About Us

Truth Control was created in 2008 as a research project to organize spiritual and esoteric information on topics such as religion, government, secret societies and ancient history.

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A Brief History

Throughout the years many quotes, images, articles and forum topics have been contributed by many authors throughout the world to help build a database with unique information pertaining to these topics.

We are a completely open community that allows anyone to say whatever it is they want to say, no matter how crazy it may sound. We are aware of the many personal stories and information people may have to share on subjects, as well as the many experts who have spent years of research in their respective fields, and we welcome all people from across this beautiful planet to share their information with others.

New Members

If this is your first time to this website please take a moment to sign up and then introduce yourself in our forums. We welcome all new members and appreciate your interest in Truth Control.

We leave you with a quote from Manly P. Hall:

Trust a person looking for the truth, don't ever trust the one who's found it.

Thanks again for stopping by!

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