The Annunaki, Reptilians, Ancient Texts and Present Day Connections

I was recently asked what my thoughts were on how the Annunaki and Reptilians fit in with the ancient texts. In particular how the ancient texts seem to tell both an esoteric spiritual story while at the same time telling an exoteric physical story. Which story is really being told? I'm not an expert on this topic but I have read a lot about it and thought a lot about it so I figured I would share my current take.

by Quinton on September 3rd, 2015

Let's start off by talking about the ancient texts. Most ancient texts, like the Bible, The Torah, The Kabbalah, Quran, Vedas, Book of the Dead, Popol Vuh, Dead Sea Scrolls, etc. all have a lot of similarities. There are also some differences beyond simply the Gods and the cultures behind them.

Exoteric and Esoteric texts

For example, The Torah and The Kabbalah are both Jewish writings containing two different perspectives. Many people would say The Torah is an exoteric writing while the Kabbalah is a deeper esoteric writing that goes beyond the simple teachings of The Torah. You see this with the different ancient Jewish sects themselves. You had the philosophical Essenes, the elite Sadducees, and the book smart (sheepish) Pharisees. So back 2,000 years ago you had different sects of Jewish people, much like we have different sects of people today. You have the elite banker type that run the show, you have the dumbed down masses that are fed low level information, and then you have the philosophical/spiritual type that actively search for and seek out understanding.

You had a similar thing going on with Islam. You have the general Muslims consisting of different sects of low level information but then you had the spiritual esoteric Suffis who took a deeper interpretation.

So it's important to first understand that there are different levels of information and different groups of people involved in all this.

Now outside of that I think there is another important thing to consider. Almost all of this information takes a dualistic good/bad approach, especially the exoteric writings. Most of the writings say this is bad, this is good. They say God is good so follow God. They say Satan is bad so don't follow Satan. This is the kind of stuff that really throws people off when they hear all this talk about God being good but then you have somebody like Helena Blavatsky talking about the positive elements of Satan. This stuff just throws Christians for a loop. It used to throw me for a loop until I looked more into it. This is why I talk so much about good and bad on this website. There are elements of good and bad in everything. Everything isn't made up of good or bad, it is made up of energy. And energy can be used in different ways. And difference circumstances call for different uses of energy.

So this brings us to a spiritual truth which many people will struggle with or completely disagree with. And that is, there isn't such a thing as right or wrong. There isn't a right or wrong way to live. This is where a lot of the confusion of the ancient texts comes from.

Fall of Man Example

Let's look at the Fall of Adam and Eve story in Genesis 3. This is one of those stories with lots of different interpretations. I can think of 4 all very valid, legitimate theories that all work depending on your level of interpretation.

The lowest level understanding is that Adam and Eve ate from a tree that God commanded them not to eat from. They sinned and went against God. Some people will even say they ate an apple (lol), when if you just read the actual text (any version) it never uses that word. They also mention Satan when the word Satan is not at all used here, serpent is. So obviously this is a low level interpretation since the Bible doesn't even use the words apple or Satan that people think it uses. The interpretation is so low level people don't even read it to get their understanding of it.

Then you move up a bit and can consider that that this sin may have been sexual. The eating of the tree of good and evil could have been Eve actually having sex with the serpent. The sin committed was bringing in the genetics of this serpent and now bringing the sin nature into humanity. This is another legitimate interpretation depending on your understanding.

Then you can move up a bit more and take a more ET approach. You can view God (Yahweh) as the Annunaki Enlil and the serpent as the Annunaki Enki. In this interpretation Enki is trying to free humanity by showing them that they have the freedom and ability to choose for themselves. Enki (the serpent) shows humans that they are their own creator and that they can create their own reality. Enlil (God) is a controlling master who wants to keep his people under his control and like slaves. This is another way to look at it.

Then you can take a spiritual interpretation and view the eating of the tree of good and evil as a non-physical entity taking on a physical body to experience duality. In the spiritual world consciousness doesn't have the level of contrast that exists in 3D physical reality. So by taking on a physical body this consciousness now has the ability to experience good and bad. Now this spirit is able to know good and bad. This is another legitimate interpretation.

So with just this one example you can see why some people may view God as good and while others may view the serpent as good. You can see why when Helena Blavatsky talks about what people call "Satan" here she is really talking about the gnosis, understanding side of things. You can see why these different interpretations can turn people against each other.

