by kwamerica on March 24th, 2011

Aliens do exist but are no threat to the Human Race. They are very civilized. Aliens do not kill as Humans do. Humans are the last to be civilized in the Cosmos. Aliens come into the milky way to research. They are primarily Mathematicians and that make them understand. They are highly advanced. Unlike Man whose Brains can accommodate 9 figures, Aliens do have only 6 numbers.

Aliens do have much respect for Humans. They know Humans for they have been spying on Planet Earth long before we came into existence. Humans do not need Aliens for Survival. However the opposite is true. Aliens are all relying on Humans to pull the trigger. Pulling the trigger by Humans is going to make all Humans be civilized as Humans are the last to be civilized. And then they (Aliens) will be relieved.

Aliens die as Humans do. However they have been able to detect the cause of all their demise. They traced their predicament to the Planet Earth. Humans hold the key to their very existence. When Humans are able to hold the Energy Evil into a solitary confinement, this achievement is going to affect the entire cosmos. This Job cannot be done by aliens but Humans. This is why they have a great deal of respect for Humans. The tendency for living forever is not only with Humans.

Aliens like extreme noise and if there is any material on Planet Earth that fancies them, then it is Common Salt. In the near future when Humans are civilized, they would finally stop their espionage trip to Planet Earth to trade in Salt. In Exchange they will teach Humans Mathematics.

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heather: That sounds utterly amazing

I have this sneaking suspicion that they could improve several areas of our current studies...

Annunaki77: Certain Alien Groups are Bad for your Health

Cetain Benevolant ET Groups Yes , let's see Heather how many Good to Bad ET the Ratio is, let's see here.
Oh here we go out of the 13 Groups that are here 4 Groups are Good and the other 9 Eat us and feast on our Misery , Pain and Suffering, so Kwamerica is right some ET Groups are Good but definately not all of them.

Some are very Vicious & Extremely Evil.

bluesbaby5050: I AGREE WITH YOU ANNU77!

People can not seem to really believe that they really do DEVOUR/EAT us Humans, and feed off the human's fears too! They NEED US Humans. They can NOT EXISTS WITHOUT US HUMANS! Bottom Line!

Tarheel: Me,too. By Anu77's numbers, <1/3 are good guys.

Practice apprehension with regard to aliens. It will get you more Time. Oh no...Time! There's another touchy subject.

kwamerica: Aliens know the Truth

Aliens know the Truth about themselves and Humans. They are principally manipulators. Probably this is why Annunaki77 would say they are Bad. Nevertheless their manipulation is for a common good for the entire Cosmos.

Apparently there is a point they can never go beyond. They know that no matter how uncivilized Humans are as of now, the time was coming Humans will know themselves ie reach the point of self actualization and all would be civilized. Its however the biggest news for them when Humans reach that point of Perfection stage. At that point they can come to our Galaxy without fear.

At the age of 10, I had a personal encounter with a very high pitched radio signal. I dare not reveal this to anyone til now. My part of the world you will be labelled a lunatic when you begin to make certain abstract pronouncements. I can personally sense them any time they come close to Earth's orbit. They know me personally and are reading all our messages including this very one you are reading. For now I can say I am the only Human who understands Aliens. Spying is their Hobby. They have nothing to do but to spy.

Folks we are not alone but our neighbours are no threat at all. Sleep well.

Annunaki77: O.K. Kwamerica

If you can find a Copy of " Visitors from Space " if you can and see what C.I.A. Virgil Armstrong has to Say about Hitler , the Nazis & Your Loving Extraterrestrials and you will see that it is not Responsible for anyone to say that these Beings are Safe.
They simply are not, We are Rejects and they want us Destroyed Bottom Line.
The Only ET's we have who believe in us are The Andormedans, The Pleadians and Prince Enki himself, everybody else wants us Destroyed Bottomline.

Yes this is why the Globalists Created the Plan2000 to Destroy you all , Believe it or not.

Chris: human

hey do you have more imformation on the earth women on other planets how are they living what are they doing. are they okay what are they feeling living on those planets are they concerned the draco orion empires could overun earth and conquer us

bluesbaby5050: TO Everyone, ANNU77'S VIDEO.............

You still can view this video Annu77 posted a while back. It's very informative.

1hobbit1: alien threat

I don't trust them. None of them.



bluesbaby5050: I WOULD NOT go anywhere's with them!

Please study what we teach about all the different aliens on this forum, and you will have a better understanding of who is who, and what they are all about. This would be the WISEIST THING TO DO, and DO NOT GO AWAY WITH ANY OF THEM, as they are not all what they seem to be. This would be very foolish on Your part.

