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4:23am HebrianDaniel: once you into the frequency you will feel amazing
4:22am HebrianDaniel: Frequency is the Symphony of life!
4:22am HebrianDaniel: :)
4:22am HebrianDaniel: Our Concious start with Frequency
4:16am mahi-mahi91: Something im going to have to look into, you have me curious. Im quite new to this kind of stuff.
4:12am HebrianDaniel: that help to heal our brain neurons
4:12am HebrianDaniel: music sound wave of frequencies
4:11am mahi-mahi91: What are binural beats?
4:07am HebrianDaniel: in order to be capable of functioning faster
4:06am HebrianDaniel: to heal your brain neurons
4:06am HebrianDaniel: if you want to awake faster start listening to binural beats
4:04am HebrianDaniel: because its happening real soon :)
4:04am HebrianDaniel: so start prepere for the new age
4:04am HebrianDaniel: there will be more waves
4:03am HebrianDaniel: soon the awakening will speed up
4:03am HebrianDaniel: you are one with everything
4:03am HebrianDaniel: that connect you to the cosmos
4:03am HebrianDaniel: its help increase crown chakra power
4:03am HebrianDaniel: im adeptable to 10k HZ
4:02am HebrianDaniel: which is why i understand high frequency
4:02am HebrianDaniel: i come from the Higher realms of heaven
4:02am HebrianDaniel: i learned that my soul is angelic being
4:02am HebrianDaniel: thing its going to be interesting now
4:02am HebrianDaniel: He shocked my brain
4:01am HebrianDaniel: metatron play big role on it
4:01am HebrianDaniel: Higher Realms manipulating our reality
4:01am HebrianDaniel: i have awakened
4:01am HebrianDaniel: Indeed
3:29pm Tarheel: Good to see new people here and our old pals,too. HD sounds like he's into a rhythm.
2:24pm HebrianDaniel: i see reality getting better
2:24pm HebrianDaniel: good
10:56pm Tarheel: Wassup ? Cannot access my PMs.
8:23am HebrianDaniel: always live in balance
8:23am HebrianDaniel: do not ignore the darkness
8:22am HebrianDaniel: now that you enter into years of light
8:22am HebrianDaniel: Light and darkness depended on each other
8:22am HebrianDaniel: even if Vaatu spirit will dissapear he will reborn again
8:21am HebrianDaniel: i am here to keep balance between light and darkness
8:17am HebrianDaniel: i am avatar wan. raava spirit guide me.
8:11am HebrianDaniel: things going to be well now
8:11am HebrianDaniel: ive communicated with metatron
8:08am HebrianDaniel: i can confirm that aquarius age is finally here
8:08am HebrianDaniel: sup?
10:23pm John Duncan: If you did have any ideas, input, or even general/specific information on this galactic conflict, I would appreciate hearing from you about it - I guess I have contact info on my profile, here on this website Thanks a lot!
10:20pm John Duncan: Hi guys. I just joined this site a moment ago. I have a question, that is burning on my mind - just thought I would try it out on you - does anyone know anything about the war between Alpha Draconis and Aldebaran?
7:25am Blue30pc: Sorry I've had a real hard time navigating the site on my phone.
7:25am Blue30pc: It wAs just an article on this website.
4:27pm Jack Niyer: Blue30pc what are you reading please? Name of the book. Just asking if it interesting so that I'm gonna follow.
4:14pm Blue30pc: I'm regards to the '100 conspiracy theories' article I read just then, My problem with a lot of these theories is that they tend to overlap or contradict each other. For example; The NWO being ran by greedy satanists or shape shifting reptilians with no empathy. What caught my eye particularly is the Freemasonry one. I've heard / researched 90% of these theories. It The Freemasons are new to my knowledge so I'd like to learn about it in a bit more depth. Anybody have any interesting facts or a general understanding of how the group operates?
1:31pm Jack Niyer: Hopefully, to learn step by step so that I could share something I suppose to have in mind so far with everyone here. Thanks you Mr. Quinton, and it's very nice to be a member with everyone here in this site.
1:29pm Jack Niyer: Oh his name was Quinton. Thanks you Mr. Quinton, I feel honored to join in this community of truth I believe as the site says so.
1:27pm Jack Niyer: I would love to reply in a appropriate way back to admin person, but this website I'm using on my phone was very inconvenient as I'm new here.
11:51pm Fightforfreedom2017: Good morning I am hoping to use your presentation with embellishments to hopefully enlist more followers in the future. I have been following the NWO strategies for years now and read many books on the true history of the world and the total hypocrisy of the powers that be of the time.
2:34pm Tarheel: Cannot access my messages???
2:33pm Tarheel: Wassup HD (Heavy Duty)?
1:42pm HebrianDaniel: hey
10:19pm Tarheel: PowhatanPrincess, to me it means one who stays close to home. Happy to have you here. Ask your poppa what he meant by it.
12:53am FGT: Thank you for the add
12:09am PowahatanPrincess: a pleasure to meet you
12:09am PowahatanPrincess: The name Tar Heel that was me as a child is what my father did always call me
10:53pm Tarheel: Hi, Amanda. Welcome aboard.
9:25pm Amanda: Hello
2:28pm Tarheel: I can feel the energy shifts on a daily basis. Anybody else ? I will say the negative gets weaker every time there's a shift. The positive gets stronger. Anybody else?
2:25pm Tarheel: That means you've been away too long. Try hangin out more. Seriously, I think it's simply a quirk.
