Billy Meier Interview About The Pleiadians

When I, Billy Meier, am supposed to give an answer and explanation regarding the Pleiadians, their life, philosophy, life style, and mission, it is impossible NOT to mention Creation, its laws and commandments, as well as the ancestors of the Pleiadians, the old Lyrians and Vegans.

by Truth Control on February 7th, 2008

Source: FIGU

November 20, 1988

In addition, I also would like to mention earth humans of olden days and modern times who had been influenced by the Pleiadians, which would include myself (specifically, my spirit form). I am inseparably united and tied in with ancient and contemporary earth human beings, Lyrians, Vegans, Pleiadians, and the spirit level Arahat Athersata, as an energy, middleman, and messenger.

I cannot give the answers and explanations in a brief, banal, superficial, meaningless, ludicrous, wooden, and colorless way as would be the case with allegedly blessed, enlightened people; channelers; apostles; god/Jesus/angel messengers; predestined few; clairvoyants; as well as seers and revelators by their own grace. 99.97% of the messages of these would-be contact persons are fraudulent, full of lies and deceit, schizophrenic or similar. Only 203 of 1 million of the relevant remarks are the truth, despite the fact that these people maintain having had contact with extraterrestrial life forms or higher spirit forms, with others in the "beyond," indeed, with saints, Jesus Christ or other spirit forms. They disseminate all these meaningless, false, banal, and misleading so-called messages, prophecies, threats, and unbelievable stories to their sheepish and misled faithful.

The mission of the Pleiadians, Lyrians, and Vegans (with me as the messenger and herald) in relationship to the earth beings and the all-encompassing Creation with it's laws and commandments, entails a horrendous knowledge of spiritual and material form. It simply cannot be pulled out of its basic context and told in a trivial manner, and especially without explanation. This knowledge of the entire mission and history involving the Pleiadians, Lyrians, and Vegans, Earth beings and my spirit form, as well as Creation, etc., is so solid and extensive, that each individual question can often only be answered in connection with other questions. If these are not answered thoroughly, invariably there will occur misunderstandings, false impressions, errors, and chaos which would be detrimental, contradictory, destructive, and misleading to the truth.

1st Question: Ozone holes, climatic catastrophes, earthquakes, hurricanes, AIDS, the nuclear threat. the situation on earth appears to be threatening. What do the Pleiadians say to all this?

5th Question: According to the extraterrestrials, how can we still save the earth here and now?

Answer: Earthquakes: Not all earthquakes should be blamed on mankind and its technical progress; many are of purely natural origin and are connected to the natural developmental cycles of earth, even though man must be blamed for causing some terrible earthquakes through the construction of reservoirs, ruthless extraction of oil and gas from the ground, as well as the construction of gigantic cities.

Hurricanes: Tornados and hurricanes are closely connected to climatic changes often associated with mismanagement by man against nature, e.g., the cutting down of entire forests, the construction of dams and reservoirs, the destruction of fertile soil with harmful chemicals and poisons, the overfertilization and clearing of land, nuclear testing, the activities of nuclear power plants and their consequences, the burning of fossil fuels, and the utilization of modern chemicals and poisons.

Ozone holes: The destruction of the ozone layer is caused by the same human carelessness and bungling, mainly through the usage of bromine gas substances, fluorhydrocarbon, nitric oxide, nuclear radiation, and released fumes, such as those from the combustion engines (more information can be found in the Semjase contact notes from 1975, which already contain a warning by the Pleiadians regarding the destruction of the ozone layer). The growing destruction of the ozone layer, and the resulting dangers can only be eliminated through a rapid global agreement which would prohibit the production and use of all harmful substances currently released into the atmosphere.

AIDS: The origin of the AIDS epidemic has been traced to Uganda in Africa, from where the disease spread to Haiti. From there it was transmitted to the entire world by degenerate homosexuals practicing sodomy with long-tailed monkeys, which naturally carry the AIDS virus without any harm to them. The inception and transmission occurred through acts of sodomy and later also through homosexual activities of sodomy. The Pleiadians have explained that a cure for the disease may only be found by medical researchers on earth when it is almost too late, as the epidemic will have spread worldwide by then. They themselves have no medication for this exclusively earthbound disease.

Nuclear Threat: The nuclear threat is a mad tool of war of the Earth humans and in every way against Creation and nature. Moreover, it is the product of schizophrenic, sick fools and psychopaths, without a trace of responsibility, addicted to toying with war. The military, as well as the peaceful use of nuclear energy, harbor infinite dangers which the earth humans have yet to control, and will not control completely for a long time to come. Furthermore, radioactive radiation is released during nuclear disintegration that is completely unknown to nuclear physicists on earth at this time.