Ecbra de Oaoj: enemies exist if you acept someone or something as enemy.

eihter when self defense in combat or in campaign to run liberty, friends and enemies are part of ilusion.

feed disafection causes disafection.

discipline is loose.

hurricanes pass out; people and world are able to change; there are days and night; each one; one diferent.

behind apearence there are the true heart.

always ready and alert in conscience... out this is...
matter to filosophes.

strategies and games; generals and executives... well
if wanna follow this chords... there are child and old souls livings...

enemies are fist inside... aligators have their own; side... hurricanes have been passing..
if you treats enemies and friends equal... well...
you are... one. to they in same rate.

no one are complety alone; neither not alone... any where... all are conected
and if prefeer... trust that evil and good understand their selves mutual; and you
go in ahead your all way in yours steps... if belive and came serene...
so... hte most probable is... it happen.

Hapiness... Compassion...

Tarheel: Well put, Ecbra!

Good take on Enemies. If we manifest them to be enemies, they will be.
Make them Friendly's !

You are a friend to all, Ecbra!

Ecbra de Oaoj: Carlos Drumond de Andrade:

As the plants, friendship should not be much or little watered.

he are (your body died yet but... he are and will always be) a grand from portuguese language.

A friendship develops happiness and reduces suffering, doubling our joy and dividing our grief.
Joseph Adison


The perfect friendship can only exist among the good.


No gesture of friendship, however insignificant, is wasted.


We are born alone, we live alone and we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for a moment, that we are not alone.
Orson Welles


The bonds of friendship are stronger than blood family.
Giovani Boccaggio




Ecbra de Oaoj: Abrahan Linconl


Im a slowly walker but never walk retrogrind.

(I read in portuguese; and I know is lieteraly what he says int this words but; what I understand. and; if English are a second; millionth idiom on rank... means it. from.)

jahahaha... and; before; you take very seriously always that we speack; I know that are more after and ever this patriarch; Jeferson; and Kenedy. and... so on.

Marx? well... the history as; with my mother I had 4; 5 years old I think ; at a supermarket and; she said:
- not call yourself comunist kid! they can... jail you... torture... even kill you! shiiii... quiet...!

and I remember; I never wanna be; comunist. I would be comunist with 4 years old? what I understood about? if today I not know... I not read all story of; Capital; and engels along... today; hahah... Im not comunist neither never was but... i said to my mother:
- Im comunist ... and ... what?

people looks; someones smiling and other; worry about. there was militaries on comand; ditadureships along Country; and specialy Natal. Rio de Janeiro and Santos- where we was- there are; ship port planes apointing cannons; to us cities because; this discution politics.

Ahhh... my mother; could she understand motives of a child?

what money? not me; rule I just; repeat what studious are sayng about and showing for search fair history; from past to future.

They said: take you a controle of World finances, then. ok... you are the... keeper of stores. camon... your responsibility now. to feed milions; and bilions of Humans in theyr towns now... distributy water, remedies, all sort of goods and resourses. its your work it; forget us.

Me? well... please keep me duty; free for. hahaha... enough problems in my own... (own?) comunity... problems a lot to solve... simples some... any complicted. and I know that I am one more... I wanna just live not save the sistem or; destroy it.
I enjoy when go to supermaket and take a grape juice. Money
neither nothing is my enemy; I repet, I never acept enemies; even if they not acept my friendness.

Peace Mission. At all.

the question is... Plato in cavern mithy; or Joseph Smith; Thomas Hobbes, Rosseou, ... Dartanã, vitor Hugo.

Kung fucious or Lao Tse... among across others; thinkers of share of Justice and;

Fernando Pessoa ; Boudelere; Shekeaspere, Mozart...

many all people a lot; to descover... the question is;


Kierra JoBeth: I think the aliens can help

I think the aliens can help us in a lot of things, they are very advance compared to us. i also believe that they will not hurt us, it is more of us hurting them. i would love for them to come to earth and teach us mathematics.

Chris: aliens races

there are both benevolent and malevolent and neutral et races out there not all are benevolent there et races who manipoulate and conquer other civilzationa and there many interstellar and intergalactic wars being fought out even in our own solar system benevolent et races are protecting us from the evil ones just because a is technologicaly advanced dosent mean they are very evolved.

alextron: aliens races

It is Species bigotry to say one group of Aliens is all evil; like all races there is good and bad.

As for the Orions; not the whole Orion Empire is Orion; there is also Orion Star Oneness
which strive to be good and I'am an old Orion Starseed from back 6 billion years ago
from Saiph.

Some of the Orion Zeta races hate humans alot because they want to rule the Universe or
got hurt from them; but they sure hurt us as well. But 1 white zeta female peehustah and
Andromedan Galaxy Golden Duck (etrosetrog) "Shiva" taught me alot; shiva told me the
Orion Empire colonized somewhere in Italy: 4.0 Billion years ago; like the Sirius colonist
Horus is the Uncle of Marduk.