The Authors of Ancient Texts

But let's talk about who wrote these things. Because that is another really important point. Since I know the Bible better than the other ancient texts (as do most people) I'm going to mostly talk about that. But these patterns show with other cultures and texts as well.

The book The Bible Unearthed has a really interesting point to make about the Old Testament. The authors mention how there were really two camps of Israelites in ancient Israel. You had the Northern Kingdom and the Southern Kingdom. The Bible goes into great detail about all this. You have Judah, Levi and Benjamin in the South and then everyone else in the North. Although both of these parties are both "God's chosen people" they have two very different philosophies, as reflected in their writing, words and lifestyles.

The Southern Kingdom followed Yahweh, or El. This is LORD God of the Bible. The one true God. But then you have the Northern Kingdom that doesn't particularly follow one god. They are more polytheistic. Yes, that's right. They were proponents of Elohim which is a plurality of god. Elohim is a plural word for God.

So now let's talk a bit about God. There are tons of different words for God in the Bible. El, Elohim, El Shaddai, El Elyon, Adonai, Yahweh/Jehovah and so on. These do not all mean the same things. And dare I say these were not all written by the same person or philosophic camp.

We all know that the Old Testament was written by many different people. Each person had different agendas and understandings. The Northern Kingdom took a more philosophical, multi-god approach. This is evident in their words and later their actual history. The Southern Kingdom also had their own words and agenda. The Southern Kingdom (Judah) were monotheistic (more correctly henotheistic) and worshiped Yahweh only. They didn't have multiple Gods.

So you have these different camps who write different ways. Of course, most of the writings of the Old Testament were done by the Southern Kingdom when they were in captivity so the Old Testament is going to take more of that type of a flavor. And keep in mind the Southern Kingdom itself again has different groups. You have the Levites who were the Priests who knew the high level information and then you have the rest of Judah and Benjamen who are not priests.

And when these people wrote (and obviously re-wrote) much of these texts they had different agendas with them. But one thing is for sure, the Bible is not an esoteric book so the writings of the Bible are not going to be written with a high level interpretation. So I think the Bible was written in a way where things could be taken both spiritually and literally. But when in doubt, the Bible would always favor the literal interpretation. So if the authors (who weren't necessarily stupid people) had to find a way to portray a spritual principle they would do it in a way where it takes a physical allegory which inherently dumbs down the message and isn't as accurate or easily understood as the spiritual principle. But at the same time, the vast majoritiy of people can't handle straight hardcore philosophy and spiritual principles. You can't just go up to people and say that they are God and that they are eternal consciousness and that they can create and be anything right now. It takes time for people to wake up to this. And the priests knew this. And at times they obviously took advantage of this.

So are these ancient texts historically accurate? Yes and no. They are telling 2 stories with one book. They are telling both a historical story and a spiritual story. So at times they will change one in order to tell the other side. At at times they will leave out, exaggerate or just plain mislead about certain things.

And so now this leads more into the ET talk. I just think it is first important to have an idea of what is going on with these texts. It's not as straightforward as most people make it.

The Annunaki and Reptilians

First of all, when it comes to ET stuff like Annunaki, Reptilians, Andromedans, etc we really don't have any hard evidence. We don't. I can't go show you a video tape of them. I can't even show you a clear picture of them. We can't go visit one and broadcast their answers to questions in front of a national audience. What we do have is mostly all hearsay that we've heard from others or experienced ourselves. I'm obviously not saying that it's not real. I'm just saying that we don't have a clear picture on it, or at least a clear picture we can easily package and present to others. I actually like this about it and if I was them I would do the same thing. You have to make people search for it :) You can't spoon feed them.

Okay, so how do the Annunaki fit into the Bible and the ancient texts? Well as you saw earlier with the Fall of Man, one of these interpretations involved the Annunaki. The degree of truth of the actual "story" I don't know. But the degree of truth to Annunaki being a part of our history, now that I am very confident on, but for reasons outside of just ancient texts.

I mentioned that the are lots of similarities to the ancient texts. One of these blaring similarities is the story of enlightened beings mingling and tampering with indigenous earth beings. You see this all over the place in ancients texts and of course the Bible itself.

