Unconditional Love Force

by BenjaminFalkenrath on December 30th, 2016

We've all been there. The moments in our lives which we feel hopeless. Helpless or alone. No one is immune. We all feel this way sometimes. How do we resolve such conflict?

When most of us will say we usually have good reasons for feeling this way, in the times we do.
It is imperative we remember that the feelings are just that. Feelings. They may or may not be temporary.
Sometimes at least not at the time, they do not appear to be. But once we've overcame the situation, then we see it was only a fleeting moment in the scope of it all.

It is sad when someone ends their life because of an unpleasant moment in time. Especially when you are on the outside looking in, an you see it was just a moment in time. Their life, in the freedom of their will they have chosen to end it all.

What does it all boil down to? You can take any of the feelings, emotions, anger, sadness, worthlessness, take them all, an there is one thing they have in common. They all share love in some form, an the majority of this is the lack there of, the lack of love. When we do not feel loved enough, it makes us angry, sad, feel these feelings. Hopeless, like the world is against us.

When we feel this way we need to shut everything out. We need to close our eyes an feel as if we're in a box of nothing. An inside the box we see, feel, hear, and have only one item in this nothing box. An it's Love. It is all around you. It is unconditional and doesn't care who you are.

What you've done, or anything else. It is the pure, love. You must always remember this is what made you, an this is who & what you are. An no condition on earth can take this from you.

Feel an breath in this unconditional love.

You are loved! By our Creator!




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Tarheel: Nice...things are changing.

The highs are getting higher and the lows are dissipating. Maybe it's that blast Anu77 talked about coming in.

BenjaminFalkenrath: One may only hope

One may only hope

LoliApolys: love

love is a magical thing..one strives as a young teen to find that perfect some one,,how a relationship should be for them and spends a life time doing the opposite....i will never understand this..have gone threw it a few times to see what the fuss was about...still do not understand who hard it is to walk way when the line of disrespect, loyalty and trust is broken. it keeps you balled and chained to a bad thing but you fail to relize that finding it is not hard if your willing to find it. love is a thing all living creatures need even plants! but the vibration of love ....its frequency is a stranger thing yet.... pure love seems to be the universes wild card. it can influence anything that is not supost be. people who can not bear children, species who are not the same communicating and having a harmonious relationship...i am trying to research how the soul is bonded to the body here on earth...if 2 parents create a child during the feeling of actual love not lust is that child healthier? mind body and spirit? will it have more abilities and be a star child or indigo child? if the parents are of lust only does that emotion of creation influence the child to be the children problems of today?

BenjaminFalkenrath: Yes it is magical. Because it

Yes it is magical. Because it is harder to love than to do the opposite. Agreed. People hang onto things, because of fear. Agreed. Everything needs love. Pure love, I haven't felt in a good long time. Since before I came to this Universe. I do still remember it. Which keeps me going. The soul to body is an easier thing to explain that why this world is so screwed up. I remember before I was born into this life. Watching my parents. I was premature Weighed only 2.2 lbs at birth. An yes, the child is different when created with love. However, there are somethings that even a loving two create. An they have a child who is sick or what not. This is possibly due to something the child wishes to learn in this life. So not always. Generally the loving couple will have a healthier child. But not always. I can tell you sometimes a child is made in love, but the love goes away or changes. Or the mom or dad because angry. That is a big impact on them as well. As far as the soul to body connect. In the first stages it is the higher self along with a guide both connected to source with a powerful love influence. At least for some. Others are just in the life cycle of karma the wheel if you will. But the way it should be is that the higher self and guide are connected to source an binding in love. An this plus the decision of the soul going into this life. Wants to do so.

LoliApolys: so what about

those with missions like us? do we count? i know when a soul is first born into creation...when a soul manifests into a being the energy of pure emotions is its main forged and that soul no mater how many incarnations it has will always be that form its was first born into....so a being of pure love whether it be of dark blood or celestial lt will always be that....yes demon kin can love....honestly a true demon is nothing more than a being of pure and i mean pure emotion weither it be of a good emotion or bad... say love or lust or justice that is a true demon....dark blood kin are any lower vibration which is not bad nor evil...you need to understand vibrations to fully understand them....just because a low C is a low vibration does not mean it makes you feel bad or evil. you may not like the feeling of that vibration as a person but it does not make it evil..i mean people on here on earth exspcaly Americans are short tempered and dicks to everyone! i mean they call each other bitch and poop to there friends as a complement! .i know some celestial or higher vibration kin that could be consider evil form the mass genocide they committed for the "sake of good" killing is killing no mater what the cause! if its not for servival of eating it for food its a crime! a multi universal crime! we all have the free will to act like animal who are thrown into servival or be the more intelligent beings and work together.

BenjaminFalkenrath: The missions we do count and

The missions we do count and yes a being of pure love it will always be.

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