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A Reptilian Killed by a Brazillian Shaman

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Here is the Head of a Reptilian, this creature was in a childs room and the Shaman killed it.
These Creatures are real and they do abduct people for food.



Annunaki77's picture
Annunaki77: Here we have very Juicy Information
3 years 2 months ago

Enjoy and Absorb the Information because it is Real.

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bluesbaby5050: The Head!
1 year 6 months ago

Yes it is, but not a big one. Some are alot bigger then this one here. It has also started rotting,and this makes it smaller.This reptilian was found in a childs bedroom! I guess it was going to steal him/her and then eat him/her. That's what they do. I am glad it was caught before it could do this horrible deed. They sneak around everywheres, and come out mostly at night, under the cover of darkness, but NOT ALL THE TIME! They sometimes have the small greys do this for them,as the kids are not scared because of the small size of the greys. They are then taken away before the family,or people find out about the missing child/children. They appear in the woods,and near mountains,under your cities,and come out of the man-hold covers in the streets in the cities,and the underground sewer tunnels,mining shafts, the skies, anywhere they want. Keep your kids close to you when outside,and in parks,while camping etc.

bluesbaby5050's picture
bluesbaby5050: Remember that the reptilians do NOT.........
1 year 6 months ago

All look alike. They come in many colors shapes,and sizes.Learn what they do look like,so that you will know. Do NOT trust any of them!!

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