5:22am BenjaminFalkenrath: Only does it on my PC. Works fine on my mobile phone... lol
5:22am BenjaminFalkenrath: Everytime I try to put anything in chat it won't let me send? Says I'm A guest.
10:41pm Tarheel: HD, sorry I missed you. Yes, we are evolving rapidly which is why they are pushing back so hard. They should know if you play for darkside, they should be prepared to spend their time in the shadows alone. They are imploding while we are awakening exponentially. I'm with ya HD.
8:10pm Quinton: Welcome ztrust
2:46pm HebrianDaniel: welcome
5:44am ztrust: Hello all, just joined not too long ago, just wanted to say hi
12:50am HebrianDaniel: and keep it in quiet
11:56pm HebrianDaniel: release your fears now!
11:56pm HebrianDaniel: now is it time to awake from your slumbers
11:55pm HebrianDaniel: the frequancy is rising higher now
11:55pm HebrianDaniel: that schumman resonance is increasing faster and faster
11:55pm HebrianDaniel: anyways my message is
11:45pm HebrianDaniel: i know your here
11:45pm HebrianDaniel: tarheel talk to me
11:44pm HebrianDaniel: things is going to be faster now
11:43pm HebrianDaniel: i am awakened
11:43pm HebrianDaniel: anyone here_
11:43pm HebrianDaniel: i am back friends
10:52pm Tarheel: Unifi back,too? Dude. It's a party.
3:17pm Tarheel: Look what Irma dragged up.Mahi-Mahi emerges from the sea! Good to see you out and about. How's the hauls lately?
12:43pm BPTF: My login does not seem to be working; I still get the message that I am a guest only. What do you feel is causing this?
8:56pm Quinton: Great to have you here
8:56pm Quinton: Welcome to the site everyone :)
6:24pm BPTF: Hello everyone, I am new to this site and look forward to chatting with you.
6:40pm Road Warrior: Hey All new to the group. Will find my way around first and then get into it
5:28pm Windy64: Hi, anybody in the Ottawa region here?
3:05pm mahi-mahi91: Hello all long time no see
10:31am western_yogi: I believe similar to luchia of Fatima, the later stuff is all false, the story just being managed. if you go to the original scripts when they were interviewed after it happen, no mention of Russia or anything of that sort. Shiat gets made up later on to fit agendas and the story gets managed.
10:30am western_yogi: truthcntrl11 the rapture is false, wasn't taught till Jesuits made it up as a psy ops to get people from off thinking of the church and pope as negative. The quickening was created by the Jesuits well after and is not part of the orginal teachings so its just a psy op by the military branch of the roman catholic church.
10:27am western_yogi: ben falken, when has there not been hurricanes earthquakes and wars. some countries spend 500 billion a year on developing weapons to destroy human beings in larger and larger numbers. Its like going into California and saying you are a prophet and saying there will be earthquakes.
11:34pm trthcntrl11: Peace to all
11:33pm trthcntrl11: Lord will come in His time, and though I believe the Rapture (if you accept this truth) can occur anytime, I don't believe it will happen until after America falls. Americans like to think, as most probably do, from their perspective only. Once you live overseas for a longtime you see their are other perspectives than the American one.
10:48pm Tarheel: Lotsa new peeps about is ALWAYS good to see. Welcome peeps!
10:43pm Tarheel: It's good to be busy...that's job security,pal. Weird energies about. Up & down.
4:38am BenjaminFalkenrath: People think the Lord is coming with all the fires hurricanes earthquake an flooding... It is crazy.
4:36am BenjaminFalkenrath: Hot spots an Overtime lol
4:36am BenjaminFalkenrath: I agree TH although I expected them to gouge higher but IDK it's gone around 20 cents above in places. Sorry I've been on an off. Work has been more, all hands on. Deck.
10:13pm Quinton: Go ahead and ask
10:13pm Quinton: Hi AnonymousWeExpect
9:37pm AnonymousWeExpect: Ive read through A LOT of the topics, posts, comments etc on the site. I've messaged a few people that really drew my interest and no reply yet. So I thought maybe I'd ask some things here.
9:33pm AnonymousWeExpect: Hi
4:06pm Tarheel: HD back in the mix! Good to see you, pal.
1:45am Krissi🔱Tenna: Yes. The sexes combine in the final stages of our true evolution. If we make it that far.
8:21pm HebrianDaniel: man and woman need to balance their hearts together
8:20pm HebrianDaniel: :P
8:20pm HebrianDaniel: balance
8:19pm HebrianDaniel: the asnwer is nature
10:50pm Tarheel: Where's The BF & Co.?
1:53pm HebrianDaniel: and advertise it to people
1:53pm HebrianDaniel: and make it more appealing
1:53pm HebrianDaniel: quinton should redesign and rework it
1:53pm HebrianDaniel: look like this site not much populated
1:51pm HebrianDaniel: hey
1:55pm Quinton: US national debt not looking too good, but I hear from our leaders that everything is okay. Not sure who to believe ;)
3:23am Bishopofsurrey: Thanks for the website
3:23am Bishopofsurrey: Oh Hi Quinton
3:17am Quinton: Hello
1:20am Bishopofsurrey: Greetings fellow earthlings
11:06pm Tarheel: BIG OIL sure is cashing in on the hurricane. They used lesser demand as a springboard to raise prices of petrol. Shame on them.
10:34pm Tarheel: 'Zup, BF ?
7:29pm BenjaminFalkenrath: :)
4:05pm Starboy: Hello im new I hv a couple of Qs pls answer them like plz give description any alien civillisation known abt u all
12:38pm bluesbaby5050: At the bottom of every page is a column with the titles of topics clearly seen to choose from, with extensions that are also numbered at the bottom of those pages that continue with comments from members with their own added links for further study. So please make use of them.Thank you, and enjoy.