Just thought to share and give respect to some Old Ones.


Tim Lovell: yeah well Marduk is to blame

yeah well Marduk is to blame for the frequency control on earth mostly he needs to be punished or just plain killed who cares tbh

Raven777: Good vs Bad Aliens

As was said all species as a general rule have good and bad beings involved with the exception of some of the drones who have a collective consciousness much like ants and bees. Even the Pleiadians and Lyrans have a few bad seeds out there believe it or not, and quite a few Zeta are actually pretty cool. As for reptilian Draconians, Archons, and Saurians, well, they will always be rather psychopathic, however that being said, some are neutral to humans.
High intellect and technology do not guarantee a highly spiritual species at all, in fact it may be quite the opposite in most cases, but there are some kind and spiritual ETs out there.

UN.i1-PHI: its not only one's nature wich causes that but also the EMPIRES

systems of cruel rule/law-wal in wich they're&we're living by, inwich personal freedom is a big crime, just as disobedience to the ruling empire, and other way around its not only/just the empires will wich decides/causes that but also one's inner-will&nature, many species (wrongly) considered malevolant as a whole or in general,but its also quite proper/appropriate generalization because of the huge amount/proportion but these generalizations are also made for the ease like when we talk about and say 'reptilians/draconians' we mostly talk about the malevolant ones because of 'their' evil agendas and tyranny they have for humanity and is mostly the most active/present/main part/element of the subject of conversation...
but there are also a 'few' benevolant ones of the species where the most/general pupulations act and obey according to their Empire's systems where hierarchical tyranny is the rule, even of the reptilian&draconian kinds/types there are 'good ones' and neutral ones, some will have to hide this for not to be prosecuted/executed by the empire's higher ranked elites/masters, some will have to comply and do somethings very bad wich they wouldnt want to do to others to save their own lives and families/friends, or rather choose not to save their own lifes and die for saving others.
imagine they would try to rebel and overrule their tyrant 'masters'/=oppressors in an undercover silence raising the rebellion for freedom, these ones should not be judged, labeled & killed the same way like the real nasty ones, even if they did wrong in the past but are changed now and even if you notice nothing like that from the outside, ppl should not judge too much too quick...

Tarheel: Most beings are granted...

Most beings are granted the power & wisdom to make a choice between right & wrong.
They must make the right choice or suffer the consequences, whether it be in their current incarnation or another.

Choose wisely, beings.

Tim Lovell: yes there is a few bad

yes there is a few bad pleidians and lyrians you don't want to get on the wrong side of the lyrians anyway as they consider themselves as offshoots of prime creator but the few pliedians who act out are angry at humans because some of us went to their world to help change it or kick start there evolution as they had stopped changing and were staying the same all the time some of them didn't like this and came to earth to let us know but this is a VERY small faction among them and 95% are the good guys we all know :)

Raven777: True and yet anger at any one

True and yet anger at any one species is not enough to cause the changes I know of. Im speaking of those who joined forces with the darker arts, the malevolent ones. Perhaps its a temporary change much as some going through puberty rebel. :)

Actually the Pleiadians and Lyrans are related and share much of the same DNA. Ive seen them together many times in "awakening" ceremonies. The donor of my own DNA is a Lyran/Pleiadian mix hybrid.

Its true Lyrans and Pleiadians take credit for seeding the earth and other worlds as they did in the Pleiades just befor the war began and many refugees went from Lyra to the Pleiades. Other species also came here even the Dracos and Saurians. As is in their nature the Dracos saw opportunity for wealth and power by creating slaves of new hybrids for the gold. The others were horrified by these actions and formed a new union of sorts and a battle began. Earths first war. The Dracos were banned indefinitely from this planet/galaxy, the Saurians were obliged to leave their homes and move to their underground bases (which they resent) for their apathy over the whole situation, and the others who helped on this project went into an alliance to not interefere with earth/human evolution unless all approve etc. The battles go on to this day. With the covert presence of Draconian forces for several generations now, the earth is increasingly in jeapordy. Humans are again being used as slaves by the Archonian 1% and murdering each other on a continual basis. Its not a happy time to be human anymore sadly. We do have choices left however, choose wisely.

edisonik: Learn more and share your views because it is your World

This Planet does not belong to a Sick and Insane Elite that assumes Humanity are nothing but Useless Beasts to be butchered for their pleasure.

This Planet belongs to Humanity and Humanity must always remember that and always defend their Liberties , before an Engineered Threat or False Security.

Defend your Divine Right to LIVE FREE.

I am a Friend to Life & Creation.
Let any who challenge my words today challenge my Divine Words.

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