When we come alive

by BenjaminFalkenrath on December 28th, 2016

We're often stuck in our own abilities an earthly senses. An even when we're not, an we do allow ourselves to step outside of this view. We are still so very limited.
Just looking from another perspective in times like these, this "outside of our selves".

Try as we might, an in our efforts to become more than just what we think, feel, see, or whatever we say we are... We need to look higher. But looking higher means going higher than your self. Then Looking down at all levels that you are. An who can do that from here? Not many. An why not? Because we're in a limited human body.

Our frustration is being in this brief time period. In an earth body. With a limited brain, with limited function. We do our best to open up an even then we still can't always see and comprehend it all. The big picture. The all we are!

We will not fully get into the place in which we wish to be, until we realize we're alive. Not just a body, but alive a soul on fire. We are alive, when we come alive... We will be free.

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435: I was talking to a friend

I was talking to a friend about incarnations.

He asked why he couldn't remember any of them. I asked "Can you tell me exactly what you did 2 years ago today?" He said " Hell no. I can't recall exactly what clothes I wore a couple days ago!" I said "So there you have it. The brain is the limiting factor in this case, or at least how you are using it."

If we had unlimited memories, each "now" wouldn't be fresh.

I told him " We use the limited inferior vehicle to enhance and expand the superior vehicle." He said " How is using something less than what we are beneficial to our more sophisticated self?" I said "In the same way using a barbell at a gym. A human is superior to the barbell, but by lifting and using the barbell, we become better and stronger than we are before using it. Also, reading a book, etc. A human is superior to the book, but by using the book, we expand."

That made sense to him.

Of course there is always the meditative state. One that, before reading a lot on Truth Control, didn't mean much to me. ...!!

BenjaminFalkenrath: I feel yeah. An 100%

I feel yeah. An 100% understood that. Good Analogies too! :)
I use to feel cursed to remember what I do but now I feel blessed....
I do remember when I was given the opportunity to shadow source momentarily in a means to see how it felt to be "Already there" TO know the past, the now, the future. Just like memories. But it was others Now & Tomorrow. Wow...

Tarheel: Trippin energies about

I dunno if it's what inspired you to write this piece or not, but there are some VERY strong benevolent energies about, especially of late.
Ya'll feeling them ? Yeah, they make you feel more alive.
Shun the matrix !

BenjaminFalkenrath: Definitely


moonchild: :)

I very much like this little muse.

I'd also add to strive uncover the 'mysteries' of cellular and ancestral memories.

It's all good...

BenjaminFalkenrath: @Moonchild

Thank you! :)
I'm still working out a lot of things from the past, but I'm learning to be more positive about it though. Mainly because I want the energies to be positive. An I don't want to have blocks or feed into negative beings or into the Matrix by being negative or frustrated in my shortcomings or of my forgetfulness in this form with a limited human brain. LOL

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