12:33pm bluesbaby5050: yes tarheel your correct. .....this site has already established an abundance of information throughout the years for all the members and non members to be able to do their own research, and this site was made user friendly.
11:42pm Tarheel: Everything ya'll are asking about lies within this site. Use the search feature. happy Hunting !
3:46pm mikev666: How do I search for something specific ?
3:40pm mikev666: Bringers of the Dawn
1:45pm Starlord: Hekko
8:23am Starlord: Does anybody know how to get contact with the aliens?
12:14am moonchild: Hello. I am interested in parallel universes and the ways in which they might affect each other. I am also interested tales of time travel and rifts in the fabric of (that which we deem to be) reality. Are there any like-minded spirits here?
2:06pm Hermes: Hi all
1:18pm Starlord: Hello people☺
11:11pm Tarheel: Thx, MM! I knew somebody else must be felling it. Solar eclipse was pfcool-my labrador started barking 3 minutes before totality. Animals have it better than us in the sense that they don't have lizards and slimeballs bombarding their subconscious like we do.
12:32pm mechell marshall: feeling energy blasts
4:12pm Tarheel: Re: the eclipse-I want something just like this.
4:03pm Tarheel: Anybody else feel the incoming energy blast ? Light, Love & Color. Can't wait for the eclipse !
2:58pm Tarheel: It's all a dream. Your issue may be telling the dream from a dream inside the dream.
6:40pm Cain W lightseeker: so how do you know how do you know if a dream is a dream of if it is something else in my past I have had dreams that were so real I could feel the things done to me for the entire day any input
6:36pm Cain W lightseeker: hi
6:42am HebrianDaniel: good day
2:19am Quinton: Or Giuseppe Mazzini?
2:18am Quinton: Any info on Albert Pike?
2:18am Quinton: I'm here to chat about Adam Weishaupt
11:48pm Great Illuminati: Is any there one there and want to chat
11:48pm Great Illuminati: Hello
4:07pm Tarheel: Oh no....we have a "domestic" brewing. Time to crank out the "honey-do" list.
4:40pm BenjaminsLove: I'm not I have to deal with him all weekend long now J/K haha
8:51pm BenjaminFalkenrath: @ TH My job has given me Monday - Friday I am happy haha :)
10:37pm Tarheel: BF has w/e off from now on? Dude, you hiring ? Q-dog wont even give us holidays.
10:36pm Tarheel: Yo,Ellen, who's Ms Low Life?
9:28pm kaleohrile: can some one lik me the file for the super natral i lost the link and i cant find it was for merlin
9:25pm [email protected]: HEy miss low life hacked my [email protected] account so i am calling cert.
9:23pm [email protected]: Hi miss low life stole my email account [email protected] so i am calling cert abuot it.
4:47pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Sounds like fun! On a happy note. Starting next week. I am finally getting a Monday through Friday schedule! Been at this job 2 years an have always had to work Saturdays! I am finally off that an today is my Last Saturday lol
4:36pm Tarheel: Great! Add a Lionsaget portal opening to a lunar eclipse, follow it up with a solar eclipse and it's a recipe for ascension.
1:52am BenjaminFalkenrath: Hello all how is everyone in the TC community lately?
1:51am BenjaminFalkenrath: Hello TH
1:51am BenjaminFalkenrath: Howdy Q
1:50am BenjaminFalkenrath: Welcome JDD
1:50am BenjaminFalkenrath: Nice to have you Harry. Looking forward to your discussions.
1:27am Quinton: Post a new forum topic with your questions :)
1:27am Quinton: Hello
12:17am Jdoggydoggg: I have some questions to help guide me
12:17am Jdoggydoggg: Hey guys
4:40am HebrianDaniel: Good morning
4:31am Quinton: I heard that you're the main man Harry.
10:55pm Tarheel: Welcome Harry ! Stick around and share, pal. We're a benevolent group.
6:35pm Harry Kikehammer: Hi, and glad to have found this site.
3:06pm Tarheel: Good to have you on board,kraser.
4:14am kraser: Hey guys! New here! Found my way after a reptilian took control over me in my sleep and used me to feed of me and the girl I was sleeping with. Very profound experience. I've encountered them before in my sleep but they have never managed to, what i know of, effect the state of the person I'm next to wich was the case this time. lol I'm going for making a change btw, so if anyone have any projects or idéas I'm game on supporting with whatever I can! Superglad to have found my way here, love and light to the lot of ya! :)
6:17am Quinton: Welcome skhumber :)
11:36pm kaleohrile: can some on link me the merlin files website
10:48pm Tarheel: Mindful22-read a little bit or do a search here and you'll find a world of info pertaining to contact. Try your search function. Edisonik posted on this topic and has a foolproof method. Welcome!
4:30am Mindful22: Hey guys i wanna learn how to get in contact with aliens can yall guys please help? Email me at [email protected]
11:04pm Tarheel: Got some newbies,too. Q-dog may retire on all the ads he'll be able to sell with the increased traffic....dude.
11:03pm Tarheel: Feelin' the love. How the hell are ya?
6:21pm Quinton: Hi BB :) Yes everything is good. Take care!
