The Author Almost Always Sides With Self

by Quinton on September 14th, 2009

I find it rather curious how authors almost always side with themselves as being the truth and what is right. Documents by the elite claim that they are on the side of truth. Documents by people in the Truth Movement say they are on the side of truth. Documents by people of certain race say they are the best race. Documents by people of certain gender say they are the best. Documents by people of certain sexual preferences say that is the best sexual preference. Documents by philosophers say that philosophy is the right way. Documents by religions say that religion is the right way. Documents by liberals say that is the right way. Documents by conservatives say that is the right way. All authors are always claiming their way as the right way. They always somehow seem to always shape truth and harmony around their paradigm, and if you're not part of their alignment, then you better become part of it. Why is this?

For instance while reading the Matrix V material I notice a bend of the author in a few main areas: selfishness, the masculine sex and homosexuality. And it just so happens that the author magically fits into all the categories that he praised as being the best qualities. Surprise, surprise.

Then you have Che' Nazzerith have a huge bend towards the Black race in his book. Without knowing he was a black man you would go through the book saying, why is he talking so much about colored races? And then you find out he just happens to be black.

People are always viewing the world from their perspective and almost always view their perspective as the right one. They might not say it to you, it may remain a secret, but deep down they really believe it and structure their lives around it. If they didn't they wouldn't always magically be on the right side in their writings and in their lives.

When's the last time you met a religion that was wrong? It's not possible, the religions are always right. If it doesn't fit you then you're wrong. When's the last time you met a politician who admitted to being wrong? It just doesn't happen. People are the truth and the whole truth, and you better not forget it. We are the center of the universe and our ego rules us, if you don't like it then you better start liking it.

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