So scientifically speaking we are pretty sure that species evolve. Scientifically speaking we also know that there is a missing link with human evolution. Humans evolved for hundreds of thousands of years, but all of a sudden humans got really smart and science has no answers. The answer seems pretty clear: humans were genetically manipulated somehow. That somehow is most likely ETs. Those ETs are most likely these same Gods (ETs) that are hinted at in the ancient texts. This is where it becomes a bit confusing for most people. To really strongly get this stuff it requires an understanding of a lot of different topics and an ability to have the mental ability to connect all these "dots" as David Icke would put it.

Okay, so who were these Gods? Well we know that they were smarter than the current humans indigenous to earth. Were they good or bad? This is that question again. And this is why I hit on this topic earlier. It is obviously both. Most people will say they were bad. I disagree. They were just physical entities making decisions and evolving.

But anyhow, these beings many call the Annunaki. I pretty much agree with this as well. And these beings were physically more intelligent than us. Were they spiritually more evolved? I don't necessarily think so. Spirits can choose to enter different physical bodies for different experiences. So at a spiritual level I really think we're all the same. I mean we kinda have to be, we're all one at the highest level.

Back to the Annunaki. So the general story is that they came here to mine gold for their atmosphere and blah blah blah. That's always sounded like BS to me. Who knows why they're really here, but I do think they are here. BTW, if they really were spiritual they wouldn't give two shits about physical matter like gold. They would just create physical matter out of nothing. So they can't be that spiritual if they need gold and have to go dig it up.

So the Annunaki, for whatever reasons, changed the human DNA. There are lots and lots of theories on what changes happened. Some say we were dumbed down. Some say we were made smarter. This is also where Reptilians enter the picture.

Reptilians is another huge topic. First of all, are the Annunaki Reptialians? I don't' think so. But they obviously could have Reptilian DNA and vice-versa, just like us humans :).

Again, if you look at this from a spiritual perspective it is interesting. Spiritually speaking we are always looking to expand consciousness and try new things. And in a way they were facilitating this. So could we have been working with them at a spiritual level to do this? Yeah, absolutely.

So when this genetic manipulation of cro-magnon man was happening there could have been a lot of different things going into it and a lot of different genetics going in. You have the general mammalian DNA of cro-magnon man, you have the physically enhanced DNA of Annunaki man, you possibly have the cunning, cold, survivalist DNA of reptilians and you possibly have the unique attributes of the feather by bird genetics as Edisonik would point out :). So there's a lot of different DNA going on, a lot of different spiritual and physical reasons going on, and of course there are lots of different time periods going on. I am only talking about the last 6,000 - 10,000 years roughly. This could have been going on for a long, long time. But this is how I see a lot of this fitting together.

Here's an interesting quote from the Popol Vuh which Michael Tsarion pointed out:

Let us make him who shall nourish and sustain us! What shall we do to be invoked, in order to be remembered on Earth? We have already tried with our first creations, our first creatures; but we could not make them praise or venerate us. So, then, let us try to make obedient, respectful beings who will nourish and sustain us.

Popol Vuh

That pretty much says it. And you see this all throughout ancient texts. You have the Genesis 6 story with the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men". You have Quetzalcoatl of the Mayan stories and on and on.

This is also where most racism comes from. What race on earth most resembles the Annunaki? Queen Elizabeth II would have an answer ;). And if the Annunaki are more advanced then that would make that earth race more advanced. So you have this whole bag of worms.

And this leads into how this all ties into present day. I think the story of how this ancient history all ties into Egypt, the Vatican, the City of London and the District of Columbia is superbly fascinating. But that will have to wait for another day :).

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435: Excellent post

My understanding of the so called "concealed" Torah illustrates a process of "intelligent evolution" ie energy acting with/upon matter to create an environment of both spiritual evolution (through experiences in a body of matter), as well as evolution of matter (to increase the spiritual experiences over "time"), which also provides a sort of "evolution" for the "whole" as well.

Also- that the experiences of so called good and evil (light and dark/matter) are part of those processes, and necessary. It's not really like "hey this is bad so dont do it, and this is good- so do that" but both must be in existence for the evolution to occur.

I have been through those interpretations that you listed above, and even more as time went on- necessary steps to take for sure.