4:01pm bluesbaby5050: Hello Quinton. I hope all is well with you :)
10:31pm Secrets444: http://www(.)angelfire(.)com/dawn666blacksun/Reptilian(.)html
10:29pm Secrets444: the jewish race actually has dna of the reptilians, they are another slave of the reptilian as are the greys
10:28pm Secrets444: The reptoids use grey aliens situated on the moon to do their work
10:28pm Secrets444: humans use to have psychic ability, they have lost this ability as it has become a huge threat to the reptilians, as the reptoids don't have these powers
10:27pm Secrets444: the first secret is on the reptilian race, they have created slaves on this planet to do their bidding
10:27pm Secrets444: I know the secrets of this world
10:27pm Secrets444: hello
11:00pm Killuminati-soldier: Yo
5:00am Quinton: Happy 4th all
5:00am Quinton: Welcome Boobrain19 :)
2:31am BenjaminsLove: Happy 4th of July for all those in the USA.
11:11pm Boobrain19: Hello I'm new here
5:42pm BenjaminFalkenrath: LOL
5:15pm kaleohrile: hi ever one
6:30pm Quinton: Hello all :)
6:16pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Howdy
1:40pm Tw1nTeslas: good morning all
11:01pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Welcome.
Hey TH, Q.
4:27pm Tarheel: How the hell are ya?
3:53am Quinton: Welcome :)
4:00pm CydoniaSphinx: Hello. I'm new to this site. Good day to you all.
11:57am bluesbaby5050: Good morning to you Chris, and to all of Truth Control.
7:31pm bluesbaby5050: lol I Figured as much eevie.
6:44pm eevie: thanks :) good to see you too...this site is not in all reallities/timelines lol
6:34pm bluesbaby5050: How have you been eevie? Its great to see you back eevie.
6:21pm bluesbaby5050: It's really great to see you back again. Its been awhile. How have you been?
8:49pm jessi29: All is well.
11:37pm jessi29: Is there any easy way to manifest wealth for myself and others? I am on a quest to help people and start a business. Also to find a job I like
11:16pm Gurumoss: Good morning brothers /sisters of Enki,i want to tell you that if you have any spiritual problem been it financial, or sickness, or anything feel free to contact me [email protected] and your problem will be over am not demanding money from you.For details click
11:08pm jessi29: Hi, new here. Nice to meet you all
6:26pm bluesbaby5050: Sorry for the delay to those that had to wait for my reply.
6:18pm bluesbaby5050: Thanks Q ...... now I have access to my inbox messages. I couldn't get to them for a couple of weeks. Time to catch up for those that contacted me back then to the present.
5:14pm Tarheel: Looks like the negative frequency machine ramped up for last night's full Moon.
10:27pm Tarheel: I'm back in the saddle again.
11:10pm alexandriaizcool: anyone know anything about the spiritual queen
10:54pm SatanicWarlock69: Haha nice name. I have an old friend whos name was actually Tarhl.
10:39pm Tarheel: Yo !
9:31pm SatanicWarlock69: So how is everyone doin?
9:12pm SatanicWarlock69: @Jennifer_servant_of_Enki ----- Ave!
6:25pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Hello welcome
4:33pm OneTear: Hello everyone :)
7:39am SpaceChild: Just a hello :o)
1:39pm Galactic Update: Feel free to follow my youtube channel called Galactic Update to learn more about your galactic family
4:13am Lovette: Hey, anyone know of MichaelAdam777?
3:35am tothehighestplane: Hello everyone
10:59pm BenjaminFalkenrath: NO, but I can't see a few of my comments lol
10:24pm Tarheel: Cant access my mail. Anybody else having issues?
10:18pm Tarheel: Hello to Jennifer of EnKi and hello again to kaleohrile.
9:35pm Quinton: Welcome back :)
6:26pm kaleohrile: i am back
6:38pm Quinton: Hello
4:26am Jennifer_servant_of_Enki: hello all
9:36pm BenjaminFalkenrath: We're losing many people... It's no surprise. This world's getting shittier
2:32pm Tarheel: Saw that,BF. The Seattle scene bands that blew the lid off mainstream rock have been decimated by losses(KC/Layne Staley/CC). Bummer,major league.
7:42pm BenjaminFalkenrath: RIP Chris Cornell My fav part 2 mins 55 seconds - 3 mins 32 seconds the riff is one of my soul rides....
3:21pm Tarheel: I'm unfamiliar with BZP.
2:46pm Dknauss: Hello, where can I find updates on the Bridge Zone Project status! Thx
2:38pm Tarheel: Ouroboros, share the details you spoke of. People here will try to help you.
11:38am Terran resistance: the lunar eclipse is red does that mean that gravity is in the infra red spectrum..hmmm
3:30am Quinton: The book looks pretty interesting. Everything I looked over makes sense to me. Is there anything in particular you want to know more about?
1:12am ouroborosdivine: The blue planet project it's a book/PDF.
4:56pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Could you post an image of the picture? OR source ref it?
7:51am ouroborosdivine: I also understand that this sounds perhaps vague, I have some more details
7:50am ouroborosdivine: Hi I'm new I suppose but I'm here because I had been talking to this girl and the conversation ended up with this book, I can't remember the name but it had the picture of the mook in it as well as pictures of other aliens. I was startled and my heart started racing because a while back I had seen this. Not in real time it was when my eyes where closed but I imeadiatky after felt compelled to draw it and the description seemed to fit. I really know nothing much about this subject. I'm conscious but I don't know, can anyone shed some light?
6:01pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Tarheel we need the Double XL GONG with the 8 lbs kicker lol
5:07pm Tarheel: Looks like I'm gonna have to summons BK to wake ya'll up. I'll ponder it.Greetings, friends.
4:52am truther101: hello?
