely agree. I ultimately blame the American people for failing to uphold the American experiment. We chose to support a lying media. We chose to vote in corrupt and immoral politicians. We chose to send our children to a Roman military. We chose to champion others taking care of ourselves. We chose entertainment over education, ignorance over enlightenment, pride over humility, avarice over selflessness and we chose to kill the very country our forefathers struggled so hard for. Now it's time for us to face our punishment.

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.

Annunaki77: Go to WWW.Grudgereport.COM

This is a great Place to get your News, people, forget about the Entertainment Value, look for real News. Grudge News is Awsome Folks.;_ylu=X3oDMTBybnZlZnRl...


You don't need me to tell you things are not good, go to Reuters & Grudge to see I am not Insane.;_ylu=X3oDMTBybnZlZnRl...

Kingkonger: Silver

What will the silver b used for? Currency?

Annunaki77: The Currency of the Elites will be Gold and Silver

Yes Silver is more affordable, it has monetary value.

inanna17: Deciphering Revelation

It is foolish to think that the language and perception of a story from 2000 years ago can be interpreted into todays language. Besides, how many versions of the bible are there? All denominations of "Christianity" have their own doctrines. Aramaic, the language of "Jesus" does not bode well when English is applied to decode it. One more thought - why did th council of Nicea decide to remove certain books from the bible? And who gave them permission?

kwamerica: Time for deciphering

@inanna17 sorry for there is no physical difference between today and 2000 years ago. Same in space but difference in Time.

This is the time for it to be deciphered.

Pauline: The 666

The 666 is the number of one of the titles of the Pope, VICARIUS FILII DEI which adds of to 666. The Bible states it is the number of a MAN.
Go to and

It is quite an amazing story and proves that God is instrumental in human affairs.

Cheers Pauline

highplainssister: 666 again

666 has appeared again on one of my auction sites, It must be angry troll Rick Perry, got a real good chuckle when AJ said rumors abound he is a believed homosexual, a bilderberger member, a gobalist and a little girl child killer, said he has got blood on his hands. I will not vote for Rick Perry.

KimkasJK: Useful information

You actually make it seem really easy along with your presentation but I to find this matter to be really something that I believe I might by no means understand. It sort of feels too complex and extremely wide for me. I am taking a look ahead in your subsequent publish, I will attempt to get the dangle of it!

Christian489: Interesting results.

At first glance of the opening of this, I had thought it would be blasphemy like some of the more scientific or other higher vocabularized looks at God. However, I am pleased to say that this page has become important to me in the most recent moments. It opens a new angle to look at which I can concieve as being plausible. Please note when I say this that I have asked God many times to send prophets to me. He has, on each occasion, blown me away with the results. Some of them lead me to believe that the writer of this article is very enlightened about these things. Also, as sad as I am to say it, I have also died in the past. Robotussin isn't as safe as one would presume. The point of it being, when I was face to impenetrable Holy glow with our Father, he told me to remember Isaiah 51. Most of the rest I have been forbidden from remembering because my memory has been blessed by Him, which he will not remove as it was a gift from Him, and I have a tendency to become overly excited about our Father and cannot easily contain myself sometimes. In short, thank you. I shall be visiting often for more insights.

TillToTheWhen: Have you ever been to Hell

Have you ever been to Hell before? It fucking sucks. But it's not a punishment. It's a cleansing process, that each and every one of our souls must go through...before we can access the true heaven.

Maybe it's all just spiritual chemistry


TillToTheWhen: The way I would describe hell

The way I would describe hell, would be the most unimaginable, mental anguish and suffering, one could ever dream of going through.

Even your absolute worst nightmare cannot compare to it. It's very real...and it will happen to all of us.

At least all of us, who have souls and who have a purpose. Those who don't, don't need to worry about anything, and they can go about their zombie lives the way they are now....because if you do not have a soul, when you die, it's over. That's it. There is no after life. You just cease to exist.

The soul is the reason people outlive their bodies. (Duh)

sorry I have to speak that way since we do have kindergardeners in our audience

pasqualie: just ignore him he on drugs again

when he is on drugs he has trips, like one where he feels love while high and he is in touch with god, and this example where he is in hell.

its just a narcotics induced hallucination he has.

TillToTheWhen: lol words spoken from

lol words spoken from ignorance.

Nothing greater

TillToTheWhen: Are you here with me, Mr

Are you here with me, Mr judge?

I'm on 2 beers, that's it.

And yeah alcohol is a drug, but still I find it funny that you keep judging people for what they do, in an attempt to cover and make yourself look perfect. What is the word they use "Grandioise" or something like that.

YOu think you have no problems, so you go and find anything you can about other people to put them down. You're a wonderful person! I'm sure it makes you feel great.

The truth hurts man, if you aren't ready to face the truth, I suggest you don't.

pasqualie: Just like you never ordered meth in the mail

Then you said oh its a methamphetamine derivative, well i threw it out and ordered another 1 gram through the mail lol

kind of like you said all those ripoff reports were lies, then it was just 1 person doing it all over 7 years, then you blamed it on me, then you changed your story to you cant please everyone lol

pasqualie: just like you said

you stopped drinking cuz it made you acidic.

now you drinking again lol.

and you are not doing drugs lol. just like you didnt order meth in the mail.

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