My understanding of "Elohim" is that it is the "process" from which Aleph becomes Yod in evolutionary existence. "The Lord" or "Jehovah"expresses or represents the two H ("Hay") (psyche and body) mutually fecundating (helping to accomplish the process mutually/a working system)...

Without taking up a trillion pages (so cutting it short) I see the same schema all throughout the Bible. A story of expansion and evolution, told through allegories, metaphors and tales. Processes become personified, etc. Maybe a person here and a person there that is a true historical figure in a limited sense.

Same exact thing in the Bhagavad Gita.

Quran is a science book about evolution, told in the same kind of style- exoteric on the surface. "Allah is One" they say, the meaning being that we are all One and not separate . What is called "polytheism" in the Quran appears to be referring to "dualism" and therefore the Quran calls this a "sin." (dualism meaning "good and evil" vs the "higher understanding of Oneness") Therefore the "hidden" science of evolution, etc is simply stating that the "One" is an experience of spiritual and material evolution, and is not actually this big bi-polar monster. The "99 names of Allah" are simply processes of matter and energy "interacting."

I had not considered about conversing in the "spirit world" to have the Annunaki bring massive steps in evolution to the human "seed" here on earth. I had considered the "jump" in evolution in recent times (8-10,000 years) as part of the Hindu cosmology "ages" of gold,silver,bronze,iron etc.

Anyhow- great post! Thanks a lot! Looking forward to some thoughts!

435: I forgot also

About dualism being a "sin" ie thinking that we are "seperate" from "source" which is personified as "Allah" in the Quran.

pasqualie: Duality is a condition on this planet

What it does is it keeps you interlocked or stuck in the 3d dense reality.

It a condition of attachments here that kept beings or spirits separate for example the believed they are their physical bodies or become emotionally attached to things or causes, or obstacles, they encounter, and so they become lost in the fog or veil of this 3d polarity matrix in that they are disconnected to source or who they really are. What this does is it interlocks the individually on a spiritual level through beliefs and programming that keeps them stuck in the matrix.

All beings that came to this 3d matrix on earth to experience physicality became interlocked into this matrix and stuck here because they forgot who they were, and what they are capable of, and so their identity became a function of their beliefs and programming and attachments. So from creator gods when they came down into physical bodies they forgot that and took on disempowering beliefs, attachments and polarity, and believed they were less than that. And so that is why people are prisoners of their beliefs and understanding on this planet. A being who can create with thoughts but has negative programming in them, that cause them to believe they are vulnerable and weak, they manifest that with their mind because they allow it. There are people and groups that want to control and keep people disempowered, its why they do not want people to take personal responsibility for everything in their lives. Throw in the ego, and it constantly looks for blame in the external to justify what has happened to them. And so they remain a prisoner of their beliefs and understanding until they realize they are creator gods themselves. They are all equal as gods on the planet and in the universe .

But religion corrupts and distorts this as you are separate and god is external to you and superior. And you are inferior or unworthy. Thus keeping you disempowered and separate, polarized and in fear. Contracting your energy field and aura in negativity and fear so you cannot get above the fog or veil of negativity or limitations of your beliefs. As long as your energy field is contracted below the negativity and limitations of this 3d polarity matrix, you will be in polarity and not see it for what it is. And you will be stuck in victimization programming.

Elohim are a soul group of beings in the higher dimensions. Just like Ra from history and antiquity. Their teachings were distorted by groups and they turned it into a religion distorting the teachings so they can control and manipulate populations.

Elohim and Ra i believe try to propagate the law of one. But through various groups they turned them into separation and external deity worship, disempowerment and victimization, instead of self realization of we are one, we are equal, none is better.

Just like a one cell is not greater than any other cell in a body. Its the same on a larger scale of human beings, they are just cells in a body connected. And on a planetary scale or universal scale on a level of consciousness, we are cells in the body of universal or cosmic consciousness.
Is one cell better than the other, no they are all part of the one, working in their own way. Its just on planet earth, beings have become confused in the fog or veil of this 3d dense physicality where they believe their are their attachments. And so their identity becomes their attachments. And they become interlocked and stuck on this planet.

Its why robert monroe describes the various planes in the 4th dimension where different groups of beings on earth go because they are stuck in their beliefs, polarity and attachments whether its religious, philosophical or base attachments of body identification or even adversity they encounter but never overcome. so they remain in their belief systems because that is what is imprinted on the energy body or programmed while they were in physical incarnation.