10:44pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I've been sick too so I haven't been on like I use too.
10:44pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Who is this Aga Se King sounds like one of the guys from away back a few months ago. Who left when Q threatened to kick him out. Oh what was his name... same M/O Wild Bantor. This is getting to be to much for me. It is too dead. An when things come through any more it is nonsense.
10:42pm BenjaminFalkenrath: So many new people. Still nothing going on. Nothing good. So Stale here. lol
2:44pm befuddled traveler: hello, just scouring the net for info, your efforts are well appreciated
4:32am Quinton: Hi guys, welcome to TC :)
11:22pm Jyareth: Hello, I am new here
3:03am TDlovetoall: Hi guys im new here hows everybody? Whats the energy like?
3:32pm Tarheel: Happy "Earth Day" !
3:24pm Tarheel: I caught that buzz, too. Ain't it cool!
5:32am harrison orono: Hi everybody
10:38pm Quinton: Buzzing big time!
6:46pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Man it's buzzing with activity around here! LOL
4:49pm BenjaminFalkenrath: lol
5:50pm Terran resistance: want to know a secret? i upload things on my website they make it to page one-five on google search but soon as i upload a topic on how to get a dna activation to 12 strands of dna it doesnt make the list at all... *twilight zone*
8:37am Terran resistance: also with the film iron sky 2 coming out (about the hollow earth) also just a coincidence that the flat earth society happened
8:36am Terran resistance: its not even biblical, its says in the bible that the earth is suspended over nothing, the four angels on the four corners is a reference to the zodiac
8:34am Terran resistance: ever since that youtube video came out modelling the hollow earth the flat earth society happened
8:33am Terran resistance: flat earthers are so dumb... obviously paid to spout nonsense
11:02pm BenjaminFalkenrath: LongJohnson. Who? I thought all of Canada was friendly?
11:02pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Leaving already Horus? Take care bud :)
7:32pm longjohnson: You can private message me. I'd like to hear your stories. Or e-mail me.
7:30pm longjohnson: anyone here?
7:29pm longjohnson: Im from Canada and there stalking me
7:28pm longjohnson: are you all targeted individuals?
7:27pm longjohnson: hey
6:34pm bluesbaby5050: Hello Horus 101...….I answered you in private.Please have a look before you leave.
1:04am Horus101: This girl are so very busy !!! :)
1:03am Horus101: Yep Tarhell thank you for answer ;) i wait :-P
5:31pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I responded TH.
5:31pm BenjaminFalkenrath: lol
10:07pm Tarheel: Horus-Send her an email and she'll get back to you if/when she can.
7:18pm Horus101: bluesbaby here ?
6:09pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Those who don't wish to, an those who really do, wish not. It is all a matter of perspective. An how much one wishes to remember. in other cases, some just remember.
12:18pm Terran resistance: you also lose all notion of "i am" and start referring to yourself as "you"
12:18pm Terran resistance: thats a prayer for ascension symptoms you say outloud in your head and believe it while your doing it for positive affirmation but you will feel like you are being driven out of your mind the self talks is first ascension symtpom as your body produces its own vitamin c after a while and you literally get high off your own chemicals in your body and the self talks starts to kick in
12:15pm Terran resistance: "I intend to have ascension symptoms and get triple stranded DNA Manifest"
10:47am Xplicit408: I want to ascend. I don't want to be here anymore. Help
10:47am Xplicit408: How do you snap out of this spell?
10:47am Xplicit408: How do you remember your past lives
10:46am Xplicit408: How do you remember your past lives?
2:59pm bluesbaby5050: Hello Tarheel, Iam glad your still around. I agree that this forum has been quiet lately. People on here are just busy living their lives and adjusting to all the new energies they are receiving from the Photon Band we entered. As we can see this planet is also going through many changes along with humanity, and so is all the universes in creation on all levels. All is on a positive change. Stay grounded and remain positive.Live life from your heart. Take care. :)
7:42pm Tarheel: Okay, looks like Im gonna have to break out another Vince Lombardi motivational. Ya'll do NOT want me to open up a can of Bobby Knight motivational. Where is everybody?
9:27pm Tarheel: Always good to see ya out and about, Silent1.
3:27pm Silenci030310: Hey world I hope everyone is doing good have a great day.
4:39pm JUSTINPINTO: The Truth is out there.
3:55pm LarryTurtle20: How are u
3:41am The Happiest Of The Whole word: HELLO SPACE PEOPLE
12:47am Quinton: Welcome to Truth Control Infinite peace :)
8:52pm Infinite peace: Hello im new here
9:28pm Tarheel: OL, good to hear things are heading the right way. Me,too.
4:31pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I just can't wait until the stuff for my new computer comes in (wireless mouse, keyboard n stuff) I might be apt to posting more again once I'm not doing it just from my phone or work PC.
11:28am Terran resistance: just a wild guess
8:50pm obsrvantlouie: What up?! I been movin and shakin throwin irons in the fire....everything is hot right now; life is good.
7:41pm Tarheel: OL in the house! Good to see ya out & about.
2:39am obsrvantlouie: @Terran resistance - any back up to this statement of your "latest round of disinfo is naval inteliegence about the flat earth"
1:21am BenjaminFalkenrath: True
10:34pm Tarheel: TPTB fear us, TR. As well they should.