The situation on earth: The situation on earth is threatening in many different aspects: overpopulation, military systems and weapons industries, pollution of the entire world through poisons of all types, radioactivity, crime, power politics, drugs, false religions, global mismanagement in every resort, financial exploitation, misuse of chemicals and poisons, terrorism, racial hatred, slave-trade, prostitution, anarchism, mad exorcisms of the dead, spirits or other demons, war activities and revolutions, etc., etc. What can be done? First and foremost, the human population on earth must be reduced, through a humane form of a worldwide suspension of births, with an immediate follow-up of permanent birth control. If these two measures are not enforced to keep the number of humans on Earth in bearable limits (529 million should be the normal number of inhabitants on Earth), the problems will increase infinitely, grow in equal ratio, and become unsolvable as the human population increases steadily. By the same token, the elimination of various ravages, according to their cause and effect, is an irrevocable necessity and most urgent requirement.

The Pleiadians themselves suggested that the following important measures be taken to end the destruction on earth:

As mentioned, for several years there must be an absolute birth suspension followed by permanent birth control Immediate end of ALL exploitation of the Earth, including the exploitation of the forests and the devastation of entire landscapes, etc., until a bearable, acceptable level for Earth has been reached. Stop of all nuclear testing. Stop of production of all illegal drugs and other drugs which are made for abuse, as well as chemicals and poisons that damage nature and life forms through their misuse. Destruction of all nuclear power stations. Stop of mismanagement of any type. Abolition of false politics and religions in the current forms, which are adverse to nature and Creation Formation of a global government in a unified democratic format. Dissolution of all military blocks leaning toward war, and all political and military secret services Dissolution and prevention of all war activities and revolutions, etc. An end to all torture and capital punishment and all other abuses and ravages which burden and harm the Earth and life on it. Formation of a worldwide team of security and safety agents to protect and join the nations; the team would consist of members from all existing peoples and races on Earth. Global dissemination of Creation's laws and commandments and the learning and adhering to the ensuing lifestyle. These things would create a lifestyle according to the rules of Creation and, therefore, a more humane and dignified life. Worldwide support and execution of plans to make amends for all the damages caused already to the land, forests, meadows, water, atmosphere, plants, humans, animals, and microorganisms is mandatory.

2nd Question: Why are the Pleiadians interested in the fate of the earth?

Answer: The Pleiadians are interested in the fate of Earth because they feel responsible for their Lyrian and Vegan ancestors' previous actions, false teachings and religions, misguidance and other wrongdoings against the inhabitants who had previously been born on Earth. Even in those early days, Earth humans joyfully absorbed and perfected the false teachings of the extraterrestrials, viscously and willingly, until they prevailed all over the world, as they are now. Therefore, the blame cannot be laid squarely on the extraterrestrials, but must clearly be placed with the willingness of Earth humans to adopt those negative habits. Nonetheless, the Pleiadians feel responsible for the wrongdoings of their ancestors, as well as for the ensuing degeneration caused by them while they were amongst humans on Earth. The Earth human opened up the floodgates to all types of insanities through his callous willingness and arbitrariness; even now he wallows in terrestrial delights and thrills.

3rd Question: You had your first contact with extraterrestrials at the age of 5 years; afterwards you lived for a long time in India, as well as other places; it appears you had been prepared for your task. Why were you apparently chosen for it?

Answer: In 1942 I began my first contacts with extraterrestrials at the age of 5, with Sfath, the grandfather of Semjase, the Pleiadian female. To start with I learned a lot through my association with him regarding the spiritual teachings and existence and function of Creation's laws and commandments, as well as the use of mental (spirit) telepathy, so that the communication between Sfath and myself could be accomplished in this manner. Beginning in 1944, during numerous visits on his beamship, Sfath explained to me many things and informed me about important data concerning many fields of knowledge, humanities, history, Creation and evolution, incidents and facts, etc., which I had to learn and retain in my memory. This was usually accomplished through electronically induced, deep hypnosis. He explained to me at a later date that due to our mutual efforts my understanding had grown to that of a 35-year old person, even though in reality I was only 7 years old, and that this knowledge would still increase manifold in the coming years. I was told that I would have the highest degree of spiritual evolution of any human being on Earth regarding spiritual knowledge, understanding, and ability. (It must be understood that this did not refer to any knowledge gleaned from books and school training, and not to knowledge patterned on something learned in schools. Instead, it refers to the knowledge of humanities, the existence, workings and utilization of the Creative laws and commandments, as well as the teachings of Creation and our origins all the way up to instructions on evolution and the eternal absolutum.) In later years I was once again pointedly prepared in various ways by different people of terrestrial and extraterrestrial origin in many countries on Earth. They instructed me in the most diverse fields of knowledge of a spiritual and physical nature, so I would be able to fulfill my task in the Mission, and continue my contacts with the Pleiadians.

Thus, the necessary requirements and propensities for a meaningful collaboration between the extraterrestrials and me were established and renewed in accordance with my previous lives, as had been the case already for the mission since ancient times. Furthermore, the spiritually and physically very advanced Pleiadians are able to maintain personal, i.e., physical contact only with those Earth humans who have reached the high spiritual level of evolution necessary for the physical and telepathic contacts and for meaningful dialogues. I am the only human being on Earth who is able to maintain physical and telepathic contact with Pleiadians and other life forms of the same evolutionary level. Nobody on Earth is able to do this, not even those people whose spirit forms did not originate on Earth.