So they are interlocked into the polarity matrix of the planet so they continue to recycle back and forth until they release those attachments and raise their consciousness where they will be able to move forward into the higher dimensions.

It could be for example you experience great poverty to you have an attachment of gaining wealth and financial freedom, so you keep reincarnating until you achieve that and then release that attachment and realize your identity is not your material wealth.

It could be you have experienced trauma so you have an attachment to fixing things or a cause so you reincarnate here until you feel you have fixed or saved enough people and realize your identity is not to save or fix others, where you dont feel good about yourself unless you are fixing other peoples problems. In a way co-dependent behaviour where you define your self worth and identity as well in some cases where you define your self worth based on how others treat your, or if their opinions of you are good.

It could be where you are a drug addict and have an attachment to this where you feel you want to overcome your problem but cannot. So you want to have a normal life. Defining yourself by your circumstances going into the cycle of substance abuse and depression. So you are recycled back so you can overcome your problem and live a normal or good life.

You are recycled back until you release all attachments and realize your true self that you are a creator god. Then free of the attachments and polarity you can go onto the higher levels of 5th and beyond.

Various pieces of this is found from robert monroes material, to the gnostics. Yes there are negative groups that are distorted in their beliefs trying to control people And there are some people that are negative but thinking they are doing things with good intentions, as helping their people corporation or family. But the reality is all beings came here into a physical body, to experience what 3d dense reality was like. And they got stuck because they were interlocked into this matrix with attachments which keep them here. Some came down to help by reincarnating into bodies, but those beliefs and truth became distorted into ways to control and disempower beings through institutions set up on this planet, whether for monetary gain or power.

I dont think anyone is punished or destroyed, they do that with belief systems on this planet by keeping them interlocked in this matrix and stuck. So i do believe everyone gets out eventually. Its just a question of how soon you want to get out.

I assume though if you are stuck and cannot release your attachments, its gonna be harder as those who leave can, and all that remains is the greater concentration of more high polarized beings and negative groups that remain. And so you have to try to release attachments and go free while being around a greater concentration of beings who are negatively polarized.

As for the various religions its just based on what influence a various group had. You have the reptilians who have a queen so they set up religions worshipping external deity who were female. In terms of the syrians they had a king so they set up religions that worshipped an external deity that was male. Islam and the hebrews fall into the category of male external deity worship. Its all duality if you believe in an external deity saviour. Because it does not fall into the law of one, where everyone is equal and the same. Its why alot of these cultures have hierarchies of status and based the status on various values of worth. Its like the brain neuron saying they are superior to the heart cell in the pacemaker of the heart. or as an extreme case as an example the sperm in the left testicle saying they are more superior to the sperm in the right testicle. The cell in the lip saying they are superior to the cell in the anus. All are equal and the same, all cells form a function as apart of the whole.

That said work on yourself, because you can only save yourself. You can give advice but if that advice is not recieved, no point pouring coffee into a cup with the lid on. Just move on. Dont base your value in causes or fixing things or people as well. you can give advice but end of the day they have to accept it and do the work, you cannot do the work for them. And playing Dr. Phil doesnt serve your highest good, if you have an attachment to it and base your identity on it. That is co-dependent behaviour which is not healthy. go your own way and raise your consciousness, and let others do what they want and have no attachment to it. Dont judge let them be, and just work on yourself. Because some people are not at a stage where they are ready for certain things, and they have to go through more experiences before the realize the truth. It may mean hard lessons, or hitting rock bottom for them. But wanting to control that is not your job, and if it becomes an attachment it only lowers your energy and keeps you stuck.

Because everyone gets out, its just a matter of how soon. If you can get out at the end of this lifetime do it, because its better to get out sooner, than hang around for millions of years because you have some attachment with the higher concentrations of polarity and negativity as those who can get out can. The reptilians will be the last to get out likely, and hanging around with them to keep them company, likely it will be harder to release attachments and polarity since one is likely to experience more trauma and pain as the reptilians learn to release those distortions.

My thoughts on the annunaki, from the readings on history they are aligned to some degree with the reptilians. There are small offshoots that broke off and stopped the negativity, but the main body i think is still largely polarized, and negative.