5:11pm BenjaminFalkenrath: An here I thought it was because people stopped posting due to getting busy an such... Seems after the election fanfare died down, posts did too lol
5:44pm HebrianDaniel: im listening
4:15pm Terran resistance: i might do a topic on how to get ascension symptoms and become telepathic, fifth dimensional and remember past lives from alex collier's teachings
4:13pm Terran resistance: latest round of disinfo is naval inteliegence about the flat earth and thats the latest im aware of anyway
4:12pm Terran resistance: also the illumintai song backwards is quite interesting it mentions
4:12pm Terran resistance: thats why its been so dead recently
4:11pm Terran resistance: what can you do against overwhleming odds
4:11pm Terran resistance: the powers that be are also spamming truthcontest on youtube comments section to redirect traffic from here...
1:49am AmourD: The site showed up different on my pc than on my phone so I'm having trouble finding something on the site I was reading about how the Illuminati only purported to be against the Catholic Church while they were truly Jesuits
1:46am AmourD: :D
1:40am Quinton: Hello Amour, welcome :)
12:59am AmourD: Hello, people. Amour here.
10:35pm Tarheel: Regarding your mode of transportation...Drive it like you stole it. Look fwd to hearing about your trip when you return. Also wanna hear what The Council of Saturn had to say.
12:41am Quinton: Not too bad, also traveling to Iapetus. Wish me luck.
8:49pm Tarheel: How's Titan, Q-dog?
6:29pm Quinton: just kidding :'(
6:29pm Quinton: Greetings from Saturn everyone!
11:10pm Tarheel: It is a good day.
10:28pm Tarheel: Wassup HD ? Everybody's at THE Party @ Quinton's 'stead. We didnt get invited because we argued when you were unruly. (jokin) Hope things are good w/ you.
8:22pm HebrianDaniel: somebody?
8:22pm HebrianDaniel: tok tok
10:38pm Tarheel: The Ghost Dance, a native American way. It works.
7:31am Truth And Knowledge: Anyone know how to conjure a spirit?
10:57pm Tarheel: Wassup ? Apparently my John Belushi motivational didn't work. Hmmm.Okay, this is one of THE BEST motivators of all time(only 1:25)
10:43pm Tarheel: It's been good for me. I send you positive energy.
10:42pm Tarheel: I'm good but been a little busy. Things will work out for ya,chief. Hang in there.
7:52pm HebrianDaniel: post 10days ago? looks like people lost interest in conspiracies...
7:51pm HebrianDaniel: sup?
4:26pm Terran resistance: @Freedom Lover, look up blue ray beings
7:16pm BenjaminFalkenrath: PluAlso I've had much goings on with family & kids. Haven't been on here much. My almost 6 yr has been in & out of the Hosp since Sept I've just be a bit stressed & our car was stolen so its been a bad few months. Just that an havent been on here lately. An have dealt with not nice people (not here) but more just on an everyday basis. Just wearing me thin lol
How is everyone on here? I haven't seen many posts lately. Its been awful quiet?
7:14pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I meant, people continue to disappoint me. And I'm learning to not let it bug me, but it is still a work in progress...
10:50pm Quinton: Howdy
8:19pm Tarheel: Not sure what you meant by either chatpost, BF. Peace to ya !
8:18pm Tarheel: Kinda looks like someone wants their book read.Kinda....
6:42pm Freedom Lover: Hi, my name is Ingebjørg. Greetings :-) I wonder if any of you have read or have any information due to Target Individuals - TI, micro wave weapon, and if so, how to protect our self?
1:39am BenjaminFalkenrath: Disappointment and disbelief
1:39am BenjaminFalkenrath: Discouragement and silence...
7:30pm Tarheel: Time for a motivational speech. here is my best
7:27pm Tarheel: Okay, where is everybody? I mean, "What the hell's going on out here?" Dig THIS (only 4 seconds long)
10:58am Terran resistance: like i said im only beginning to remember
10:57am Terran resistance: i THINK i have been all 22 races that humanity is made up of
10:57am Terran resistance: i remember being a draconian working with other races aboard a ship becuase of my past life background and i was a royalty class draconian i also remember being like a bigfoot type thing from the kapetyns star and being a precurssor green race being on this planet
10:54am Terran resistance: i think im starting to remember past lives
7:04am Quinton: Hello
3:13am Rosenvalley: Greetings
11:19am Terran resistance: lemurian perhaps?
5:28pm LadySanguin: I had a dream, or I thought it was, of a tall man than sounds much like the one in this post. His hair was red though. But unlike other dreams, I can still remember everything... and I was heartbroken when I awoke. does this sound like a Nordic? Or my imagination?
6:33pm 435: Greetings from Southern Utah! Land of the Reptilians!
6:15pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Hello
11:32pm 435: Hello all !
2:49pm bluesbaby5050: Good morning Quinton! Hello to everyone on Truth Control.
4:45am Quinton: Howdy
8:37pm Rain127: hi
7:07pm 435: Ghost town for sure
2:11am BenjaminFalkenrath: I see nothing new. So sad...
2:11am BenjaminFalkenrath: *Crickets*
4:41pm Tarheel: You're holding your mouth wrong,mahi. No, seriously-I would contact my phone carrier.
9:06pm mahi-mahi91: I cant open up my private chat on my phone. Anything i can do?
8:02pm LoliApolys: *exsited
8:02pm LoliApolys: That is a dubble edge saying lol. There is a plane that hell exsists where the souls go to. And yes hell is what you make of it becuse of your decisions. You choes your own afterlife. And hell long evsited in religion before far back as the Nordic religion started.
2:10am BenjaminFalkenrath: True very true. Hell is created by they who believe it. One can be Spiritual without religiousness.
