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by Quinton on October 23rd, 2018

If you look at the different translations of the 1213 “deal” you will find John gave pope (inc) a Charter (Charters are sealed). John gave pope (inc) his signet as well. So, to undo that Charter would require a ruler to produce the signet. King John was known as John LACKLAND as he owned no land and no land (England and Ireland) to pope.

1215 John SIGNED Magma Carta 1215 when it ought to have been sealed! John had no seal! Chapter 13 of this particular device has 2 parts: 1. the Cana'anite stronghold London and 2 the other city, towns and ports. This would include such customs as Wickerman and Bog People? However, in 1213, John gave the cities, towns and ports over to pope (inc).

You see, once pope (inc) received the Charter AND signet he cared not who ran the show as pope (inc) is the one who calls the shots!

Pope (inc) brought the NWO to Thanat 597 with the Monastic Movement via Augustine II. From there the papacy (inc) invented the “witanagamot” or “witan” the forerunner of the Imperial Parliament (sources: History of the English People by Green and, of late, Christianity and Law by Perks with the Dooms of Alfred the Great.

Magma Carta 1215 was, if anything, a Bill of Rights. The laws of the land at that time was a compilation of the many pagan kingdom's law concentrated into the Dooms of Alfred the Great. This book of law is a forgery (see Thos. Jefferson's letter to Thos. Cooper re: Common Law 1815).

The founding [heavenly] Fathers. Most were lawyers, "Free"masons and at least one illuminati (Payne). Yes, why have one Father in Heaven when We the Persons have dozens of them!? And we have their images and signatures! Why have one God when we all know olde glory IS God who spawned countless sub-Gods!

Since John sold out to pope (inc) including his heirs, could this be a reason why all “our” presidents have their genealogy traceable to King John? Or is this just an anomaly? Like what are the odds? Chelsea Manning don't have the DNA to John but Chelsea Clinton does! Who do you think pope (inc) is going to run in 2020 or 2024?

The Queen gains her jurisdiction here by way of the royal Proclamation 1763. The Royal Proclamation 1763 is a device of the Privy Council Office England and signed by George Frederick … notice George III SIGNED NOT sealed the document! The head of the Privy Council Office England is: HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH THE SECOND (inc) alias Money Penny, aka LORD (meaning “Ba'al”) PRIVY SEAL with the last incumbent Natalie Evans. The Privy Council Office Cana'anada is a franchise. The B. A. Regency lawyers are the ones who change policy into law then use this “law” as a weapon to destroy the Indians. The “enacted” policy is enforced by the policy enforcers. Rooted in policy, the police enforce policy not law.

The office of Lord Privy Seal was invented in 1307. I have looked through the 1307 English statutes and failed to find a “Lord Privy Seal” Act. Therefore, it must be private (papal inc) law. If you search the names of those who staffed this office for the first 200 years you will find them to be, in the main, ecclesiasts. In 1066 pope (inc) overran England with Syrian Refugees. In 1068 pope (inc) invented the Great Seal. The holder of the Great Seal for the first 200 years were ecclesiasts. On the road to commercial fascism.

Treaties are international contracts. Pope (inc) as fronted by Elizabeth, is the holder in due course of the Royal Proclamation 1763. The Royal Proclamation speaks of contracts and land sales. Elizabeth is held out as chief of the tribe of Judah thus responsible for the administration of the constitution written in heaven. Even pope (inc) with its Douay Rhiems Vulgate prohibit either of them (Elizabeth via the KJB) from land sales or engaging in contract (lest they be a snare). So, we have Elizabeth in contempt of God and pope (inc) fallible!

Pope claims to be vicar of Christ yet Torah laid claim, long before Constantine the Cana'anite, who married its mom, invented the crap in the N/T. Yet Christ never abolished Judah! Hmmm …

Elizabeth's genealogy is to Judah and unopposed. She is head of the Catholic Church of England. She is holder in due course of the KJB. All 3 avenues provide joinder to Torah!

Treaties ala Hittite (Genesis 36:1). The superior force, who can't readily wipe out an inferior force, makes treaties with the inferior force. Once the superior force wipes out the inferior force the land devolves to the last one standing.

13 Colonies: established via revolutionary fraud with the intent to murder off the inferior force. Cana'anada: papal (inc) railway and papal (inc) banking fraud with genocide the necessary means to achieve commercial fascism.

You may enjoy the July 1933 Concordat with Von Papen and Pacelli

Cana'anada has Ministers. The Colonies have Secretaries. Secretaries perform clerical work. Clerics are ecclesiasts of lesser rank than Minister.

Hope this helps.

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Tarheel: What a flippin TRIP !

If this is accurate, it explains a lot yet, overurns a lot.
I dont understand all of the references (abbreviations or players) but this is compelling enough that I WILL.

Tarheel: What do you make of this, Quinton?

After meditating on it, I am sensing an underlying agenda,
Anybody else, please say your piece.

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