Talk about "False Flag" tricksters !


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by Tarheel Alpha Male on February 21st, 2012

I'm NOT saying this agency does a bad job all the time, but THIS agenda of staging atrocities so they can "bust them" and people are getting hurt/killed-well, that's taking it a bit far for me.

Look at THIS bullcrap and tell me "WHAT'S RIGHT and WHATS WRONG" .

You have to draw the line somewhere on this type behavior. And using terrorist activities to justify WAR just wont fly any more. If it did, there would be a new war every day, because there's enough TERRORISM going on today without any NEW TERRORIST ACTIVITY being staged by OUR "System".

Terrorism/War is a way of life for most, not all, but MOST middle east countries. They cannot handle PEACE, and do not understand PEACE.

WAR/TERRORISM is ALL THEY KNOW ! Somehow, the cycle must be broken. WE must break it, not STAGE IT ! Come on, guys ! We're much,much better than that !



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