Tim Lovell: Quinton they did come for

Quinton they did come for gold , they first altered homo erectus , different factions wanted to either keep the 12 strands (enki) or strip down to just 2 (Enlil) , the final decision was made by Lilith ,enki and Enlil were are war by then , even before the descion to create the slave species,,,

pasqualie: Its subject to interpretation as well

Everyone is part reptilian and likely annunaki as well in addition to other beings that were involved in creating the human genome. Some may be more reptilian or annunaki than others in their genetic make up so they may have more difficult time getting free, because of the base tendencies they may fall back on, or programming in their dna that is more active.

In terms of falling to religious books to find the truth out its really a double edged sword in that they may discuss snakes or reptilians but it was in a sense edited, and the true meaning is lost unless one reads or does research and uses discernment.

Like in religious books or the bible they talk about the serpent in the garden of eden as evil and satan. In reality it represents enlil's view of what enki did. Enki being a geneticist was represented by the serpent symbol. So the serpent representing evil or satan, is in truth enlils view of what enki had done to mess up the mining and slave labour operation going on. Enki was outlawed and banished and it was written symbolically that enki was the serpent or satan because he had gone against the rules of how the annunaki conducted business in mining and controlling populations as a slave labour force.

In religious circles and those that dont research they just use the standard view that satan or the serpent is evil because that is what they were programmed with in church.

But in reality the serpent or the snake in the garden of eden which people associate with evil, or satan, is actually in a sense cleverly written propaganda to represent enki who is actually responsible for partially freeing humanity, at least the ones he took with him into exile and continued to modify their dna. So the serpent is actually not evil but in essense partially responsible for the awakening of humanity into consciousness at least in the early stages.

But most people are unaware of this because they grew up and were programmed in religions and never questioned anything of that nature and read up on it. They just spit out what they were taught around bible study or the pot luck at church, not realizing they are actually propagating an untruth. just a slant on a view written by enlil in his list of commandments that he wrote for his slave population to control them to maintain control over his breeding program and mining operations with his labour force, so they didnt breed personalities that were iconoclastic or against authority, in the form of the bible.

so the percieved view of enlil in religious script is similar to what we see in the world today, that history is written by the victor. and may not necessarily depict the truth.

Its an attempt to hide the truth, as well as muddle up the ones perception of truth and identity to keep them interlocked and stuck in this 3d polarity matrix. In the 3d polarity matrix everything is tightly packed, dictated by ones views and identities which are in close proximity to others. So in this dimensional framework of thoughts and beliefs, people have the projections of others coming into their space which they take on as their own. And its why they say there is this veil or fog in this physical reality where creator gods come down and forget who they are and their connection to source. And take on other identities and beliefs and attachments which interlock them and keep them stuck in this 3d polarity matrix.

The annunaki and reptilians are no different than beings in human bodies in that in coming down to this 3d polarity matrix they have taken on identities and beliefs to possess and own their creations to falsely believe it enhances their existance. And so with those attachements they have become more interlocked and trapped into this 3d polarity matrix. Because they have forgotten their true identities, and become lost in the veil or fog. Playing out their ego and polarity games to various extremes with humans that are asleep and programmed so they take part in the polarity games as well.

edisonik: In the end Humanity must

In the end Humanity must decide on a Destiny of Peace , Love & Harmony.

In the end you all have the Power to chart the Destiny of Earth and you people.

Because you are all Human Beings Worldwide.



Murdron: I agree on the terms, we have

I agree on the terms, we have a saying in Quran that Allah (maybe al-elah- the god = the moon which is very bright on the islam logo of a eclipsed moon with a star) - That allah (الله) is akbar- greater- just pay attention that it doesn't say greatest or great, it says greater, and that causes me to doubt why? don't you?

