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by kwamerica on March 16th, 2011

The Church has played a very important and instrumental role in the preparation of the kingdom. The Church is not the Kingdom but a preparatory stage for the Kingdom. The Messianic age is the real kingdom where the Father runs the whole inhabitable world as a Home Unit. The Father ruling the world sends the whole world into the state of real Utopia.

The Church however is losing focus concentrating chiefly on worldly prosperity and possession than saving lost souls for the Heavenly Kingdom. The church is now being run as a business entity instead of a soul saving entity. The role the Church has played over the years however cannot be over emphasized. Nevertheless, with the rising incident of massive evil on planet earth, the creator of the universe has no option than to forcibly establish His much awaited kingdom on planet earth. This action of the Father brings the activities of all under the sun to light and the church age ends abruptly whiles opening the Family or Home age. Jesus made a statement to this effect saying if the days are not shortened there shall be no one to enter the kingdom but for the sake of the elect.

The advent of the Kingdom will now bring clarification not only to the real bona fide owners of the Bible (The 12 tribes of Israel) but Christiandom. As Yeshua Hamashiach was grafted into the Jewish Family so have all who have believed in him being grafted into the family as well. Apostle Paul threw more light on this subject in Romans 11:25-26 when he was inspired to write this down “For Brethren I would not want you to be ignorant of this mystery that a partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the gentiles for as it is written the deliverer will come from Zion and he will remove ungodliness away from Jacob”.

There is however going to be a big transition in the minds of all men. A lot of people had always envisage the Kingdom of God or better still Heaven as a place already made where they die to enter or are raptured to enter. Yes it true for all those that are dead. They will wake up when Heaven comes but those of us alive will have to go through the real transformation of mindsets.

One falsehood being preached since the days of early Christians is the concept of Rapture. It is gross disingenuous doctrine which has no merit Biblically. It is a doctrine the Evil one has been using to dissuade true believers in Truth. This has made a lot of people fear the name Rapture than God instead.

The campaign for the Kingdom of God started as soon as Adam was prevented from eating from the Tree of Life close to 6000 years ago. Within the last close to 2000 years the campaign for the Kingdom has intensified tremendously with nature and man groaning terribly.

The Messianic Age here we come.

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