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Studies have shown that at 10,178 BC, or over 12,000 years ago, the Celestial Pole was inclined at an angle of 30 degrees from its present position. This in turn strongly suggests that the terrestrial axis then oriented differently from today

Allan and Delair / <cite>When the Earth Nearly Died</cite>

The magnitude of the biological extinctions achieved by the Deluge almost transcends the imagination. It annihilated literally billions of biological units of both sexes and every age indiscriminately. Only incredibly powerful flood waters operating world-wide could have achieved such results, and only a flood produced by the means previously suggested could have operated globally

Allan and Delair / <cite>The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 1</cite>

The time allegedly occupied by the glacial and interglacial episodes of conventional Pleistocene chronology was actually non-existent

Allan and Delair / <cite>When the Earth Nearly Died</cite> is astonishing that such an unscientific explanation ever came to be formulated, yet in a short time both it and the concept of immense thick ice-sheets descending from a hypothetical northern mountain system…was enthusiastically virtually established fact

Allan and Delair / <cite>When the Earth Nearly Died</cite>

…no satisfactory theory has yet been proposed that actually explains what caused the ‘Ice Age’ in the first place. There appear to be no terrestrial conditions, as we know them, capable of producing the heat necessary to evaporate vast quantities of water to form continental-sized ice-sheets

Allan and Delair / <cite>When the Earth Nearly Died</cite>

Evidence thus converges from numerous directions to support the conclusion that, on the testimony of radio-carbon and other dating techniques, immense physical and climatic changes occurred on Earth some 11,000 years or so ago – when an Ice Age that probably never existed came to an end, and an apparently uniformitarian regime was abruptly terminated.

Allan and Delair / <cite>When the Earth Nearly Died</cite>

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