This is the reason why the Pleiadians began to contact me in my early childhood to lay the groundwork for my forthcoming contacts with them. My spirit form had already been active for millions of years in the Lyra-Vega systems, and had come to Earth, voluntarily, in human bodies as teacher, herald, and prophet. It had also returned into the material sphere from a highly spiritual level (Arahat Athersata level), and had already performed prophetic functions since UR-times on LASAN and other planets of the Lyra and Vega systems. In addition, my spirit form, under the earlier name of NOKODEMJON, assumed the responsibility of fulfilling a required prophetic mission and function. This duty involved, as its mission goal, the teaching, the offering of the truth of the Creative information, the Creative laws, commandments, and spiritual teachings, etc., to human life forms. At first, all this information was brought exclusively to the humans of the Lyra and Vega systems, and only later to the humans on the planet Earth, and to all the other existing spirit forms. These other spiritual forms included the many millions of extraterrestrial spirit forms who moved to Earth, voluntarily or involuntarily, from the Lyra and Vega systems, and the destroyed planet Malona in the SOL system.

4th Question: What do you think of the legend that 3 million years ago 144,000 Pleiadian souls reincarnated on Earth to aid the development of this planet?

Answer: This legend has no truth in it whatsoever. The first extraterrestrials who came to Earth were not Pleiadians but humans from worlds that exist within another dimension in the area of the Lyra and Vega systems. The first Lyrians, together with the Vegans, came to Earth initially 22 million years ago. Their stay here was very brief and they continued their travels to other star clusters and planets. Their history is largely obscure, even though assault groups occasionally continued to return to Earth.

Approximately 389,000 years ago, several million Lyrians and Vegans again left their native worlds, entered our order of space and time in this dimension, and came to Earth where they mingled with the Earthlings. They procreated in the normal manner and through the manipulation of genes by genetic engineers. From this interaction evolved the Lyrian and Earth human mixture of beings by normal reproduction. The results of the genetic engineering produced beings that were part human, part animal, and included giants, titans, and other creatures. In the course of hundreds and thousands of years these creatures were displaced once again, and eventually died out because they could not reproduce or because conditions for their life forms proved fatal for them.

The many millions of Lyrians and Vegans, who had left their native worlds, were headed by 144,207 leaders and sub-leaders, etc., who reigned over their followers in a rather hierarchic manner. The leaders also transferred this behavior to Earth humans with whom they had intermingled in the past to create human descendants of various types. These 144,207 leaders and their subordinates were, indeed, the ringleaders who were essentially responsible for the misdeeds, false teachings, and false religions which were absorbed and imitated by humans on Earth. Not everything the leaders brought to Earth was evil, false, or criminal, however; many valuable items and ideas were presented to the Earthlings with regard to crafts, professions, philosophies, ways of thinking, medicine, technology, and many other things.

This demonstrates that the 144,207 spirit forms of these ancient Lyrians and Vegans were not reincarnated on Earth by way of another planet - to further the evolution of Earth - and are not Pleiadians, but simply Lyrian and Vegan spirit forms. It was much later that the splinter, space-traveler , groups' descendants of Lyra and Vega called themselves Pleiadians. These splinter groups stayed away from Earth, while the other travelers from Lyra and Vega settled on Earth, only after suitable, habitable worlds in the Pleiades region had been discovered and settled. These worlds, however, just like the Lyra and Vega planets, are situated outside our space and time system in another dimension, a mere fraction of a second off our space/time dimension. The star cluster system of the Pleiades in our present time and space dimension supports no life whatsoever because it is still at a very early stage in its evolution.

For this reason, it is understandable that the immigrants from Lyra and Vega, as well as the 144,207 leaders remained on Earth. In due course everyone died, only to be later reincarnated into human bodies on Earth, however, without any memory of their former lives. This is true for all human life forms whereby the Creative laws and commandments prevent chaos and confusion from entering the human way of thinking and feeling. Nonetheless, all these many fallibles who had come to Earth, were unified by an Jshwjsh, and were taught all required Creative laws, commandments, and other guidelines, etc. This union led the fallibles, in particular the 144,207 ringleaders, to declare their willingness to make amends (in later incarnations) for previously induced damages. Simultaneously, they drew up a codex for themselves and all followers, which provided for severest punishment of those who did not strive to make amends for their past mistakes, or who would not pursue the resulting mission. This codex was to be valid for all future times until the day the reparations were completed.

