by obsrvantlouie on March 10th, 2017

This is how it is……

Disclaimer - To get the maximum effect of this article view the links as you read…..OMG you say, it may take some time?

You are not your physical body. That is correct, you are not your physical body. Your physical body is analogous to your bicycle, auto-mobile, etc. What you truly are, is a spiritual being having a physical experience.

A seemingly, long long time ago….you (as your true self) were floating around in another density (not dimension) and came across an opportunity. You decided to say yes to this opportunity, to choose to incarnate into the earth to experience as a ‘human’ in effort to explore and gain wisdom. Before you set off on this exploration you requested certain parameters. These requests had to do with the goal of your exploration. Perhaps you wanted to experience life to the fullest……well, what exactly does that mean? The expression life to the fullest is certainly interpreted differently by sadists than masochists or ‘tree huggers’ using the term loosely only in order to convey a group of people who would prefer to live with Care Bears, Smurfs, Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin too.

That leads me to interject……I heard the other day the TBGL community ……o shit, does that offend them if I spell it TBGL instead of LGBT? Well, personally, I don’t feel the Transgender community gets enough appreciation always being said last. I mean come on, it’s like being transgender doesn’t even matter…..always last last last. Why don’t we put them first from now on? Then some little smurf told me it’s because the TBGL community wants to convey a sense of consistency with their message as they aim to help the suffering and unattended.

Because that’s what this is really all about right? Attention…..this is about people’s attention. Where do you think the majority of human’s attention is focused? Where is your attention focused? Ironically, it’s the same very old used and reused and repeated replicated method of PROBLEM ACTION SOLUTION.

PROBLEM – TBGL community doesn’t have ‘rights’

ACTION – Force society to ‘GIVE’ them rights.

SOLUTION – Simultaneously strip SOCIETY of their rights

Jon Rappaport said recently on the Jeff Rense show ‘that it’s basically a Brave New World…..this was in regard to a recent new vaccine development. The development being the issuing of purposeful human gene modification. In 2016 new human trials started for injection of genes into the human body intended to prevent illness and increase immunity. Interestingly, a side effect of the injection is permanent alteration to the DNA makeup of the individual. Did I mention the carrier for these genes is a virus?’

We know the remaining goals of the globalists are not limited too; microchipping the body, poisoning the body via: food, water, pharmaceuticals, cell phone radiation, electrical manipulation, etc etc etc …obivoulsy the push for eternal war has not resided, death of nature has been allowed (Fukashima),…can we just be honest? The NWO Agenda is going perfectly. Humbly, the NWO is here….they perform their rituals right in front of you, they knowingly poison, rape, molest, ravage, manipulate and mind control a large portion of the populace. Jesus I haven’t even mentioned religion.

Good thing being human is a temporary experience huh? You have to be a really poor soul to believe nothing exist outside of the body….for the rest of you. There is nothing to fear….and ‘time’….yes, time. It seems to be just after midnight goin on 5 minutes till a half an hour to half past dawn. Forever.

If you could view this experience as a large intricate chess game…..keeping in mind that in chess, there are two opposing forces. This is a key part so…keep in mind…..two opposing forces. That everything seems to have two opposing forces…..forces us to realize one thing….life is constantly happening. Growth is constantly taking place via experience therefore expansion is constantly taking place and our earth and universe is constantly growing. Recalling that everything has a balance……we can foresee that as the manufactured negativity keeps growing….eventually it is going to be balanced out.


Lot's of garbage videos on the subject outside of the crazy quotes and videos from CERN themselves...below are two of the better....


I will tell you that with 100 % certainty it was not Berenstain Bears when I was a child. I’m telling you that I know for the same 100 % certainty as I know when I am eating a god damned apple that it was not the fucking Berenstain Bears.

Toss in weather phenomena and mass animal die offs… really might be a few minutes until doomsday.

I think we might be in the End Game stage of this Chaotic chess game……I hope the Q plus people deal and cope with everything ok....lulz.

It sure would be nice if we could simplify things and just call it confused and need for attention instead of GBTL oops, I did it again!!

Unfortunate for the few of us that the majority of people are literally illiterate or enslaved to their body.
What the hell….Let’s just have fun, show allowance, make the best and hope for some fireworks.

Wait a minute….what’s up with all these Loud Booms?

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Tarheel: Yes, OL is back !

And , he doesn't dance.
Nice piece, chief.

p.s.By the way, I heard (not verified) that the resonance in Schumann's Resonance is rising...quickly. Like, "the wivah is wapidly wisin'".

bluesbaby5050: Schumann Resonance rising....

Yes and it started out at 7.5 to height of 38 now !! And Is still increasing even higher as the frequencies increase to new levels. We are feeling the upsurges and the changes all within us as well as all around us. Everything is changing and nothing is the same. Consciousness is rising and expanding to new levels of awareness.

BenjaminFalkenrath: *Claps*


HebrianDaniel: yes i also feel the resonance

yes i also feel the resonance doubling itself. i have awakened from it.
its going to keep double and repeat itself.
the earth is changing i feel it. EMF is increasing and frequancy is increasing to higher levels
the age of pisces is leaving now. no more fears. we now in the age of Balance the age of aquarius.
think faster move faster be faster be like the WIND!.

Tarheel: Consciousness is in control now.

Darkside has begun it's descent into obscurity, where it will be for a long, long time.
It's just a matter of the clocks.....

BenjaminsLove: Good


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