by Jasmine Marston on April 29th, 2016

My name is Jasmine
I am from Erie Pa land of uneducated fools as i like to say. And i am here to get more education and keep myself sane as we are all aware our mother earth is getting older and going through changes that as responsible human beings we just cant control all of it.even though it would be nice if we could. But to remain focused not dwell on the news or depend on it either. As well as just do our best and support each other and each safe and sane as we are all aware of what going on in the world today.

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Quinton: Welcome to Truth Control and

Welcome to Truth Control and thanks for joining. Great to have you here!

Terran resistance: who do you follow

Do you follow, david icke, alex collier, billy meier, benjamin fulford, david wilcock, al bielek, bob lazaar or anyone in particular or do you go on your own experiences? Many follow but not so many talk about their own experiences and rarely people do both. It will be interesting to hear from you.

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