Hence, the codex, with its purpose of fulfilling the mission of reparations is in effect to this day and will continue into the future. The ringleaders and their countless followers are all part of this agreement. In this new age, the supporters of the codex are regrouping once again, headed and led by the impulses of the reactivated codex, through the teachings of the Creative law and commandments, and with the help of the Pleiadians, who also feel responsible for the fulfillment of this mission. I, Eduard Albert Meier, called Billy, function as the mediator between the Pleiadians, the supporters of the codex, and the majority of Earthlings. I am doing this after having voluntarily placed myself at the disposal of this mission and task in ancient times, having a higher-developed spirit form, and having received the appropriate education. I must mention also, that from the facts and stories regarding the 144,207 ringleaders there evolved the false Christian-religious and sectarian legend concerning the alleged 144,000 chosen ones. This was accomplished by irresponsible sectarians who wanted to bind the faithful and other misguided followers to false religions, cults, and sects, in order to exploit them, in every way possible, to the last drop of blood.

6th Question: The Pleiadians distinguish between religion and spirituality. What do they mean by spirituality, what do they believe, what spiritual direction do they use, and what are their customs?

Answer: The life of the Pleiadians, their thinking, feeling, emotions, and actions, etc., are exclusively directed to the knowledge of the existence of Creation, its truth in all matters, to the obedience of the true Creative laws, commandments, and related guidelines. The Pleiadians efforts are steadily following the smooth tracks of knowledge, love, truth, and wisdom, instead of the questionable, macabre, and enslaving religious beliefs which rob people of their spiritual freedom, and reek of evil and falsehood.

Religion, in the current Earth-human sense of comprehension, is foreign to the Pleiadians. A creator-god, or whatever the various terrestrial cult religions call him, is a horror to the Pleiadians, and they consider the concept unrealistic. They can not understand why the Earth humans have not succeeded, despite all the efforts in that direction, in severing the cult-religious chains and finally taking upon themselves, through their own initiative and responsibility, the fate of their species; or in commencing with the long overdue commitment and fulfillment of the laws and commandments of Creation and the evolution.

The path of life aims straight as an arrow through the hard-earned values of vast knowledge within the Creative guidelines, spiritual and technical matters, and wisdom and ability. The Pleiadians gained their knowledge through hard work and obedience to the truth of Creation, the power of the spirit, and the Creative laws and commandments which teach pure love of all things. With the help of the strengths and wise counsel from their Jshwjsh (JHWH), they have been able to sustain 50,000 years of ultimate peace amongst their peoples. The Pleiadians have been enjoying a wholesome spiritual life, and emphatically reject terrestrial religions due to their connotation of cult involvement, being illogical, against the laws of Creation, fake, and an enslavement of the consciousness. Their philosophy is based on the universal truth of Creation and life in the knowledge of Creation, and it is directed solely toward truth of existence and of being, as well as to the Creative laws and commandments, which in know way can be equated with a god. As the ultimate power, Creation embodies the universal consciousness and the spirit of the spirit, all truth, wisdom, and love, all logic, the laws and commandments and energies of life, of being, and of eternity. Creation, as universal self-awareness, is the source of life of all creations within its domain, which is to say, within its universe. This universe, furthermore, is one of 10 to the 49th power other individual universes, which exist in infinite number, infinite space, and infinite time, as part of the highest form of Creation - the Absolute Absolutum.

Religion as the Earth human knows and pursues it, in the form of the adoration of a god, adoration of saints, and as faith in a god, is a horror to the Pleiadians. They consider this form of religion a blind faith based on cult activities, false teachings, lies, and other falsehoods. It is faith that can never be proven as true, and one which contradicts all the truthful and logical foundations of the Creative laws and commandments, and also defies intelligence. Religion embodies a deprivation of the spiritual freedom of the human being. Religion is also a brutal, criminal and exploitative enslavement of the human consciousness, reaching from total dependence, serfdom, and a lack of willpower al the way to uncontrolled fanaticism, mental illness, demonic obsession and utter idiocy.

The spiritual life of a human being means, in simple terms, life in the spiritual recognition of, and obedience to, Creation, its laws and commandments. This alone is the guideline that the Pleiadians adhere to regarding a philosophy of life and a lifestyle tuned in to Creation. This must be the final goal for humans on Earth as well. Creation means the same as love, life, spirit, truth, wisdom, logic, and intelligence, built upon the Creative laws and commandments, which are valid and absolutely unchangeable for all time and eternity.

Only a life form which recognizes, lives, and obeys the true knowledge of Creation, the spirit which results from it, and related laws and commandments of Creation, can live the true way and in accordance with Creation itself. This means that the life form is living with true knowledge of the truth and with the truth of Creation and spirit, in fulfillment of the Creative, natural laws and commandments which are valid universally, without any weird and false faith in illogical and anti-intelligent forms of belief.

7th Question: With your name, Mr. Meier, one associates, particularly in the USA, the debate concerning your fantastic photos and films. However, only a few people are inquiring into your message. What has gone wrong?

