Allen Welsh Dulles

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In a moment of candor as he spoke before Princeton alumni in 1953, CIA Director Allen Dulles spoke about two fronts in the "battle for men's minds." He said the first front in America was indoctrination, both through censorship as well as public relations techniques, and a second, vital and more specialized front, was individual "brainwashing" and "brain changing."

Jim Keith / <cite>Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness</cite>

In 1920 Allen Dulles was appointed First Secretary of the American Embassy in Berlin and, perhaps because of his family connections, took over American intelligence in the strategically key country of Switzerland.

Jim Keith / <cite>Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness</cite>

Perhaps most important to their rise to power was that at the end of World War I, Allen and John Foster Dulles were recruited by the infamous one worlder "Colonel" Edward House (who in fact bore no military rank), and during the Paris peace conference the brothers were informally inducted into the Rhodes Round Table group. The Dulles brothers were responsible for starting the American branch, the Council on Foreign Relations, with funding coming from the Rockefellers, the Morgans, Bernard Baruch, Paul Warburg, and others.

Jim Keith / <cite>Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness</cite>

Allen Dulles, the first director of the CIA, was in many ways the penultimate political insider. His family was an influential early supporter of international eugenics movements and had strong financial connections with the Nazis. The Dulleses were intermarried with the Prevosts and Mallets of Switzerland, who in collaboration with the British royals, had been European spy masters for hundreds of years and, it is said, instrumental in injecting the Scottish Rite of Masonry into the United States.

Jim Keith / <cite>Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness</cite>

John Foster Dulles and his brother Alan are two examples of the control method employed by the "300." The brothers were prime agents for the Committee and between them, controlled the U.S. State Department from 1953 to 1960. It was the Dulles brothers who appointed Illuminati member Dillon to the post of Secretary of the Treasury.

Dr. John Coleman / <cite>The Committee of 300</cite>

The Dulles brothers were later to play crucial roles in setting up the Hitler regime in Germany, preparing the way for World War II, and respectively as Secretary of State and founder of the CIA in the postwar period. Allen Dulles remained a director of the Schroder Bank, which handled Hitler's personal funds; Dulles consigned many millions of dollars to the Schroder as "covert" funds for the CIA. No accounting was ever made.

Eustace Mullins / <cite>The Curse of Canaan</cite>

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