1:33am Windoftime: Religion is for fear hell, spirituality is for those how have been there! But then there is no hell or devil. The devil was made up by writers and philosophers for religion mangers. So loose you dog smile religion or live in the hell you have created for you!
11:14pm LoliApolys: Messanger
11:14pm LoliApolys: Bloody essanger -.-
11:46am Terran resistance: left eye of god(pleiadians, hyadeans, sirians) verses (orion group and nibiru/hibiru/hebrews and draconians, mantids, greys, orion group humans) right eye of god
11:43am Terran resistance: countries that are using men as world leaders are illuminati the ones that are using females are khazerian jew rothschild bloodline fighting the illuminati.
11:41am Terran resistance: cia is nothing, the one you should be worried about is operation deep freeze that use people that are believed to be dead as agents and are in charge of cloning and have german and cuban connections i.e new world order
9:16pm threesnakes: have any of you beautiful lovely friendly people seen the classic hit feature film "Hell Comes to Frogtown" written and produced by my favourite director, Donald G Jackson
9:15pm threesnakes: hi my friends :)
8:41pm 435: Good day to you BB5050!
1:30pm bluesbaby5050: I hope all of you are well today.
1:29pm bluesbaby5050: Hello 435!
1:28pm bluesbaby5050: Hello Q-dog !
1:26pm bluesbaby5050: Hi 435!
1:24pm bluesbaby5050: Hi Q-dog andhi to 536 too. :)
6:01am Quinton: Hey BB and 435 :)
8:20pm 435: Hello!
6:54pm bluesbaby5050: To Everyone, hello.
9:43pm Quinton: I edited the title killaj :)
9:14pm killaj22: good stuff indeed
7:44pm BenjaminFalkenrath: That is very true. As everyone has their story.
7:44pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Killaj22 I like this part.
"2:7.2 (42.3) Physical facts are fairly uniform, but truth is a living and flexible factor in the philosophy of the universe. Evolving personalities are only partially wise and relatively true in their communications. They can be certain only as far as their personal experience extends. That which apparently may be wholly true in one place may be only relatively true in another segment of creation."
6:14pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I've been told there is a way how but I've never been able to find the place to do so.. lol
4:29pm killaj22: Can you edit a forum title? LOL I accidentally misspelled Urantia.
7:02pm BenjaminFalkenrath: it just get slow and is a pain haha
7:02pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Its a few yrs old still works
7:02pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I have an LG L70
12:48am 435: I was wanting to get a new phone myself. I have an iphone 5c. Still works great. May just keep it. It does allow PDFs, thankfully.
12:45am 435: No prob. I think you'll enjoy it.
10:59pm BenjaminFalkenrath: :P
10:59pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Thnx 4 the link 435 I'll chk it when I can. @ work now an will have to see on tablet my phone doesn't support pdf lol
8:18pm 435: @ BFalkenrath: Thanks! I appreciate that.
7:59pm bluesbaby5050: Thanks for asking me.
7:57pm bluesbaby5050: @Tarheel, some snow whete i am, but not ss much ad you received. More than 8 inchs up in yhe northernmost part of my state.
5:44pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Hey 435. I liked your comments you make great points.
5:23pm bluesbaby5050: yes we did tarheel!
3:42pm 435: Hi !
1:31am BenjaminFalkenrath: Hey Q.
11:10pm Quinton: Hi all
10:13pm Tarheel: BB...zup? Yall get the same snowstorm as us...~ 8" or so then bitter flippin' cold.
9:58pm bluesbaby5050: sorry for typos Tarheel. I turned off annoying spell check finally.
9:35pm bluesbaby5050: Hey, Tar!
9:33pm bluesbaby5050: Hey Yatheel!! :)
9:00pm Tarheel: HD sighting...where ? Hey, EVERYONE !
8:40pm LoliApolys: Hey chris!
3:24pm bluesbaby5050: Good morning Chris :)
4:17pm bluesbaby5050: Hebrain Daniel, sorry for typo error. I gonna turn off the annoying spell check.
4:16pm bluesbaby5050: Hello He brain Daniel. We haven't seen you in a little while. I hope all is well with you. I wish you the very best. :)
3:18pm Autumnight1984: The breakfast was "for charity" and it was like $7 a plate all you can eat. At the time of payment, I remember they asked us to sign our name on a piece of paper as we paid, then they handed out a playing card along with the change...
3:16pm Autumnight1984: Before I woke up, I attended a breakfast at a Masonic lodge. It was about 5-6 years ago. I just really began to remember this like, yesterday. I was wanting to know: What does it mean when a Mason hands you a playing card?
5:35pm BenjaminFalkenrath: It will come to past that enemies turn out to be friends. An those you thought friend, would turn on you for mild disagreements. The only ones in this life that we really owe our time an attention is our family. Anything outside of that should be considered a generous gift.
5:33pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Call them what you will.
7:06am LoliApolys: would they not be tarens?
7:05am BenjaminFalkenrath: I know who I am and my purpose so... I care not the flak I'll get from earthians
7:05am LoliApolys: lol
7:03am BenjaminFalkenrath: Even the band breaking Benjamin listen to them. Especially the song until the end. Look at their album cover. Wake up.... It only takes one of the original membes of the smallest tribe which was the tribe of Benjamin to wake up in this time to stop it. An that's why I'm here an none can say shit about this because those who do an negative they will be for ignorantly lacking understanding is their problem but I say bring it on
7:00am BenjaminFalkenrath: His whole false heaven was apart of the soul trap an it's fallen now because of the breaking of the Benjamin cycle
6:57am BenjaminFalkenrath: The goal to erase all this whom go through an burn from them all inequalities from them. In reality an I should know as I've been there done that. It's a big trap.
