BUSTED ! Monsanto up to more shenanigans !

by Tarheel Alpha Male on February 9th, 2012

Monsanto has been caught illegally planting Genetically Modified Organism (corn) in India, and has been banned from the entire country for doing so. The sad thing is-The regulatory commission that was SUPPOSED to oversee this was NOT doing its job. Violations had been brought to this body's attention and they neglected their responsibility !

Anybody want to bet Monsanto PAID that regulatory agency (or it's representatives) to "LOOK THE OTHER WAY" ? If Monsanto is paying USA politicians , certainly they will pay off reps of any agency entrusted with over-seeing them in another country.

This will make you sick(LITERALLY) ! Read more; http://consciouslifenews.com/monsanto-caught-illegally-planting-gm-corn-...



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