We are afraid to doubt, but well I can't be pinned down by the fear of even a God or anything, I speak my truth as it's always said telling the truth is good. right?!

pasqualie: You could add in new sources

Recently simon parks reiterated chris thomas's view that the annunaki are the velons.

he refers to the velons as the archons controlling the reptilians.

in terms of velons they are 5 races which include annunaki, hathor and a few others who came to earth intent on claiming it as their own, but found it was already inhabited, so have been trying to control and find a way to get rid of humans and take the planet for themselves.

they went back in time and gave the sumerians a fake history depicting the annunaki as the human gods and creators. The elohim of the bible is the annunaki.

according to chris thomas and said by simon parkes, with chris thomas all of the channeling is velon., hathor or one of the other velon races.

so the velon are the archons, which include the annunaki hathor and a few other races who are negative.

its why chris thomas's books are banned on amazon, all the other new age authors can sell their stuff, but chris thomas is the only one that talks about the velon so he is banned.

xenophone: Check out Ralph Ellis

The theme of this article is a subject I'm grappling with daily right now, and a fascinating one. Currently I'm of the mind that this debate over whether some text is symbolic/astrological, or literal, is a false dichotomy. There are many authors that have pointed out the astrological symbolism in the bible, both books. If you read Ralph Ellis you can see pretty plainly that a lot of this symbolism is there because the people in the books are actually performing rituals. In the gospels all this talk of dying for three days, being raised from the dead etc.. these are masonic type rituals and are still performed today in one form or another. These elites in secret societies, they live their lives in a ritualistic fashion. You may have heard that Prince William (I think it was William), was cut out of Diana (C section) so that he would be born during an eclipse. If you read the bible there are many references to people fulfilling prophecies and governing their lives via the stars. This stuff goes all the way back to Egypt and maybe further.

Quinton, a possible correction. You said that the story of the Hebrews was about a north and south kingdom with Judea/monotheism in the south. I think it's actually the other way around. Egyptians (the Hebrews were from Egypt :)) referred to southern Egypt as Upper Egypt, and northern Egypt as Lower Egypt. I highly recommend Ralph Ellis's book Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs.

pasqualie: as well check out chris thomas (annunaki velon)

to avoid any confusion, the annunaki are part of one of 6 main off shoots of a race called velon.

they may be more but basically they are all from the same root race, and have moved to different parts of their solar system and called themselves different names although they are all velon.

its like humans from different parts of the world or country saying they are american, or even subdivided californian, or new yorker. what ever area or nationality a human says they are to identify themselves to someone, they are from earth and are human.

chris thomas tells a different story from the rest of main stream alternative history.

most go along the lines of sitchins original works.

chris thomas has researched the emerald tablets sitchin translated. and based on how the story was told, he says it was a fake account based on his views into the akashic and comparing what the story told in the emerald tablets are. part of the reason he says this also is because he says history is not recorded in dication like it is in the emerald tablets. its more so in like a diary or journal form of this happened, this was done , we went there and here etc etc etc.

link to his page and all his articles

according to chris thomas the purpose of humanity or the experiment on earth by source, was to see if the question of if a soul can bein contained in an entirely physical body.

the various experiences and cataclysms we have read are talked about some.

but for most part the consciousness of earth and the rest of the universe and source, they have been trying to solve the problem of getting the soul completely into the human body.

at various points it was done but the cataclysms that shifted the earths axis, shifted the earths energies lower. where humanity began to lose their abilities as less and less of the soul was able to stay in the body. where eventually they had to develope language and writing because they lost their telepathic communication also.

so the purpose has been to discover how to solve this problem according to chris thomas, and not all the karmic debt stories of someone being punished for crimes or deeds done in past lifetimes which they ironically dont have any recollection of.

rhondaworld: Great Article & Summary

Great Article!!! You summed up many of the ancient texts and how they have dual meaning. I will be reading this article tonight on my radio show. (Of course, I will credit your work. :-) ) Over the last 10 weeks we have been doing a series called The Creation Story Myths using various ancient texts. We found a lot of similarities but quickly realized the same text could be allegory, physical or prediction/prophesy.

Thanks again...I love the site. Just discovered it today....

Tarheel: Welcome aboard, rhondaworld

Happy to have you.

We look forward to reading your input and perhaps hearing about your radio show. The topic you mentioned is certainly compelling.