Answer: The fact that something has gone awry with the dissemination of the Pleiadian messages is only part of the whole problem. At the same time, the actual mission for the dissemination of the truth concerning the Pleiadians, Lyrians, Vegans, humans on Earth and, especially, the spiritual teachings has been pushed far aside. This information became known only on an almost clandestine level. The teachings of Creation, the existence of Creation, the Creative laws, commandments, and guidelines became sidetracked as well, along with the messages and transmissions from higher levels of spiritual consciousness. The actual cause of the suppression of the truth regarding the Pleiadian mission can be placed primarily with the sensationalistic journalists from all branches of the media who, as a rule, did not dare to print the true meaning of the mission because they were themselves afraid of being attacked. Therefore, from the beginning of the mission the journalists have been intent only on creating one-sided UFO sensationalism, without drawing any attention to the actual importance of the mission. With UFO and ET information alone they could sell exciting stories of all types, either positive or negative for that matter. Until now this has not changed, since most branches of the media are still geared to sensationalism instead of reporting information and disseminating the facts of the mission. Of highest priority for the human life form in this mission is the truth of a universal-Creative philosophy, the existence of Creation, its laws and commandments, and the requirement that all forms of life, including humans, be solely responsible for their each and every thought and action. Only through a proper lifestyle can one live and exist to one's fullest potential; when one acknowledges the existence of a universal, all-encompassing Creation as the universal consciousness; through obedience to, and the use of, Creation's laws and commandments.

The second explanation for the lack of a large-scale dissemination of the truth, the mission, and the messages can be found in the fact that an American, Lee Elders, had been given a commission to translate the texts of the messages and mission, etc., into English. They were supposed to be published at his publishing house, Genesis III, founded expressly for this purpose. However, Lee Elders failed thoroughly. Just like the journalists of the media, he only dwelled on the facts pertaining to the extraterrestrials and to my ascertainably unique films, slides, metal samples, and photo material, etc. It is indeed true, that he had scientific analyses made on my entire material, the films, slides, and photos which I had been permitted to take, and the metal samples which I had been given by the Pleiadians. Testing proved that all my material was absolutely genuine, was no fraud, and must be considered unique worldwide. The test reports, in turn, created "headaches" - especially for the sectarians and quasi-UFO researchers of all types in Germany, Switzerland, and in America, where the information had no place in their false, anti-truth concept. Lee Elders published two large-format, color, pictorial books with many of my beamship photos and corresponding texts, and disseminated them all over the world. However, he presented information in the books purely from the UFO angle, without mentioning the actual mission, spiritual aims, related texts, books, and messages. Hence, the importance of the mission remained completely neglected because the UFO ballyhoo alone created enough of a stir to make a profit.

8th Question: You have many enemies, also particularly in UFO circles. What do they have against you?

Answer: The circles of today's so-called ufologists and contact persons consist mostly of people who do not wish to concern themselves with Ufology and truth on a responsible level. Instead, many pursue a bogus study of Ufology, bragging and lying about phony contacts, because they want to feed and satisfy their lust for sensationalism, their sectarianism, petty jealousies, know-it-all attitudes and pompousness, their inferiority complexes, and often enough their ego trips. In addition to these others are the alleged "blessed ones"; the god/saint/Jesus delegates; apostles; god and angel messengers; "chosen few"; channelers, and others with supposed extrasensory talents; enlightened ones; seers, revelators, and healers by their own grace, etc. These people are part of the world's population who manage to charm, exploit, and lie to the gullible and easily-swayed individuals all over the Earth. Truthfully, 99.979% of all of the allegations by these charlatans are based on deliberate fraud, lies, and deceit, including those purportedly contacted by UFOs, ETs, by those on the "other" side, and from other dimensions. These fabrications may also originate from chronic or sporadic schizophrenia or similar mental illnesses. Indeed, of 1 million claims concerning contacts, enlightenment, being the chosen ones, transmission of messages, and so forth, only 203 are communications of truth and reality, while 999,797 of 1 million claims are deceptions and lies of some sort or another. My enemies are jealous of my contacts with the Pleiadians and feel they would have been a far superior contact person in comparison to me. However, generally they are not only poorly informed about me and my contacts, but also they really do not have a clue as to the related mission and the existence and functioning of spiritual levels, energies, laws and commandments, as well as to their truth and mode of action. Not to mention that they do not have the vaguest idea regarding the existence of Creation, its laws and commandments, or the correlation between Creation, the spirit, and the various levels and life forms. These enemies do not consider that my contacts have not only entailed fame (for which they are lusting with all their egos) but also serious problems, e.g., altogether 11 (as of 1998, there have been 13) assassination attempts, which have been led against me. Furthermore, these people do not consider that they would be treated with the same hostility they are now showing me.