6:56am BenjaminFalkenrath: Search When I view the Gate of Benjamin. In find then read from there. All this it describes is what Jehovah aka Enil set up.
3:52am LoliApolys: if you can messanger is beeing odd and refresh you page
3:51am LoliApolys: benjamin can you see this?
7:30pm BenjaminFalkenrath: haha
7:30pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Walking the dog lmao
7:30pm BenjaminFalkenrath: That is a dirty term in some circles TH lol
7:24pm Tarheel: Walk the DOG !
7:47pm Quinton: w00t
6:51pm BenjaminFalkenrath: :)
6:50pm Tarheel: Happy New Year to all and may it be OUR best year to date !
3:49pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Happy New Years
2:49pm dandyfelipe: aphrodite spreads petals of love over the sign of pisces. from water to air, the age of aquarius.
let the sunshine in!
2:49pm dandyfelipe: HAPPY NEW YEAR beautiful people!
8:46pm dandyfelipe: share a link, thanks and merry XmasSss!
8:45pm dandyfelipe: hey guyZzz! does anyone have any information on the children of fatima?
6:02pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Hello Rain
7:16am Rain127: hi
9:05pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Hey TR
9:05pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Hello Q
5:53pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Not to bad lol
5:52pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Well, Christmas was fun. The day after (Yesterday) My wife, kids & I took an all day bus trip (Rode several busses) Went to the mall n junk it was fun. We were out from noon to almost 8pm
12:47am Quinton: Merry Christmas everyone!
5:54pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Merry Xmas Happy Whatever you celebrate lol
3:17pm kaleohrile: same happy holidays to you too war is coming !
3:08pm bluesbaby5050: Happy Holidays to everyone! :)
6:05pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Hey TR Are you on?
6:05pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Good Morning All!
4:03am kaleohrile: hay i did not block you so you know i been cut off by things , that ok tho i happy and thankfull for everthing i done and cant wait to free the unvirse and keep going !
11:45pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Said she could get into that type of meditation lol
11:45pm BenjaminFalkenrath: My wife even enjoyed it
11:45pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Shared it with all my friends.
11:45pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Well, your Meditation video was a hit
11:45pm BenjaminFalkenrath: :)
10:18pm Tarheel: There was a "less than subliminal" message reply in the video, BB.
8:02pm bluesbaby5050: Hey Tar!! :) glad to cya!!
5:11am BenjaminFalkenrath: That's funny lol
6:16pm Tarheel: Still laughing (2 minutes)...
8:37pm BenjaminFalkenrath: We ARE!
8:37pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Didn't want us to go back an fourth as we pleased an do great things could not stand us being better than they an we were!
8:33pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Bastards
8:33pm BenjaminFalkenrath: We all spoke diff language via tonged but we all had this ability so as we could communicate but when it was taken it was almost impossible to possess an use it here under these levels of lower vibrations...
8:29pm BenjaminFalkenrath: It was easier we all did so before the great confusion...
8:29pm BenjaminFalkenrath: other times and lives..
8:29pm BenjaminFalkenrath: This isn't to say I haven't had so or exp it at some point I do remember on other levels being able to do so
8:27pm BenjaminFalkenrath: To burdensome if I was I wouldn't be able to function for the reason of my being here in this life...
8:27pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Nope not at all.
8:27pm BenjaminFalkenrath: In this form at the moment
8:10pm Terran resistance: sorry got to go leave a reply though
8:07pm Terran resistance: are you telepathic
8:06pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I do not practice interfering with others in fact a
8:06pm BenjaminFalkenrath: ability that I gave up when incarnating into this life. Though I do remember on other dimensions having this ability an doing it. Sometimes I do somewhat send positive thought processes to persons in an attempt to brighten their mood. Or I put a protection around them, I assert my higher self to keep an eye on them.
8:03pm BenjaminFalkenrath: but on the other I felt odd because I could see where I was an that oneness energies. But then I was different an in another form below myself.
8:03pm Terran resistance: what am i thinking of?
8:01pm Terran resistance: if you remember past lives
8:01pm Terran resistance: so can you hear other peopels thoughts by thinking of them?
8:00pm BenjaminFalkenrath: BANG! An then it was like on one hand I felt free
8:00pm BenjaminFalkenrath: Like as if I was the only thing in the dark voice an when I reached into myself to examine the energy with so many colors.. when I pulled it out it exploded...
8:00pm Terran resistance: as the isness in other words
8:00pm BenjaminFalkenrath: But I also saw it from the other perspective
7:59pm BenjaminFalkenrath: There were others
7:59pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I could see source but I was my own self...
7:59pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I was no longer one with source I was outside yet still connected...
7:58pm BenjaminFalkenrath: An when this explosion of energy happened...
7:58pm BenjaminFalkenrath: But I was just within this one original source..
7:57pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I came into this realm into the void the empty formless space. I came as a creator. Everything ones fine until it went wrong... until I came nothing more than a fractal of my former self... maybe it was not as it seemed
7:49pm Terran resistance: so you came in with the new densities to the universe? or paa taal? (creators of third density) or you came in from another universe or what?
7:48pm BenjaminFalkenrath: An I was without body so I wasn't in a group I remember that being part of the original consciousness of this universe prior to the dark form coming thru
7:47pm BenjaminFalkenrath: I mean, I honestly don't like to say I am with group A or B or C because before I was apart of any group I was a part of the main original consciousness
7:47pm Terran resistance: ok

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