Tim Lovell: Welcome rhondaworld :)

Welcome rhondaworld :)

Fire Dragon: the game of dualities

It's a 'game of dualities' made for 2 lineages/bloodlines to test which one understands faster and better where is the limit, where is the necessary balance and how to achieve it, what it means to be 'good', 'bad', when a rule/regulation helps to establish peace, and when it opens a door to an abuse etc. A test if 2 bloodlines can live together in peace, not interrupting each other yet doing own things. Each have 'representatives' who are mirrored in the opposite lineage. Both are 'made' of strengths and weaknesses but it's up to them which attributes they will give a priority to and who they will (or will not) cooperate with. It's a test for embracing/understanding the mind-body-soul freedom vs limitations.
Who will be the winner? That majority which is wiser, open-minded, heart-driven and spiritually mature. What will happen to losers? They may be given the last chance to transform, to cooperate, since their motto is 'I'm better than you = you cannot be yourself, but you must be like me' (see: 2 major organized religions and their way to brainwash, control, colonize, expand, threaten and force things to be like they planned, not like humans have chosen for their own happiness, development and comfort). I think this test has a time limit and may be set between 2 polar shifts.

Awakened Draconians will always fight against Church and any 'authorities' due to bigotry they represent. We just don't click well with whom they call their 'god', there's something fishy about it. We're just happen to be very sensitive to lies, oppression and hypocrisy, to people who establish regulations but do not walk their talk. Yet the Catholic Church always wanted to exterminate Dragons as a 'competitive', to make them a target to be blamed for all evil in the world, so Church could whiten themselves and become the only 'righteous' on the Earth (and perhaps in the entire Universe next. Think what would happen if humans built bases on the Moon or Mars - Catholic and Islamic would fight with each other for who could send their 'missionaries' first to prepare the new ground for own expansion/wealth and trick possible aliens into their religion too!).

Most probably, Reptilians and Draconians were the first to go though such a training - 'be oppressive, control, squeeze, manipulate' to later perfectly recognize how it works, the cause and effect, to then detect such behaviors in others and warn before another disaster happens. Thus we're waking up now and we're shown the truth right into our hearts and minds. Obviously there are many negative Reptilians/Draconians and other races tricked into organized religions. The Universe will solve it all when the time comes, we're ready to embrace, transform & radiate Love from now on.

So yes, there were two gods for the duality game could be played. My question is, where are gods now? Because we'd love to come back to the other, the better one, after thousands of years of being disillusioned.

BenjaminFalkenrath: What if the game started out

What if the game started out of curiosity, An in THIS Universe it was nothing but vast space an a singular energy with two forces. Light/Dark Love/Hate. All wrapped up Male/Female everything into one single conscious being. An out of curiosity one changed its energy pattern. Whereas at one point they had opposite energies and they were both attracted to one another an in balance to each other an together like a North and South magnet! Then one day she decides to part with he, and changes her southern magnetism to likewise northern magnetism then BANG An Explosion where both propel away from each other thus starting the original game in this universe. Just like older universes before it! Like the Cosmic baby of another Universe that went out side to play on its own. An here we are!

Tarheel: Got that right side working

....the creative half.

BenjaminFalkenrath: It was/is fun eh lol

It was/is fun eh lol

kaleohrile: the game you talk of !

Thier are 3 level to ever thing we know , earth,unvirse,cosmos the game it been done and me and other have won now what you get of of the game is for you tho for humans their was me and one other that gain actcess two the 2 game their are 5 rules those i only remember the 1 and the last ! do cheat and have fun , the oldis thing in or univirse and maltivirse has died and thier are things going on on all levels it a task not for ever one tho it will take time , we are in the end cycle of our unvirse and maltivirse and our earth play a part far more then most humans know , basicly their was a choice a 2 chance to make your life better and and that option was goes for each level , tho it up to ever thing on those level to make that choice if they do they be a war and the cycle will start again and then their was no point , out unvirse and maltivirse all ways make the same dam mistake so it up to ever one and ever thing et god godess , any entiy of any short all of us , they level i deal with hard at time ever thing want something form you and when your inahairte the powers of the oldist thing that ever ways and the keeper ever dam thing wants something form you on all level , like in the us their is more to stand rock then mondane humans know , and with the us elcrtions that to and it not just in the us it ever wear , do research one ever thing , think outside the book , make up your own mind and that goes for all watch this site , their more to this site then those that are on here know , so it a matter of time and what ever thing dicides , it not of the time lines it a matter of choses who does what , humanity is a key we could save the univirse and leave our earth or we can all die and go in a war and the cycle will start over and then the old one i do even know his name passing and the keeper passing was for nothing ! I make a post more as i know more !

Tarheel: Just read this again....

GREAT post. Quinton even calls BS and few times and makes it real.
Where are Anu77 & Edi ??? Have we been forsaken ?

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