Most of all, they neglect to even contemplate that I have not only been connected with the mission and its fulfillment for many decades, but for numerous earlier lives; that I have been previously instructed in the elements of strict discipline; that I have had to educate myself in years of toil, with outside help; and that I have had to be able to take over this mission at the designated time, to carry it forward, and to fulfill it. My enemies see only that they cannot play a role in this mission no matter how hard they try. This stirs their envy and hatred on one hand, their frustrations on the other, for they themselves cannot publicize their crazy and wild speculations and sectarian whims on a grand scale. It should be noted, however, that I have no enemies whatsoever in all those many groups of seriously interested people who, with honest and enthusiastic intent, deal with UFO matters and teachings.

Furthermore, they envy my UFO photographs of beamships (verified to be the best in the world), films, slides, metal and crystal samples, etc., and call them fakes. This is consistently the case with pseudo-scientists, dishonest critics, and all those who do not want to accept the truth, for sectarian, religious, political, pseudo-scientific, or other reasons.

A further cause for animosity toward me is the fact that I uncover frauds, liars, schizophrenics, psychopaths, and cheats when they discuss UFOs, contacts with extraterrestrials, contacts with those on the "other side" and in other dimensions. Animosity also occurs with channelers who are considered "blessed," and other superfreaks, etc. I distance myself from these people, and am not afraid to talk with frankness about my knowledge and experiences with them. Of course, all of the frauds, liars, and cheats now maintain that they are part of those 203 of 1 million who are telling the truth, but they do not realize that they are digging themselves even deeper into their lies.

9th Question: Many famous people came to see you, such as Shirley McLaine, Hermann van Veen, and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, among others. What did they want to know and what did you pass along to them?

Answer: The reasons why famous people visit me are different from one person to the next. Some people want to see me because they are hoping to reconfirm their personal philosophies, while others come with an honest, personal interest in the mission, the teachings, and contacts. Others visit me hoping they can tie in their sectarian and false assumptions with the truthful spiritual teachings, to gain more importance for themselves in front of others.

Shirley McLaine came to the center for a 5-day visit, from October 2-7, 1981. She had with her Solo, a dark skinned man, Lee Elders, and his wife. During this time she really plied me daily, for several hours, with questions concerning my mission, the Creative and spiritual teachings, universal philosophy, the spiritual and Creative laws and commandments, along with their mode of action and reaction, and so forth. She very neatly wrote down everything we discussed, including all my teachings, and recorded them on audiotape at the same time. She published her subsequent book, Out on a Limb apparently stimulated by my teachings and the long, weighty disclosures. However, she did not stick whatsoever to the information, truths, and teachings. Instead, she grossly changed and falsified the teachings and the truth until, ultimately, it had no resemblance to the Creative truth and spiritual teachings anymore. The teaching became pure fantasy, born from sources that are on a collision course with the truth. They are founded on complete ignorance of the truth because they stem from widely-spread sectarian false teachings. After having made many wild claims, it appears, Shirley McLaine had second thoughts and felt uneasy about them, but did not have the courage to tell the truth and to describe her experiences the way they really took place. With a great deal of imagination, she not only changed my name and the location of our conversations and teachings in her book to South America, but gave me a Spanish-sounding, false name. She blew the conversations and proffered teachings out of proportion until they became an untrue, unreal story. It seems she was driven by an urge for fame beyond death. She dreamed up alleged knowledge and information, teachings concerning the spirit lessons, rebirth, and former lives, which have no basis in the Creative-spiritual truth or any truth. I did not give her the slightest hint regarding any of her previous lives, personalities she might have been, or spirit form. Such claims are purely fictional. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, a well-known doctor from Switzerland now living in the United States, who visited me for one afternoon with her sister, has a similar attitude as Shirley McLaine. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross came with a preconceived sectarian conviction, like Shirley McLaine, regarding god, reincarnation, life after death, etc., and it appears that she was hoping I would corroborate her faith in the prevailing format. She apparently was trying to amalgamate her false, religion-oriented, untenable conclusions concerning previous lives, life after death, and a spirit guide who is directing her, with the spirit teachings to get a solid foundation for her ghost stories. This attempt failed thoroughly, because the truth is, and remains, the truth for all eternity. Truth cannot be adjusted to some crazy ideas, visions, intrigues or false teachings and cannot be intermingled with them.

The only prominent visitor amongst those who contacted me, who obtained all texts and information without later bartering them off or somehow falsifying them, is Hermann van Veen. In the songs he composes one finds an honest and sincere engagement and exposition of spiritual teachings, truth, the Creative laws and commandments, and life. He is one of the few famous people, of the many who contacted me, who cannot be accused of any negative, reprehensible actions regarding the misuse of the teachings, truth, etc.

The difference between a well-known personality and another so called normal person is, that it is much easier for the celebrity to present his/her false or correct opinion to the broad public, and that the public will believe him or her quicker, and to a greater extent, than would be the case with a "regular" mortal.

I can only give celebrities of this world the same message which I have offered to all others: it concerns the teachings of the existence of Creation, the spirit, and the Creative laws and commandments which lead towards true humanitarianism through truth, nature, spiritual teachings, peace, freedom, love, wisdom, and knowledge, via the meaning and purpose of life, guiding us towards the goal of all evolution which is the fulfillment of life, the perfection of all teachings, and oneness with the Creative spirit.

