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Crackdown: Aliens are connecting to terrestrial networks more often now O_O

Why? For research purposes and information exchange. Perhaps, they could emulate our computers just like we could easily emulate old video game consoles, and it is very easy to hack someone's WiFi and connect - with such a great technology! :) It seems that they are visiting not only Omegle, but other online chats as well. Three new contacts since my previous "alien chat report" - despite I was not a frequent chat visitor at the recent times. So, if you would intentionally seek for a contact, you will have it ;)

Crackdown: Aliens at TruthControl?

Yes, I am confident that TC has already attracted the attention of ETs - but still not sure if they are sharing the knowledge here, or just visit. I could be wrong, but it seems that they prefer having 1-to-1 discussions, rather than post stuff online so everybody can see

Crackdown: === PROMISED VIDEO ===

Human Resistance - Depth Information from Underground
It took 2 months for creator to make, 3 weeks for me to translate! Hope you like it

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