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three: Year of the Dragon

The Year of the Black-Yang-Water Dragon begins January 23rd 2012. Traditionally, Dragon years herald times of change. The Water element can signify transformation and heightened intuitive abilities especially over the conditioned mind. A Yang Water Year (signified by the #2) draws upon not still but moving waters. Black however is associated with Yin energies - so a year that will stir & agitate the deep unknown within the Human psyche. This balance of Yin & Yang is able to assist in soothing the fiery dragon energies & so imbue the Heart & Mind with a powerfully creative visionary intelligence as it serves to balance the creative right & logical left hemispheres of the Human brain.

2012 is a time that will enable Humankind to let go of the past. It offers the possibility of intense power & freedom & supplies courage to those ready & willing to embrace the change. It is a time to listen to the Heart; to choose Love over fear - a chance to surrender to the Universal Will & so to claim the power & the freedom that comes from the Real-isation of the Divine.

The Dragon is the 5th symbol in the Chinese Zodiac and 2012 is numerologically a #5 universal year. The #5, not unlike the Dragon, is a free-spirit. 5 is rebellious, unconventional, curiously inquisitive & dynamically energetic. The #3 will also be influential since this is a #12 year & this will provide Humankind with an opportunity to interconnect - the integration of Dark & Light (the Yin/Yang Universal Energies) will allow Humankind to tap into the Oneness that is the True Nature of its Being.

Be the change...

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