10th Question: There are now all types of reports concerning extraterrestrial activities and contacts, e.g., with the "Ashtar-Commando," UMMO, or the "Galactic Union." What do the Pleiadians have to say about that?

Answer: All reports and claims of alleged contacts by humans on Earth with extraterrestrials of the so-called "Galactic Union," a group called UMMO, or with the notorious ASHTAR-Commando, are lies, fraud, deceptions, and schizophrenic delusions, as is the case with any kind of channeling and further countless horror stories of alleged contacts. Of a million allegations on alleged contacts with extraterrestrials and beings from other dimensions, etc., only 203 are consistent with the truth - in other words, there is approximately 1 real contact per 5000 false claims.

There is a sure way to distinguish truthfulness in these reports: anything that is based on religious, not to mention sectarian messages, is a lie, deception, schizophrenia, or the fantasy of a sick mind. True love and the spiritual teachings know of no religion (in our cult-religious interpretation), but only of the all-encompassing, all-universal valid truths of Creation and the spirit.

Regarding Ashtar Sheran, I would like to say that his name on Earth is a pseudonym for the extraterrestrial rebel and criminal ARUSEAK who, in earlier times, was already operating on Earth with his unlawful, criminal activities. A long time ago, Lyrian, Vegan, and Pleiadian security forces stripped him of any technical and spiritual means of travel in other dimensions, irretrievably distant, and exiled him, so neither he nor his henchmen could get into contact with Earth, Earth humans, or any other life form in our space/time mode, in material or spiritual form. Today Aruseak alias Ashtar Sheran and his followers have tasks which are defined, guided, and monitored by Pleiadians, Lyrians, and Vegans. These tasks, however, do not involve any activities or contacts on Earth. (Aruseak alias Ashtar Sheran was killed in 1983, when he attacked Asket's people in the DAL Universe!) All contradictory claims are lies, fantasies, deception, schizophrenia, etc.

11th Question: If you had to paraphrase the Pleiadian message in a few words what would it be?

Answer: A turnaround toward a true lifestyle, in harmony with the Creative laws and commandments and guidelines, has to be effected by and for humans on Earth so they can turn their backs on the misguided, false lifestyles and false philosophies which had been given to them by the ancient Lyrians and Vegans. Humans must also halt their degeneration in all areas of evil, their deplorable state of affairs, false religions, and aberrations of all types, etc., which they so willingly, cheerfully, irresponsibly, and carelessly have embraced.

The answer to an unasked question What aptitudes and prerequisites must one possess for establishing contact with the Pleiadians, higher spirit forms, and for the fulfillment of the mission?

One's pursuit of the noble and difficult task of realizing the Mission consists of a solid base of contacts with the extraterrestrials, with beings of other superior spiritual levels, in comparison to ours and, as well, with even higher spiritual levels. At the same time one must serve as a harbinger, cognizing and disseminating the truth and, additionally, be prepared for the duties of accepting other extremely important tasks.

These tasks require that anyone carrying forth the Mission have a very high level of moral rectitude and maturity. Of prime importance is the prerequisite that one has absolute integrity and loyalty to the Mission, Creation, its laws and commandments, and to other human beings. In addition to these two outstanding characteristics one must possess the indispensable traits of trustworthiness, discretion, responsibility, the ability to focus on a particular goal and pursue it, and a sound, upright character. Very important, likewise, are one's faithfulness to Creation, its laws and commandments, and to its spiritual guidelines, duties, and realities. Equally important are the general tasks, pertaining to the evolution of mankind, that have been selected by Creation for the benefit of human beings. It is essential that one possess these traits, along with an unswerving commitment and a total, faithful, daily implementation of all the laws of Creation, its commandments, guidelines, duties, and rights. These tasks must serve as a model for all human beings and must be applicable to the human material-body life form in every imaginable situation. The willingness and determination for one's fulfillment of the required obligations are based upon one's reverence for Creation, the duties and tasks it has designated for human beings, and the universal love toward every Creation and, indeed, all their creations. The willingness and determination then form the indispensable base upon which further characteristics, qualifications, and requirements rest when one takes on the Mission as a prophet and herald. Other essential traits relating to one's fulfillment of the Mission and to the personal realization of the laws and commandments of Creation, include total fearlessness, integrity, steadfastness and patience, compassion and leniency, enormous tactfulness, empathy, extensive inner greatness, and modesty in all areas where one has an interest. Without having these personal and characteristic qualities, it is incomprehensible for anyone to consider, even remotely, an attempt to fulfill the Mission. Should one lack, or not have fully developed, by chance, any of these traits, there is far too great a danger of being incapable of withstanding the hostilities directed against oneself. Not only are the doubts about one's personal loyalty and integrity a part of this persecution, but there are also direct and indirect attacks on one's life and honor as a Mission bearer. There are, too, numerous means and occasions for others to sweet-talk, wheedle, or blackmail secrets and very important knowledge from one, at a time when Earth humans are not yet prepared for this information, nor will they be for a long time to come. Therefore, by inadvertently divulging this knowledge one can actually cause severe harm and, possibly, even induce the complete destruction of the Earth.

