American Dollar Bill

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The phrase 'Novus Ordo Seclorum', also to be found on the dollar bill and which worries conspiracy theorists so much, is also adapted from Virgil. In the Eclogues he looks forward to a new age, when the people will be reunited with the gods so there will be no need for religion. The dollar bill, therefore, looks forward to the end of the Catholic Church's world domination and the beginning of a new spiritual era.

Mark Booth / <cite>The Secret History of the World</cite>

...according to the old cabalistic understanding of the Bible, the pyramid at the top (the capstone) is the eye of Jesus. The eye of Jesus. Let's look at that. The eye goes back to, of course. Horus, which was the Sun in ancient Egypt. And today we have that eye on the back of the dollar bill representing Jesus, or God's "son," There's a message there...that symbol, on the left hand side of the back of the dollar bill, was in existence, just as it is today, in Bavaria, in the south of Germany, in 1774. There was an organization, a secret society, a fraternal order called the Illuminati, which used that exact symbol as their trademark. You can still see it in European libraries and museums. The question is, how does it end up on an American dollar bill? Especially since it was from an old German secret society.

Jordan Maxwell / <cite>Matrix of Power</cite>

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