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Top 100 Conspiracy Theories of All Time

Top 100 Conspiracy Theories of All Time

History is laced with conspiracy theories. Some of them turn out to be true, some turn out to have elements of truth and others are completely false. Truth Control has assembled a list o... more »
Top Ten (10) Reasons Aliens Exist

Top Ten (10) Reasons Aliens Exist

Time and time again, the topic of aliens existing and being real entities is debated over and over again. This article entertains 10 reasons on why aliens do in fact exist.... more »

Jordan Maxwell | Master Defrauder

Truth Control Note: This article is the copied and pasted text of, taken on 9/26/2012.... more »

Treaty of 1213 - The Beginning of the Lie

Once upon a time before the year 1066 the people of England held Allodial title to their land. Not even the king could take the land for not paying a tithe. William the Conquer came in 1066 ... more »

The History of Grey / Norse Interactions

Hundreds of years ago the grays happened upon a burgeoning civilization of Zeta-Reticulis. Further study by the grays revealed that the Zeta's home world was rich in resources and would be v... more »
How the Crown Rules the World

How the Crown Rules the World

by MARK OWEN There are two Crowns operant in England, one being Queen Elizabeth II. Although extremely wealthy, the Queen functions largely in a ceremonial capacity and serves to ... more »


“JERUSALEM” WHERE IS JERUSALEM? Just as you thought you had gotten the answer, suddenly someone changes the Question. "Where is Jerusalem?" The name Jerusalem has always been and h... more »

The "Alex Collier" Hoax is Now...Over!

UPDATE: JULY 17, 2009 I understand that people are upset by my often harsh tone regarding the "Alex Collier" hoax. When I first when public with my knowledge about this, in an arti... more »
The Communist Takeover of America Predicted in the Congressional Record, 1963

The Communist Takeover of America Predicted in the Congressional Record, 1963

You are about to read a list of 45 goals that found their way down the halls of our great Capitol back in 1963. As you read this, 39 years later, you should be shocked by the events that hav... more »

Icke's Shape-Shifting Reptilians

"In a remarkable period of 15 days as I travelled, around the United States in 1998, I met more than a dozen separate people who told me of how they had seen humans transform into reptiles a... more »
Was Thomas Jefferson A Christian? Did He Believe In Jesus Christ?

Was Thomas Jefferson A Christian? Did He Believe In Jesus Christ?

What really were Thomas Jefferson's views on Christianity and Jesus? Was he a Christian? Did he believe in Jesus? Was he a Deist? Was he an Atheist?... more »


ZION’S NEW NAME Jeremiah 30:17 For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord; Because they called thee an Outcast, saying, This is Zion, whom no ... more »

Illuminati Cliff Notes

Cliffs notes for those who care: Illuminatti was started by Adam Weishaupt in the 1760s, who was financed by the recently reorganized and consolidated House of Rothschild, the largest len... more »

Canaan's Anaki - Giants in the Middle East

Even while they served Pharaoh, all Israel knew about the giant people who occupied Canaan. In patriarchal times these huge Nephilim half-breeds grew so numerous and became so famous for the... more »

The Modern 12 Tribes of Israel Table

Tribes of JacobBiblical Identification Genesis 48-49Modern Location Reuben(Jacob's first born) "Unstabl... more »

Information on Reptilians

One of the most unusual species of the extraterrestrial phenomena are the reptilians. The first encounter I had with a reptilian was in my bedroom while my husband was out of town.... more »


The book of Revelation has always been a no–go area for most readers of the New Testament. Upon reading the book one always get so close to perplexity. The book is made up of symbols, ... more »

Basic Information on Freemasonry

Freemasonry is a male fraternal order which focuses on the lesser and greater mysteries of the world and mankind. It is an organization that seeks improvement and prosperity of oneself.... more »

Jordan Maxwell on Christianity and the Bible

We are told that the New Testament came from the teachings of Jesus Christ. But Christianity is also the retelling of the most ancient story the world has ever known. The story of Christi... more »
The United States Isn't a Country — It's a Corporation!

The United States Isn't a Country — It's a Corporation!

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfar... more »

Conspiracy of the Cold War

The following article was emailed to us anonymously.... more »


BEGINNING OF THE HOME AGE AND THE END OF THE CHURCH AGE The Church has played a very important and instrumental role in the preparation of the kingdom. The Church is not the Kingdom but a p... more »

4 Steps to Global Meltdown to Create a New World Order

By Jeff Craig February, 2009 #1: 1913 The creation of the PRIVATELY OWNED Federal Reserve and the "fractional reserve" banking system which allows banks to legally counterfeit 9 tim... more »


WHY ADAM WOULD DIE IF HE EATS FROM THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL Upon the Father finishing molding the dust, He breathed into Adam’s nostrils and Adam became a living being. Gene... more »

The Serpent Bloodline: Edomite/Khazar Jews and Sons of Cain

There are several deceptions in the churches today and one of the most dominant is that Zionism is of the Lord, Zionism means Israel, and we are to protect Israel because those who bless Isr... more »


Aliens do exist but are no threat to the Human Race. They are very civilized. Aliens do not kill as Humans do. Humans are the last to be civilized in the Cosmos. Aliens come into the milky w... more »


The Law or Divine Legal instrument is the Holy One of Israel’s weapon He is going to place on planet earth to gather His people all over the world. It is also the Father’s trump card as ... more »

Germanic Saxons Being The Tribe of Judah

The tribe of Judah is the German Saxons, primarily found in North-west Germany.... more »

How Your Race Affects The Messages You Get in Online Dating

Welcome back, dorks. We’ve processed the messaging habits of over a million people and are about to basically prove that, despite what you might’ve heard from the Obama campaign and orga... more »

Merging Love & Knowledge

It is my current opinion that there are basically two main forces at work here that we need to practice merging together and balancing out.... more »


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