These extremely distinguished human and personal attributes and strengths are enhanced and magnified through one's never ending desire for greater knowledge, one's quest to explore the unknown, and one's willingness to learn new concepts. These attributes are extremely important as they pertain to the spiritual and universal-creative laws and commandments, to knowledge, and to all life experiences, and to the resulting conclusions one draws from them for further knowledge. One's willingness to learn, and to direct one's intelligence first and foremost to spiritual and creative questions, is infinitely superior to that of learning and studying at the material-intelligence level, such as the levels required of scientists and research technicians in the course of their material-body activities. One's intelligence and zest for learning must have already evolved to an elevated level, where from can spring forth one's ability to assimilate in detail the highest creative and spiritual truths, the various universal-creative and spiritual guidelines, doctrines and commandments, and the laws of nature, wisdom and truths. One must have the fortitude to determine all these things without the help from any other human beings, be that from their knowledge or expertise, or from information gleaned from books. One's quest to learn also encompasses the autodidactic study of all abnormalities of human behavior; the illnesses affecting the consciousness; and possible consequences of delusions, manias, sporadic and chronic changes of the consciousness, including schizophrenia, etc. One must ascertain these problems, and bring them to light without being influenced by corruption or competition, as when they are used to gain unfair advantage. All zeal to learn, however, is useless without one's clear vision of human beings, their motives for taking certain actions, and one's closeness to reality with complete self-control of thought and consciousness.

The self-control one possesses must be self-evident and can only be gained through arduous self-scrutiny, where every iota of one's thoughts is kept completely safe and under control, regardless of outside influences. One must not allow even the minutest negative vibration of thought and emotion to radiate or become noticeable to others in any way. A totally neutral, unbiased attitude towards all forms of life at all times must be achieved, which, ultimately, becomes one's second nature. Self-control, accompanied by the complete mastery of primary and mental telepathy, is the foremost requirement one must possess before becoming a suitable contactee for the Pleiadians and other higher spirit forms.

Compared to Earth beings, the Pleiadians are advanced in their spiritual development by approximately 30 million years and, therefore, they are far superior in all aspects of human evolution as well. For example, they have mastered primary telepathy, which Earth humans are only now just beginning to discover and learn. The Pleiadians are occupied by, and make use of, the infinite reaches of higher levels of mental telepathy. The Pleiadians' mental vibrations also have a high frequency and intensity mainly due to their superior evolution, their extensive spiritual education, and their faithfulness to the laws of Creation. This often results in their being unable to contact Earth beings, whose development runs parallel to normal terrestrial evolution. When on Earth, the Pleiadians find themselves assaulted by the basic and crude vibrations of Earth humans, which can cause unanticipated consequences to the space travelers' bodies and lives. Moreover, the Pleiadians would be considered irresistible magnets by Earth humans, who, because of the strong attraction, could fall into total servitude and dependency upon them.

Pleiadians have an instant intolerance towards the average Earth humans' vibrations. If contacts were to take place with unprepared Earth humans, they would develop a strong dependency upon Pleiadians. Earth humans would adopt a one-sided urge to fulfill the laws and the commandments of Creation, and this would entail going far beyond the capacity of Earth humans' tolerance levels. Unfortunately, Earth humans are not capable of fending off the magnetism that would pull them towards this harmony with Creation, since humans, at this moment in time, are sorely unprepared for it. Earth humans possess few, if any, of the qualities that are indispensable for the bearer of the Mission. Earthlings have not yet developed the appropriate attributes that would provide them with the required strength to counteract complete surrender to the Pleiadians, who enjoy far superior spirit levels. However, by surrendering to the Extraterrestrials in this manner, Earth humans would become complete strangers within their own environment and would be, therefore, unable to survive on Earth.

From these facts it becomes evident that a specific and extremely harsh and grueling education is required for those of us on the planet Earth, whose spirit forms have been chosen to carry forth the Mission by the Pleiadians and their advanced advisors. In fact, a few Earth humans have already been selected to function as contactees. This has transpired because of their past spirit-form experience over thousands of years, and through their proven reliability in handling similar Missions while in former lives. As part of the performance of their contactee tasks, the selected Earth humans have the duty of conveying and disseminating truth while, at the same time, carrying out other duties for the fulfillment of the Mission. Only one human being, whose spirit form was called Nokodemjon before returning to the material world from the spirit level of Arahat Athersata, has the prerogative of accepting the duties for the Mission's fulfillment. Interestingly, these duties were bestowed on him in very ancient times, so as to allow him to fulfill them now. In the truest sense of the word he can call himself prophet before all those other Earth humans, who have embarked on similar tasks and missions.

By 'Billy'

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